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Periods come at least once a month for most women. It’s a way of a woman’s body to discharge blood from her mucosal tissue and uterus all the way to the vagina. For many women, this occurrence is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because for women who are not ready to conceive, periods simply mean they are not pregnant. It’s a curse because menstruation also comes with cramps and some pretty chaotic mess.

At times like this, girls drink medicines and use feminine products to aid their period; one of them is a good tampon. A tampon is a feminine product that uses things that are highly absorbent such as cotton. A tampon is typically inserted inside the vagina, so the highly absorbent material can absorb all kinds of menstrual fluid and prevent blood from leaking off.

If you just had your period or if you’re a “pad” girl but are looking for new products and want to try how tampons work, then we’d like to help you! Tampons have been used for many years now, so if you’re interested to know more of its history, read down below. Who knows? You might even find the cheapest tampons for sale in the market.

Tampax Radiant Plastic Regular Absorbency Unscented Tampons 16ct

Tampax Radiant plastic Regular absorbency unscented tampons 16ct

As the first ever tampon and most probably the best tampon brands in the industry, the Tampax Radiant plastic Regular is definitely the only tampons you’ll ever need. To prevent leaks, this product is equipped with a LeakGuard braid to prevent leaks from happening. Moreover, this one can back you up for up to 8 hours before having to replace it for another one.

This product also comes with a smooth CleanGrip applicator to provide you quick and simple insertion. Moreover, this one has the serenest wrapper, so you won’t have to feel embarrassed opening it in a bathroom. Furthermore, this is also designed to have re-sealable wrapper where you can wrap your used one. As one of the top tampon deals, we really suggest to get this one.

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons with Triple Layer Protection

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons with Triple Layer Protection, Ultra , Unscented - 36 Count

The Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons is certainly the one of the best out there. This product is unscented, but provides a 360 degrees protection, so you can move at any angles and not worry about any leaks. This one is packed with a unique cross pad and 2 layer designs to get you the best kind of tampons ever.

Furthermore, this one uses a smooth and pearlescent applicator that comes with a rounded tip, for an easier insertion. With its triple layer protection, you have the strongest barrier to fight off the leaks. It is effective yet cheap, so if an inexpensive tampon is all you need, then we highly suggest looking for this one.

U by Kotex Click Super Compact Tampons

U by Kotex Click Super Compact Tampons, Unscented, 34 Count

Another popular brand in this list is the U by Kotex Click Super Compact Tampons. As one of the most compact tampons, this one is extremely easy to carry around. Even though it may seem small at first glance, this one can become a full-sized tampon with just one click! Simply pull it until it clicks and you’re good to go! It is unscented, but provides full protection that guarantees you a leak-proof material.

Design may not be so important for others, but it doesn’t hurt that this product comes with different colorful pouch to provide aesthetic vision. By getting this one, say goodbye to surprise periods and hello to preparedness! It is so compact that you can keep one for you pouches. To put it briefly, if you’re looking for a cheap tampon, yet great at its performance and wonderful to look at, then you must certainly try this.

ORGANYC Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Internal Tampons with Applicator

ORGANYC Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Internal Tampons with Applicator, REGULAR, 16-count Box

Looking for a new tampon to replace your old ones? Then you must try the ORGANYC – Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Internal Tampons. This product is so unique, as it is made out of 100% compostable and biodegradable materials, which means that it is in fact eco-friendly. It is created out of natural organic cotton non-woven, which means that it is far safer and benign than other tampon brands.

This tampon uses cotton that is highly absorbent that will work wonderfully even with the most sensitive skin. For people allergic with synthetic materials, this product will be a life safer. This tampon comes with a soft rounded tip applicator for a simpler insertion. As the most affordable tampon in this list, it’s going to be a huge loss missing out on this one.

What is a Tampon?

Like other materials used during menstruation, tampons act as a guard to prevent menstrual fluids from leaking out. These products come with highly absorbent materials to absorb the blood right after it is discharged from the uterus. Moreover, tampons come in different sizes and absorbency rating, to adjust to women’s all sorts of requirements.

Tampons are typically used to absorb the blood in a woman’s vagina. However, it is also sometime used to stop certain wound from bleeding, which was pretty much rare. The word tampon formerly came from “tampion, an old-fashioned French word which means “stopper.” The modern tampon nowadays, comes with a grip, a plunger and a barrel.

History of Tampons

The earliest date of the usage of tampons dates back to 5th century B.C. The tampons back then weren’t made out of cotton, but created out of the papyrus plant, which is also known as the material to create paper. Moreover, according to Hippocrates, the father of medicine himself, women back then would use lint and a piece of wood used to stop menstrual fluids from leaking.

Sometime later, people developed using wool, paper, natural sponges, grass, vegetable fibers and lastly, cotton. It wasn’t until the 20th century or 1929, when the modern kind of tampons were invented. A doctor named Earle Haas developed the modern tampons that come with an applicator. He thought of inventing something that is easy to insert, but easier to pull out.

Around 1930 to 1933, Haas finally created the finished modernized tampons, with words describing it as a “catamenial device” which also means “tampax.” Haas’ invention was later bought by a woman called Gertrude Tendrich and started distributing it under the name Tampax. This company is now today’s one of the most famous tampon companies.

Somewhere around 1940s, another modernized kind of tampons were born, which are mostly called the “o.b tampons.” It was a German gynecologist named Judith Esser-Mittag invented the “much better” tampons compared to the applicator tampons invented by Haas. These tampons boast greater comfort by not using an applicator of some sort while inserting the tampon. Esser-Mittag later on partnered with Carl Hahn to sell their tampons, but was later on sold to Johnson & Johnson.


To guarantee a leak-free and prevent your menstrual blood staining your underwear or pants, the best possible way to hinder your period is by using tampons. Buying tampons come in different shapes and sizes, so whether you’re a long time user or just a novice, there’s no need to worry if it’s somehow irritating or painful to use. Just remember to follow your chosen tampon brand and you’re good to go. Also, it’s also recommended to only use tampons for approximately 6 hours before dispensing it.

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