Best Telescope Cases Reviews 2017

As one of the most important invention of humankind, telescopes are certainly popular ever since it was discovered. The first invention for this item is still unknown but in 1608, Hans Lippershey invented the first working telescope known to man. He got a device that is equipped with 3x magnification, convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece.

Telescopes come in different kinds of uses. There are optical telescopes that are commonly used in astronomy; radio telescopes are also used to gather microwave radiation. Telescopes are also typically used for camera lenses, spy glasses, binoculars, spotting scopes, monocular and theodolites. Telescopes are also sometimes used for gamma rays for orbiting satellites.

History shows that telescopes have been a helpful part of humanity’s antiquity. For star gazers or astronomers, it is tremendously significant to get not just the best telescopes, but also take care of them. So, what better way to take care of this item but through a telescope case? If you want to see and get to know the leading telescope cases for your beloved item then you must definitely go read what we listed below.

Telescope Bag by Quality Choices

The Telescope Bag by Quality Choices is undoubtedly among the best telescope cases for sale. This case fits not just the Celestron 127eq powerseeker telescope, but also the Orion 09798. It has a dimension of 29.7 x 10 x 9.5 inches equipped with zippers that opens on top and three sides, making it extremely convenient for any users to take the telescope in and out.

It comes with soft padded interior to fully protect your telescope as you travel with it around. Furthermore, this case is also made out of durable sewn nylon that is water-resistant equipped with internal padded divider to keep all your telescopes’ parts safe. The Telescope Bag by Quality Choices is certainly a cheap telescope case that you’d love having around.

Nanuk 915 Hard Case

As one of the top telescope case brand, the Nanuk 915 Hard Case is definitely a must have. This one comes with a powerclaw latching system that is installed in all nanuk cases to keep your case enclosed even when you are travelling. Furthermore, this one is also installed with two padlockable hasps so you can easily secure all your items inside your case.

It has an interior dimension of 13.8 x 9.3 x 6.2 inches that is made out of first-class polyurethane foam to keep your telescope protected. Moreover, it is waterproof and impact-resistant because the company knows how important your valuables are. The Nanuk 915 Hard Case is undeniably among the leading telescope cases in the world, so we totally recommend getting it.

Orion 15164 Padded Telescope Case

Looking for a new telescope case? Then you must give the Orion 15164 Padded Telescope Case a try. This case has an internal dimension of 47 x 11 x 14 inches, which means that it is able to accommodate refractors and reflectors. It is soft padded so it can make your transportation easier and protect your telescopes better.

This telescope case is made out of water-resistant and heavy nylon material along with padding sewn inside the inner case lining to give you a valuable product to have. For easier access, this case also comes with a full length zipper so you can simply take your telescope out and place it back. All in all, if you are aiming for a good telescope case then go for the Orion 15164 Padded Telescope Case.

Orion 05959 Deluxe Large Accessory Case

Want to have the cheapest telescope case deals? Then you must go for the Orion 05959 Deluxe Large Accessory Case! This case comes with an internal dimension of 17.2 x 12.3 x 5.0 inches that con hold up to 8 – 1.25 telescope eyepieces, 3 – 2 eyepieces along with nine other compartments that is necessary for astronomy.

It uses a die-cut foam hole and slot created so you can easily store your pieces inside. This product is made out of durable ABS-clad wood and rugged aluminum frame equipped with two metal hinges and 2 lockable metal latches. It has a black finish along with adjustable shoulder straps. So as one of the most inexpensive telescope cases in the market, getting the Orion 05959 Deluxe Large Accessory Case will surely be a lovely choice.

Orion 15161 Padded Telescope Case

Are you planning to buy a telescope case? Then try opting for the Orion 15161 Padded Telescope Case. This item has an internal dimension of 39 x 9.5 x 11. It is made out of high-quality heavy and water-resistant materials such as nylon and polyester equipped with a padding sewn inside the inner case to guarantee that your telescopes are well protected.

Furthermore, this padded case comes with internal divider to easily separate your equipment such as the telescope, tripod, mounts and other valuables. It comes with a hook-and-loop faster to keep your bag in one place. Additionally, for easier access, this one is equipped with a full-length zipper. To put it briefly, as one of the most affordable telescope cases, purchasing the Orion 15161 Padded Telescope Case is certainly a smart move.

What is a telescope case?

Telescope is a helpful instrument that helps not just astronomers, but also scientists as well as aerospace engineers. With the help of telescopes, experts were able to study light and electromagnetic radiation in the space, not to mention see other stars, suns, Milky Way and galaxies. Furthermore, because of telescopes, scientists were able to predict how the universe was formed, the Big Bang theory.

We believe that no matter how cheap or expensive your telescope is, or whether you use it frequently or once in a blue moon, it still deserves the best from you. As we all know, dusts and dirt can get anywhere, your telescope is not an exemption from it. These minor dents or dirt may cause small problems such as making your telescope look blurry. So, as much as possible, you must give your telescope a “home” or a case where it is protected.


Telescopes are often exposed outside, so it’s a no brainer that they are prone to moisture. As you travel, it is recommended that it is placed in a proper telescope case. This is to avoid getting dents in your telescopes as well as prevent it from accumulating build-up of dusts. Furthermore, if you are planning to use it outside, it may also form some sort of frost or dew, especially in cold places.

Simple moistures can be wiped off with a lens cloth, so you are not at risk getting exposed to chilly places at all. Salty sea air on the other hand can cause minor problems over your lens and may deteriorate the anti-reflective coating in your telescopes’ lenses. Another possible problem for you and your telescope is the hot temperature. If you are exposed in a hot environment, the temperature could soften the adhesives inside.

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