Best Temporary Tattoos Reviews 2017

Sometimes, all you need is a temporary body modification that can be removed right away with simpler methods. Though getting a tattoo seemed cool, there will always be some who will never be ready to take that permanent indelible step. Thus, temporary tattoos are made.

A good temporary tattoo can look as cool as the real ones with the added benefit of not being permanent. This advantage can be handy specifically if you just want to get inked for a specific occasion.

Here are some of the best-selling temporary tattoos for sale in the market today.

Glitz by Mottos Temporary Jewelry Tattoos, White Collection

ALL NEW WHITE TATTOOS! Glitz by Mottos Temporary Jewelry Tattoos, White Collection

This new temporary tattoo’s unique color is what makes this top temporary tattoo the number one best-seller among its peers. This set of temporary tattoos costs cheap considering that it is very easy to apply and remove.

The affordable temporary tattoo is also waterproof and will give a perfect tattooed look in just a second. The tattoos can last up to 6 days with regular showering. A sheet of the white collection also comes with the purchase of their metallic colorful collection.

If you are looking to buy a temporary tattoo that is definitely use, you might want to start with this product.

TheFifthElement Metallic Flash Temporary Tattoos

12 Premium Sheets - Metallic Flash Temporary Tattoos - Gold and Silver Bling

This inexpensive temporary tattoo set, this trendsetter silver, black, and gold metallic tattoos are all the decorations you need to decorate your body in any occasion.

Completely waterproof, these can add shimmer and glimmer to any style in just 45 seconds. Suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

Terra Premium Metallic Tattoos

Premium Metallic Tattoos - 75+ Gold, Silver, Black & Shimmer Designs. Temporary Fake Jewelry Tattoos - Bracelets, Feathers, Wrist & Arm Bands, & More by Terra Tattoos™ (Chloe Collection)

This temporary tattoo deal offers over 75 stunning, waterproof designs that you can show off in any occasion. It is easy and safe to use, and can adhere to almost any part of your body: wrist, ankle, back, chest, shoulders, forearms, hands, even your fingernails.

A glamorous and cheap alternative for the real thing.

New Home Innovations Metallic Temporary Tattoos

#1 Best Metallic Temporary Tattoos ● 150+ Designs - 8 Sheet Pack ● Gold Silver Temporary Tattoos ● High Gloss Shimmer Effect

Probably offers the biggest temporary tattoo collection in this list, this 8-sheet value pack offers over 150 waterproof designs that looks fabulous no matter what the event might be.

The eye-catching designs are sure to get you hooked with this item.

Best applied to flat body parts that contains no hair.

Gilded Girl Premium Henna Metallic Tattoos

Premium Henna Metallic Tattoos - Gold and Silver - Flash Temporary Bling Tattoo

This henna-inspired set features exotic designs that are sure to be the source of envy among your peers.

This temporary tattoo is also long-lasting as it can stay vibrant for as long as 10 days from the date of application, with regular showering.

What are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are non-permanent body decorations or modifications that are either painted, drawn, airbrushed, or adhered to the skin without creating any lasting issues.

There are at least three major ways of getting a temporary tattoo nowadays: (1) buying the decal-style tattoos, (2) availing an alcohol-based airbrushed tattoo, and (3) availing a henna-based tattoo.

Of the three, the decal-style tattoos are more convenient as you don’t need to avail the services of a talented tattoo artist just to get your chosen design decorated or painted on your body. Decal-style tattoos are all ready-made and can adhere to your skin with a simple rubbing of the sheet with a damp cloth onto your skin. Removal of the tattoo is also as easy as rubbing alcohol onto the decal tattoo until it fades away, cleaning the skin.

Decal-style tattoos usually last a week from the date of application and is highly suitable as temporary body modification for any type of occasion.

What to Look For

Temporary tattoos are usually used when a permanent tattoo is out of the question. You might be too young to get a tattoo, or you might be afraid of getting a design indelibly marked on your skin with no room for optional (painless and cheap) removal.

As said above, there are three ways in which you can get a temporary tattoo. If you want your temporary tattoo to look as close as the real thing, then having it airbrushed is the way to go, though it’s, by far, the most expensive type of temporary tattoo out there.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that an airbrush tattoo will last longer. Most airbrushed tattoos get dull after just a few regular showers.

The most popular temporary tattoo is the henna-based tattoo. The plant henna, can produce a semi-permanent ink that most tattoo artists used for their clients who are not quite sure if they really wanted to get a permanent one. It’s most likely to be used as a ‘dry-run’ for the real thing.

The semi-permanency of henna-based tattoos prevent it from having the shine or the fun colors typical of a standard permanent tattoo. Also, being plant-based, some individuals developed a skin rash or dermatitis as they are found to be allergic to black pre-mixed henna. Moreover, the long time needed to completely draw the design onto skin might turn off those who just wanted to get something fun and easy to decorate with their skin.

The safest bet from these three types are the decal types, also known as the press-on or water-transfer tattoos. These temporary tattoos are printed on water-permeable paper and are transferred to human skin by pressing the chosen design on the skin and dabbing damp cloth on it until the mirror image design gets transferred.

The pigments used in decal-types are mostly cosmetic, non-toxic, and non-allergenic, which makes it suitable for use even by small kids. Most decal type tattoo additives and colorants are even required to get an FDA approval to ensure the safety of its use on human skin. If your temporary tattoo comes from the US, this will not pose a problem. However, the decal type tattoos that originated from either China or Taiwan should be subjected to the highest scrutiny.

In the end, the FDA recommends consumers to always see if the ingredients are listed on the label of your temporary tattoo. They also recommended that consumers stay away from brands that have undeclared ingredients on their labels.

The latest trend, the metallic jewelry, temporary tattoos is a sub-type of decal tattoos that feature foil-stamping technique to give off that metallic sheen. The method of application and removal (via rubbing alcohol) is the same. These types of temporary tattoo are mostly the preferred choice of teens and those who attends nighttime events like concerts, as it can give a sort of glow-in-the-dark look.

The only disadvantage of decal type tattoos is that they do look fake. Its cartoonish design and vivid inkjet color can never be mistaken for a real tattoo. The same goes for the shiny metallic decal tattoos. Also, the designs are all ready-made, though there are some tattoo places that offer to customize your decal type tattoos.

Still, store-bought decal type temporary tattoos have the additional advantage of being available anywhere. They are also relatively cheaper than the other types. If you just want to get your skin decorated for fun, a decal type tattoo should get the job done.

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