Best Teething Toys Reviews 2017

One of the most important paraphernalia for babies and toddlers oral needs is Teething Toys. During the third month, signs of teething will start and there are considerations on what kind of teethers will be suitable for babies and toddlers. There are several available brands that is a right fit, but choosing the best teething toy will need an informed choice to make it the right one.

Vulli Sophie la Giraffe

Vulli Sophie la Giraffe is cute baby teether toy that looks fun to use, and baby it will afford baby hours of funs, munching happily on it. Getting it will make that it’ll have the charactristics of a sound teether product with good qualities in many aspects, which parents look for when choosing a teether that is will be fun and safe to play with. When munched on by your little one, sometimes there is a worry that paint chips will be toxic, if it’s ingested while biting and gnawing very hard on the the toy. A degree of attention is emphasized on making sure that use of all-natural rubber, digestible paint and it’s painted by hand to make it unique.

Keeping in mind that baby needs motor and visual skills is an important part of growth, using it’ll allow tactile and visual acuity while using it, with his mouth or hands. Having other parts to chew or hold on to is a plus, this makes active play very beneficial for the little guy. In making this product, all materials are 100% non-toxic and chemical free to make it safe for baby’s use.

In choosing the proper baby teether toy for the little one, we sometimes worry about safety when used by baby very much. This product has pluses that’ll help soothe gums, 100% safe materials, moving along visual and motor development with continuous use. Vulli Sophie la Giraffe is an excellent choice for baby’s first chew toy anytime.

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether, Yellow Baby Banana

Baby got a banana? Chances are this unusual baby teether toy and infant training toothbrush will do more that just be the plain old teething toy. At two to three months and up to twelve months old, teething and oral problems is a major concern for parents, also making sure that the little one enjoys teething as a soothing activity for him. At this stage, when tooth eruptions and the milk-teeth begin to grow, and it starts becoming irritating that causes baby to fuss. It’s a good thing that this product is combo of a baby teether and training toothbrush, that has two functions which is beneficial for the little one’s oral health at a young age.

It was not forgotten that babies should be free from germs and other bacteria, that’ll harm them and cause sickness. The teether is easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher with no worries at all. It is recommended to chill it in the freezer, to give extra comfort while teething. The materials used for this baby product is 100% safe and free of anything that is harmful when in use.

Now, let’s focus in on the toothbrushing function of this particular combo teether. It’s bristles are safe for baby’s mouth compared to usual hard bristle brushes, because it’s gentle and soft on growing gums. An additional benefit of brushing with this is the prevention of cavites in toddlers, also soothing and gently massaging gums that will minimize whatever fussiness or discomfort is experienced..

When Baby Banana is chosen, it has other additional features that makes it efficient for baby use, like thick and durable bristles, peeling handles for baby to play with and develop motor skills. The colors are attractive to develop visual tracking, it can be used for three to twelve month old babies. It’s available in several colors too, if another color is desired.

Baby banana will be used for many fun hours that’ll involve activities, fostering closeness to your little one and with a combo function of teether and infant brush. Baby will like it, mom and pop will enjoy the nurturing time spent with baby, but the best is seeing baby munching contently on a banana!

Nuby Icy Hard / Soft Teething keys

It will be the best surprise when we find out that baby’s front teeth begin to appear. A good teether will be most helpful when it soothes and stimulates gums, by biting on cool and textured surfaces that will help reduce tenderness that’s an irritant to babies.

Visual stimulation is achieved with the teethers bright colors, that’ll help improve the baby’s vision and dexterity with continuous use of it. Putting the teether in the freezing compartment will cool the purICE gel and it will keep the teether cooler longer! The small keys of the teether make it easier to store, manipulate and this will help baby’s motor skills by grasping and playing with it, and it’s made for teeny-tiny hands of baby especially.

Getting a different teether is not needed, since it’s best for three months and above. Having this in the baby bag will make your little one, a happy tyke. This teether is used from three months to toddler age, and purICE gel will give extra comfort to gums. It may not be that fancy, but the simplicity of use and design, will make it a good choice for babies that are particular when it comes to baby teething toys.

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy

For many parents, when the baby bag is opened and to be sure there’ll be a bunch of baby stuff, besides the usual baby teether toy in there. What if there is something like Manhattan toy which is visually attractive, is inspired by an atom’s shape, or a baby ball that will catch babies attention easily? This particular teether toy is not the-usual-run-of-the-mill type, that is easily dismissed as another teether toy.

It excels in visual tracking and manual dexterity development, because the design incorporates multiple surfaces, attractive colors and it’s structure will involve dual handed play as well! Incorporated are tubular forms that are meant to teethed on by baby. If baby does not feel like biting or playing with it, he can go monkey by shaking it and hearing a rattling sound that will develop his aural sense as well.

The product is 100% free of BPA’s and other harmful toxins that may harm baby. Even if it’s bitten hard, gnawed harshly by baby, it’s soft and durable construction can take the punishment easy. Parents having fear of plastic bits, some paint, or anything breaking of during play, couldn’t happen because it’s made for rough play. The toy’s size is 4.5 inches, making it the right size for little hands to hold and grip. It’s suitable for babies up to twenty-four months old and younger, plus it’s an awarded toy design that quarantees quality.

If parents consider the combo rattle and teether toy design by Manhattan, with materials that’s 100% safe, enhances the visual, oral, hearing and dextrous development of baby as whole. It makes an all-around teether toy that is will be fun for baby to use.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Babies (Unisex) (Honey)

Amber Baltic Teething Necklace an unusual baby teething toy, you can get for baby. It’s a product that’s an excellent alternative medicine for babies and toddler alike, instead of being a “teether toy”. If you’re not using it yet, getting it for baby will be good, because of the beneficial effects like boosting immunity, preventing inflammation, and with analgesic properties too. If there was fussiness and discomfort from previous baby teething toys, getting it’ll give ease and comfort that’ll make babies feel better.

The amber beads have Succinic Acid in them, that’ll prevent most ill effects caused by synthetic medicines, remnants left by gnawing on teethers, chewing on teething tablets; which can be unhealthy to baby. In short, teething on it will soothe baby’s developing gums and make him less fussier, but more soothed and content.

Whenever baby is teething on the necklace beads he will reap it’s heathy benefits, there’ll be pluses besides it’s beneficial properties too. Imagine, baby munching on it and oozing with cuteness, while mom enjoys looking at him! If there’s fear of baby getting hurt by the necklace, the knotted rope or string is easy to adjust for use ( provided it’s used with adult supervision ).

Overall, this distinctive teether toy in necklace form factor, has medicinal and with fashionable style included. It does all this, without diminishing in the soothing function for the gums and lessening fussiness that’s good for mom and baby.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace- Handmade in Lithuania

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - Handmade in Lithuania - Lab-Tested Authentic - Comes with Silicone Teething Pendant (12.5 inches - Standard, Honey - Raw Unpolished)

Are you looking for something else, instead of the usual baby teether toy? If you are, then try out Baltic Amber Teething Necklace- Handmade in Lithuania. This teether has qualities that’s different and is made of “AMBER”.

If 100% all-natural, chemical-free and a safe teether is what you’re looking for, it’ll be just right for baby. The beads is made up of authentic amber, polished perfectly with a chemical-free method using natural pine. This process leaves it polished and clean, then is verified by Gemological experts to be genuine.

Benefits using this teether is having an alternative to the usual teethers that are made of plastic, it’ll make baby drool less, minimize fuss from discomforts and is non-toxic. The uniqueness of this necklace teether is having ambers beads with Succinic acid, that’ll benefit gums and immune system of baby. If baby is more fussy than usual, this teething necklace will help the discomfort and soothe him.

Other beneficial effects of the necklace teether is that “Authentic Baltic Amber” has more succinic acid compared to synthetic opals, that’ll start relieving baby’s teething or gum pain in fifteen to thirty minutes. It’s design is crafted for safety and durability, with a design that’ll keep baby from taking it from his neck using a scew clasp. For every bead, it’s secured by two knots as a choking preventive, with three sizes to fit baby’s neck.

Baltic Amber Teething necklace has many benefits that assist in soothing gums while teething, has natural acids that acts as sickness prevention too. The necklace has design-pluses and uses 100% natural materials and processes, along with other qualities that makes it an excellent teether necklace toy for baby. The design is exquisite and at the same time, functional and stylish for the discriminating parent and their baby!

Marotaro ‘Alex” Designer Teething Necklace

Marotaro 'Alex' Designer Teething Necklace & Gift Box - JPN Pastel Pink

Tired of the usual baby teething toy form factors available? How about a “designer” necklace that doubles as a teething toy that is chic, as well as functional? This will be perfect for the “fashionista” mom who likes to standout with her baby in the crowd.

A combo fashion accessory with a teething toy that is custom hand-made with the best 100% quality, beads that are pedia inspired and hand-made beads (Trademark protected). Teething on the designer beads will soothe baby’s gums, facilitate visual, motor and sensory advancement; while gnawing on it. Despite, the fanciness of the necklace design, it stays true to the function of keeping baby happy and content.

Guaranteed to be made of the best materials that is free of harmful chemicals, also toxin free to keep baby safe. Fashionista moms will always go with form and function, especially if it will make baby happy and mom look good!

Teether Rings- (4 Pack ) Silicone Sensory Rings- Fun Colorful

Teether Rings - (4 Pack) Silicone Sensory Teething Rings - Fun, Colorful and BPA-Free Teething Toys - Soothing Pain Relief and Drool Proof Teether Ring (Unisex)

This is value for your money, if that’s what you want, it comes with a free e-book and teether rings included in the package. The e-book outlines remedies for problems with teething and using the teether rings to maximize its use by baby.Employing a Ridged contour design that will help in relieving the gums of stress, and give comfort to the annoying pain experienced during milk tooth growth.

To make sure that the teether is 100% safe for baby, it’s free of harmful materials and chemical free, which means fears of ingesting anything poisonous can’t happen. Motor development of baby’s skills via the raised ridges, an easy open ring that’s manipulated by baby, will help him play with it using mouth and hands.

Overall, the four teether rings will assure more activity from baby, with more than one color that will stimulate baby’s visually and tactile sense as it’s held or gnawed by the little one. More or less, the teether rings are a bit simple, but rest be assured that’ll soothe gums and having several of them is better than one!


For many parents, choosing the proper teether toy for baby will not be easy. There are many baby teething toys that are different, and they address different needs or is a combo product that’s more than a simple “teether”. Examples of them are rings, necklaces, beads, keys, feeders and nibblers that are teethers as well.

In reviewing the perfect one for baby’s needs, all these must be considered in making an informed choice to benefit the little one. There will always be exceptions to our choices, but if baby seems to like, then we got it right. In short, researching the proper one does take time and it will be worth it!

What’s the next step to do? Just decide with all the available info and decide on that perfect baby teething toy for that bundle of joy!

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