Best Tennis Bags Reviews 2017

If you enjoy the game of tennis, and you love your racquets, then you really need a good tennis bag to transport all your equipment. But with such an expansive range of options available for purchase, it’s hard to tell each offer apart, unless you compare each model’s unique features. To determine which brand suits your lifestyle, you really need to consider a selection of tennis bag reviews.

So, empty out what you are currently using, and start imagining what will best suit your needs. Your new tennis bag should be durable, spacious and stylish, so that you get the most use from it.

What are Tennis Bags?

Premium tennis bag brands are available in a range of styles and colours, to meet the specific needs of different users. Carry bags feature handles to keep your racquet parallel to the ground. Tote bags are a popular choice, and are very versatile, if you plan to use your bag for a number of different purposes. In a similar vein, specific backpacks have been designed with tennis in mind, so that you can comfortably carry everything without straining your muscles.

While considerations of size, pockets, and storage might seem trivial, you really should look beyond mere aesthetics to choose a bag that will allow you to integrate tennis into your life with less hassle.

Head Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag Blue

This very popular design is an affordable tennis bag and can carry at least two racquets, just in case you require a spare.

  • The bag itself measures 29 x 11 x 4 inches.
  • There’s a compact zip up section at the front, for smaller personal items.

For your most basic needs, this bag will do the job. However, this product is not padded, which might explain why it is such an inexpensive tennis bag. However, it will comfortably fit your tennis balls and even a towel. So, you can pack your own padding, if need be. Just ensure that you handle with care. If you shove your racquet in roughly, you may inflict some damage.

BABOLAT Club Line 6 Racquet Bag

This sporty tennis bag brand provides a number of colours for this design, so you can reflect your personality in your purchase.

  • For the semi pro, you can transport up to six racquets, if they aren’t oversized.
  • The personal items compartment is actually quite spacious.
  • The bag measures 29.1 x 13 x 9.4 inches.

If you want to pack your entire tennis outfit, including shoes, then this is a suitable choice. While fitting in six racquets might be a stretch, it’s quite a cheap tennis bag considering its size. You’ll also be provided with a padded shoulder strap, which is a great reinforcement when you’ve loaded your bag to capacity.

Wilson Team 3 Pack Bag

If you are the sort of player who will get a kick out of an electric blue or racy red design, you will stand out from the crowd with this tennis bag deal.

  • Transport up to three racquets with ease.
  • The bag itself weighs a miniscule 1.2 pounds.

This is a top tennis bag and you won’t regret your choice for an instant. It comes with a shoulder strap, and it’s spacious enough to hold your personal items as well as your equipment. Look like a star, and feel as though you’re walking out on to centre court with this winning product.

Maggie Mather Tennis Tote Bag

This is by no means the cheapest tennis bag on the market, but the reason for the price tag is the superior design and the quality of the finish. Once you invest in this bag, you will see that the extra dollars are justified.

  • Holding up to two racquets, this product is double-stitched and durable.
  • The colour palette available is just gorgeous, with a selection of unique tones for the more refined player.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps can be added, if you aren’t a fan of tote mode.
  • It measures 17 x 13.5 x 6 inches.

This bag is all about storage, with 7 pockets located on the exterior alone. There’s also a zippered interior pouch, to keep valuables more secure, and you’ll love the zebra print lining. Water repellent fabric will also keep your belongings dry if the weather turns.

This bag makes a great gift, and will get plenty of use, although it seems targeted at the female portion of the population.

Head Core Racquet Backpack

A tennis backpack is great for younger players, or those who like to walk to and from training sessions. Keep your hands free and back straight with an affordable tennis bag that can be used for a number of other purposes too.

  • This bag measures 12.5 x 7 x 18 inches, so your racquet handle will protrude slightly.
  • At least two racquets can be accommodated.
  • Weighing 13.6 ounces, it’s lightweight and durable.
  • You’ll also get the benefit of a number of storage sections, including a mesh section on each side that is perfect for water bottles.

If you’re after a purchase to get you through the season, this bag is very functional. If, however, you want something that can handle heavy duty usage, then this might not be ideal.

Advantages of owning a tennis bag

A well designed tennis bag will do much more than make you look like a pro. You’ll be more organised, and less forgetful. You’ll also be able to lug everything you need in one convenient receptacle. No doubt, having the right tools will make you more motivated to hit out, and it might even improve your game – if you feel like a winner.

What to look for when buying a tennis bag

Style and functionality are both key considerations when choosing the best tennis bag for your needs. Think about what will be most comfortable, and how much equipment you will need to carry every time you play.

  • Start with design, and work through the advantages and disadvantages of backpacks, tote bags and carry bags.

Also, consider the materials used in making your bag. You may find that it’s worth investing a little more money in order to purchase a bag that is built to last.

Finally, think about how many racquets you need on a regular basis, and how many you’ll need at your maximum capacity. Think long term too, because you may end up needing more space if you plan to play more tennis. There might come a time when you find yourself progressing through to the finals of a tournament. In which case, you’ll need your tennis bag to reflect how seriously you want to win!


There are endless options on the market when it comes to choosing the best tennis bag for your needs. But you should always buy a tennis bag that will be fit for purpose. If you buy a bag that isn’t designed to carry racquets, then you’re guaranteed to feel frustrated before long. So, peruse the tennis bags for sale, and you’ll be impressed by what you can find, in terms of value, functionality and style.

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