Best Tactical Vest Reviews 2017

Tactical vests provide protection for tough men with tough jobs. They’re key to either bringing the best in you during a training or pulling you down to the ground in war games. It’s exclusively designed to attain an aggressive look to blend with the tactical nature that it’s primarily intended for. It’s important to pick out an ergonomic vest that can reliably keep dangers astray and make you well-equipped for a fast-paced action. Clad yourself in the best tactical vest to ensure victory.

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Leapers UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is probably the father of all tactical solutions. Not only does it protect you from possible harm but it also offers plenty of rooms for various defense tools. Its ergonomic design promises to never hinder your full performance while keeping you covered and ready at all times.

Pouches, holsters, retainers and other useful features are strewn all over this vest. It’s literally jam-packed and leaves no space idle so you’re actually getting more than what most tactical vests can offer. Technically speaking, it’s reasonably priced (or cheap even) for a vest that has it all.

Right upfront, its anterior side is already every tough man’s dream come true. A large ID pouch with shot shell holster for extra cartridges retention can be found on the upper right portion of the vest, putting your shells close at hand for a quick and easy reload. It also includes adjustable rifle mag pouches which are conveniently elastic and feature hook-and-loop closure. More useful add-ons are radio pouch, three deluxe universal pistol mag or flashlight pouches, and a deluxe universal cross-draw holster with belt loop for belt holster attachment. The vest is mainly closed by a heavy-duty zipper that stabilizes it along with an adjustable belt for absolutely comfortable fit. Its signature mesh ventilation system releases moisture and heat for a dry back while in action. It also opens with a hydration bladder compartment and two large internal zippered map and document pouches. The whole vest adopts a MOLLE system for the removable, interchangeable pouches and extra storage needs. The versatility is incredibly strong in this one!

Leapers UTG Men’s Tactical Vest

Landing the second spot in our list is still from Leapers. Introducing, Leapers UTG Men’s Tactical Vest. A little less intricate and complicated than the first one but a standout on its own no less. Its simple design retains the aggressiveness of a tactical vest. Solutions are more straightforward with the pouches, slots, and holsters neatly placed upfront for quick and easy access. They’re also arranged in the most convenient way so you’ll be spared the hassle and rattle during any action. Its holsters come with thumb break as well to protect pistols from being unintentionally drawn without sacrificing quick draws.

The vest is fully adjustable through the shoulder and waist to achieve a perfect and comfortable fit that will bring the best in you all throughout. Its overall materials are durable and guarantee to endure excessive abuse even in the harsh, fast-paced nature of tactical actions, activities, or war games. It’s rugged on the outside but comfortably soft on the inside. This tactical vest is great for law enforcers, tactical enthusiasts, or avid war game players.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest

Because “combat game is life” for some of us, their fervor is acknowledged and supported by the great minds. Nerf is definitely the hero of avid war game players. Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest is an exclusive tactical vest for the big boys that will bring out their best performance in combat games.

This vest’s kit lets you carry plenty of firepower to prepare for attacks any time. It also has storage pockets for an extra blaster and extra Quick Reload Clips. The set comes with 12 official Nerf Elite darts which are compatible with Nerf Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters plus two six-dart Quick Reload Clips. In its one-size-fits-most feature and the convenient velcro straps on the sides for adjustable fit, the big boys will surely love it!

Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest

Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest is absolute stealth in the form of a tactical vest. It’s very understated and could pass for a regular vest with its general style. Although it isn’t big on storage for much larger items, it lives up to its purpose of allowing concealed carry. Small self-defense weapons such as tactical knives, stun guns, or compact handguns can fit inside the zippered pouches of this vest.

Since this type of vest doesn’t flaunt aggressiveness, you can wear it anywhere if you’re looking to stroll and free your hands from a carry because it also makes rooms for other personal items like wallets, keys, pens, or even your phone. Its interior is made breathable courtesy of a durable mesh material. The overall vest is built with heavy-duty polyester to ensure long-term use. Be confident as you go, look cool and walk securely knowing you’re tactically prepared. From the very words of Rothco themselves, “comfort and performance come hand in hand”.

NcStar VISM MOLLE Tactical Vest

NcStar VISM MOLLE Tactical Vest is a minimally aggressive vest which is mainly for attachment purposes. The whole thing is integrated with a unique webbing equipment called Pouch Attachment Ladder System or, simply PALS.

It’s made of sturdy, double-layered mesh augmented with reinforced nylon cover for the webbing from its very top down to its bottom part. As an outstanding Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (or commonly known as MOLLE) gear, it has an excellent versatility that allows a variety of storage solutions to be attached. You can have your pouches or holsters right upfront for easy and quick access to your spare mags, flashlights, tactical knives, shotguns, and other defense tools. It’s up to you to add more or have less of your equipment, plus the placement is also interchangeable so you can have it in any way that’s conducive to your comfort.

Ergonomic at its best, it’s closed by a user-friendly 3-buckle system with fully adjustable straps to achieve perfect fit and further supported by an adjustable waist belt. It can also be adjusted through the sides and shoulders. Now that’s comfort and convenience but not at the expense of an efficient performance. The waist belt comes with holsters as well for extra mags, and a padded hydration system compartment for bladders can be found inside the vest.

Modern WarriorTactical Vest

Protect the warrior in you with Modern Warrior Tactical Vest. It’s another must-have for men who want to be confidently prepared for action. It’s lightweight on its own and conveniently breathable courtesy of its heavy-duty, double layer mesh material which allows body heat and air to pass through. You’ll be guaranteed with a light and brisk feeling as you wear it.

The shoulder portion of this vest is sleek while the other parts are rugged and made sturdy to endure excessive use for many tough years to come. It can keep up with your vigor and the fast-paced, harsh nature of tactical training, activities, or even war games without giving up too soon. Not only does it offer protection, this vest also prepares you for a defense retaliation or an easy, quick reload anytime. It’s clad in storage solutions as well from spare mags pouches, gun holsters, elastic shells retainer, and other rooms for flashlights, tactical knives, or your radio. It also adopts a one-size-fits-most system where the adjustments can be done through the shoulders, sides, and waist belt. You can achieve a great fit which is easily done by its user-friendly tape-and-buckle design. With this vest’s high-quality overall materials, from the durable fabric to the heavy-duty zipper, it’s guaranteed to be as tough as you are.

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set offers both optimum protection and optimum carryall solution. It’s a tactical vest that covers mostly the anterior part of your body (mainly the chest and abdomen). It also adopts a versatile PALS webbing for modular attachment of extra pouches.

This vest features six built-in M4 mag pouches and two internal mesh pockets. Its chest platform is adjustable and removable as well. You can easily modify its fit through the adjustable waist belt to suit your comfort and allow maximum movement for best performance. Adding to your comfort is its padded shoulder straps and built-in hydration carrier for water bladders. It also comes in different variants with basic black, classic camouflage, tan, and many others among the options.

Beretta Men’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest

Beretta is one of the largest and most reputable manufacturing companies of firearms with its top quality products being used worldwide. Mostly known for its guns, the company goes beyond this time and brings us more tactical solutions.

We can expect so much from Beretta Men’s Silver Pigeon Shooting Vest, and true enough, it actually delivers. It’s a tactical vest which is mainly intended for outdoor shooting. Quite stylish and not too aggressive, it’s also lightweight and breathable for a more enjoyable shooting experience without the hassle. Made of a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton with double-padded recoil patches, you can be very comfortable in it as if you’re wearing a regular vest. Other features included are ear protection loop, removable gel-tek recoil patches, and large lower shell pockets which are expandable by snap. Beretta once again proved its prestige.

Browning Trapper Creek Vest

And last but not the least before we pack up is Browning Trapper Creek Vest. It’s the type of vest that’s lightweight enough for a lighter tactical activity like wild shooting. Unlike most tactical vests, this one doesn’t feature a modular webbing but instead has two large pouches with several slots in them for storage purposes. You can have your flashlights or personal stuffs close at hand. An elastic shells retainer is available as well for readily available spare shells.

The front portion of this vest is mainly made out of a durable mesh material so it’s breathable and won’t restrict optimum movement. If you’re a solid outdoorsman or a tactical enthusiast, then this vest is great for you.

What to Look For

A good tactical vest must be able to provide reliable protection, keep you well-equipped, and bring out the best in you. It has to give its best during action as you do. Since it’s a gear that needs to be worn, it’s important that although safety is the first (and ultimate) priority, we shouldn’t forget comfort and convenience as well.

We’ve just given you an idea of what to look for in a tactical vest. Different features have been thoroughly discussed with all the technical terms but to simplify things, a tactical vest should be ergonomic. Choose the right one for a specific cause. Law enforcers should ideally gear up with a tactical vest that’s solid on protection since they’re most vulnerable to the danger with their line of work. Avid war game players can enjoy a much lighter and breathable vest, while outdoorsmen can show their outdoor enthusiasm with a less aggressive and slightly stylish vest that can make them bring that pigeon down. Remember to pick out the vest that suits you best.It’s about the right choice.


Law enforcers put their lives on the line for other’s safety. Some civilians even learn self-defense like shooting or combat to protect themselves first-hand. But tactics are everywhere and they’re as important in hunting, pigeon shooting, or war games as they are in self-defense.

Be it for actual tough jobs, self-defense, outdoor recreational activities, or war games, a tactical vest should be able to give you the optimum protection you deserve. They’re mainly intended as a body armor but they also allow you to be tactically well-equipped for active retaliation as needed. It’s better to be prepared than be caught empty-handed. Keep yourself safe. Put up a good fight if you have to.

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