Best Tapestries Reviews 2017

Since the earliest days, tapestries have graced the walls of our homes or even cathedrals around the world. Medieval castles used them as a function to fight off drafts, but now we use them as something aesthetically pleasing, to create our own unique vibe or even to cover a piece of furniture. In fact, you can find anything from Grateful Dead bears to fancy geometric prints. But where do you get one? And what is a quality one that will withstand? Is printed okay, or do you want a woven design? Also, how do you clean it? Are you prepared to haul it to try dry cleaners? Before you make any commitments, let’s take a look and lay out all of your best options! This list will display a few different prints of beautiful tapestries, as well as ones that will work best for your budget, all-accessible to you online.

Kayso Tree of Life Psychedelic Wall Hanging Elephant Tapestry, Multi/Black

Best Tapestries

Elephants are thought to bring good luck. Regardless, you don’t have to love elephants to love this particular piece. This great tapestry is 100% cotton! Drape it over your bed or couch, toss it on the table as a table covering, or hang it on the wall as a piece of art. There is literally no limit to this brightly colored piece- the black fabric will even hide any pesky spills or stains that may arise. This one is made right in India, but note that it is a print and not quilted or woven.

Large Hippie Tapestry, Hippy Mandala Bohemian Tapestries, Indian Dorm Décor, Psychedelic Tapestry Wall Hanging Ethnic Decorative Tapestry, 85 x 90 Inches

Best Tapestries

If you want to get away from anything dark, check out this tapestry. You’ll find no touch of darkness in this one. With its variety of color, it will match any room. Plus it is big enough that it would fit on a queen-sized bed. While this one is 100% cotton, its one downfall is that you might end up dry cleaning it. Or you can try washing it cold at home and getting around the additional hassle of taking it elsewhere. This inexpensive tapestry may be made in India.

Hippie Elephant Tapestries, Large Size Tapestry Wall Hanging, Mandala Tapestries, Bohemian Tapestries, Wall Tapestries, Dorm Décor, Queen Bed Cover Bedding (1, A) by Craft Aura

Best Tapestries
If you liked the elephant theme in our first one but were turned off by the darker color, take a look at this piece. This will stick with an Indian elephant theme but in a lighter color scheme. At 90” x 90”, this one will once again fit your queen sized bed. You can dry clean it or machine-wash it on cold, but do not put it in a dryer! Lay it flat or hang it on the line to dry. Handmade in India, these elephants could start bringing you good luck in just the short time of shipping.

Twin Blue Tie Dye Bohemian Tapestry Elephant Star Mandala Tapestry Tapestry Wall Hanging Boho Tapestry Hippie Hippy Tapestry Beach Coverlet Curtain

Best Tapestries
Looking for something with a more tie dyed, psychedelic twist? Or maybe you just want something smaller than our last two. Taking a look at this one will make you feel as though you fell back into 1960. Go ahead and embrace your inner hippie! This one is a nice mixture of dark and light to both brighten and tone down a room. It measures 86” x 56”. If you want to clean off the effects of display, you’ll be handwashing this one cold. Don’t wash or dry it too warm or you’ll end up fading the colors.

1 X Psychedelic Celestial Sun Moon Stars Tie Dye Tapestry, Hippie Hippy Wall Hanging, Indian Tapestry, Sun-moon Tapestry Celestial Tapestry

Best Tapestries
Are you looking for a fit into your celestial theme, yet doesn’t end up making your room too dark? This tie-dye tapestry is bright but not overwhelming. The graphic on this one is toned down but the colors are bright. This one also runs along the smaller size, but would be perfect to cover up a piece of furniture. This one can be anything you want-even a room divider! Or perhaps you want to spice up your next picnic? Use this as your blanket! Made in India, you will want to wash it in cold water with no bleach.

Advantages of Owning a Tapestry

Tapestries can be unique to your own décor and personality. Decorating with one will make your own individuality stand out. Also, you do not have to spend a fortune to have a nice tapestry. There are many great deals online. Most of the ones on this list with cost you under $15. If you have recently settled into a dorm room or other small space with roommates, this is the perfect room divider. You can even wall hang it for conversation. If you are the outdoorsy type, this can serve as a roomy picnic blanket or other blanket to lay out on.

What toLook For in Tapestries

Hopefully this list gave you a good place to start your tapestry search with a few currently for sale. Let’s look at a few things to think about before buying.

First, think about your space. If you are planning on using a new tapestry as wall décor or a room divider, make sure you read the space dimensions of each product and then do some measurements on your end.

Second, check the washing instructions. The ones in this list need to be dry cleaned or gently washed in cold water. You do not want to use something for bedding if it ends up being dry clean only. Remember that your new tapestry will get dusty, so for health sake you’ll want to get the dust off of even wall hangings every so often.

Fabric will also be something that you will want to check. The ones covered herein are all cotton, but if you’re looking for something heavier you will want to research those fabrics. Remember, cotton will breathe. Make sure you don’t pick up anything too heavy-unless you really want a wool blanket!

Furthermore, what is your budget? If you’re not looking to spend a ton, these are some great options. However, remember that some are printed and not woven. A specific piece may end up costing you more where the quality in a cheaper one may be sketchy at best.

Lastly, what is your personal style? With all of the options out there, you will want to find one that is the right fit for you. Find the best tapestry which best suits you and your personality, and your overall house theme.

You are now on your way towards finding your perfect tapestry! Whether you’re decking out your home or putting the perfect touch on your dorm room, you are about to unleash your inner free spirit through décor!

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