Best Texturizing Spray Reviews 2017

Have you always wanted those beach waves you get after soaking in salt water? Maybe you just want your hair to have that extra textured look, then getting a texturizing spray is a good move for you. Texturizing sprays, or sometimes called sea salt sprays, are great to give you hair a new look with just a few spritz and a few tugs. There used to be just a few choices with the brands you could get but with the rising popularity of sprays and the growing trend of having hair that’s not as well-kept and a bit messy there’s also been a rise of the available sprays you could get. Below is a list which would hopefully guide you in purchasing the texturizing spray that would help you get that hairstyle you’ve been aiming for.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe is a brand that’s known for its amazing hair products. Its the line of one of the most influential hairdressers of our time that guarantees quality products for you hair. Their Texturizing is one of these hair products from Oribe that’s promised to give you the best results. If your tired of having limp hair just a spray of this will give your hair the volume and texture you’ve always dreamed of.

This texturizing spray from Oribe received great reviews from its consumers. They loved how easy it is to apply to their and how much time they save with styling their hair using this product. The smell of the spray is also a huge plus for a lot of people since it didn’t smell as synthetic as the other sprays. Do take note that you need extra tugging if you have longer hair since the weight of the hair makes it hard to keep the volume. One thing that customers seem to not like about this product is its price. A lot of them found it to be too expensive especially if you compare it to other terturizing sprays available.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, 8-ounce

Not Your Mother’s is a brand that’s been gaining a cult following in recent years. It’s also one of those brands that’s been recommended left and right by beauty gurus and beauty magazines so it’s no wonder why it’s included in our list of best texturizing sprays. This texturizing spray is infused with sea salt and sea kelp for the look of a sea babe that you’ve been aiming for. It also has Aloe Vera to give your moisture and protect from dryness as well as from the sun. Unlike most sprays, this is sprayed using a trigger like control similar to the ones you see in water bottles. This gives you better control when you spray as well as a more comfortable and easier application.

Coming from a brand that’s trusted and recommended by a lot of people you’ll surely out this Beach Babe texturizing spray on top of your list. You’d be glad to know that consumers like you also loved this product. They loved how well it worked in giving their hair the extra volume it needs. It also works well with both think and thin hair so no need to worry about it not being perfect for you. They also loved the way it smelled which makes it even more enjoyable to put on.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, 5 Fluid Ounce

John Frieda is the line of the world renowned hairstylist of the same name. This brand is one of those leading in giving your hair texture and life. Its Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray is perfect to give you an effortless textured wavy hair which you’d only otherwise get after soaking up in the sun and going for a swim at the beach. If your hair is straight no need to worry cause this doesn’t only work fro those with waves in their hair but also creates waves for you. This would also work even for those with shorter hair so really there’s no one that wouldn’t get those beach waves as long as they want it and use this product.

This texturizing spray is perfect for any hair type. This claim is backed up by customer reviews mostly said good things about the product. The loved how fast and easily their hair gets volume even if they have really thin and straight hair. Do take note that this spray has a coconut smell so if you’re not fond of this scent but still want to purchase this, you can pat dry your to conceal and get rid of smell.

Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, 8-Ounce Bottle

Aquagge texturizing spray gives you that effortlessly wavy hair that’ll make you look as if you just got out of the beach. You can create the texture that you want it to have depending on how much you scrunch you hair. It’s volumizing yet still gives your hair a light look. It has lightweight polymers that’s infused with Dead Sea salt which is what gives your hair the natural wavy look.

This texturizing spray works well on all types of hair and you can get best results with just 2-3 sprays. It is recommended to blow dry your hair while you’re applying the spray for best results. Don’t worry if you’re in the Ho and don’t have time to blow dry your hair, it will also give you textured waves even if you just air dry your hair while scrunching it up. Customer reviews are generally positive when it comes to this spray. They were all impressed at how well it gave their hair volume and how texturized their hair becomes with just a few sprays.

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray

Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray, 9.13 Ounce

This texturizing spray from Tigi catwalk is great for texturizing and giving added volume to your hair. The textures and waves it creates are also long lasting so you won’t have to worry about your hair going back to its limp straight self at the end of the day. Like other sprays you just need to scrunch it up while it’s drying to give it the volumized hair that you want. If you have freeze hair this could also help moisturize and liven up your hair so you don’t only have nice textured hair but also healthy looking ones.

Togo Catwalk received mostly great reviews from its customers. They loved that it performs as advertised and doesn’t leave their hair dry or heavy. It works even one straight fine hair so even those who used to not even hold a curl can add volume to your hair. This is overall a great spray to purchase, it’s not as cheap as the other sprays but for the long lasting spray it gives you might be willing to overlook spending a couple of bucks more.

OGX Hair Spray, Moroccan Sea Salt

OGX Hair Spray, Moroccan Sea Salt, 6 Ounce

This texturizing spray from OGX will give you the nice tousled hair you’ve always wanted without drying out your hair. It will also give you those sexy waves no matter what type or texture of hair you have. Other sprays will give you the volume but would end up making your hair look too heavy but that’s not the case with this spray. It’s also infused with moisturizing sea kelp for moisture and Moroccan Argan oil to give you that healthy looking waves you’ve been hoping to be born with.

What really sets this apart from others is its price! It’s insanely cheap for the quality and satisfaction that it will give you. It also got mostly great reviews from other consumers. They love the hold and texture it gives their hair without making it look dry. The scent is also a great bonus for a lot of those who’ve true it. If you’re looking for a cheap yet effective texturizing spray then this might just be what you’re looking for.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray

Toni & Guy  Sea Salt Spray, Casual 6.8 Fl oz

Toni and Guy is a brand which is well known for their salons. Eventually they also released their own line of hair products and one these products is their texturizing spray. This spray from Toni and Guy is part of their Caual Collection which feautures products that create loose, textured hair that looks chic and yet effortless. This hair spray gives you the same wavy textured look that other sprays have but this gives you natural movement so your hair won’t seem stiff.

This received great reviews from its customers. They all loved that it makes their hair all tousled and textured without making your hair look unkept. It also give excellent volume that holds throughout the day even for hair that’s really thin and straight. However, there are those who claim that the spray did nothing for their hair but these contradicting statements might be because of different applications to the hair. Do take note that this has a perfume smell so if you don’t like strong scents then this might not be a great product for you.

Amika Obliphica Un.Done Texture Spray

Amika Obliphica Un.Done Texture Spray, 5.3 Ounce

This texture spray from Amika really give you an “Un.Done” look with its texturizing and volumizing abilities. It give you a laid back look and one where it seemed like you didn’t put much effort on your look (even if you did) without looking a big pile of mess. Its an invisible formula so there’s no need to worry about having white streaks on you hair. Its also specially designed in a way that the formula sticks to your hair without making it look heavy or giving it uneven texture. However, if you want a really shiny finish this isn’t for you because this spray gives a matte finish to your instead. Which does fit the “Un.Done” brand it has as well as the messy hair trend going around this past year.

Consumers also couldn’t say enough praises about this product. They loved that it gives their hair volume without making it feel and look too heavy. They also found that the texture and waves last longer with this product compared to other texturizing sprays they’ve used. Another thing that was highly praised is its smell. Unlike the other ones who either smell of chemicals or of coconut, Un.Done smells like flowers and this smell lasts in your hair throughout the day. Overall, this is a great product to purchase if you’re not too keen on having all natural ingredients and are more focused on the resulting volume.

What to look for

With all the brands above it can be still be a bit confusing as to which one is the best for you. There are key things to look for in a great texturizing spray. The first one is the hold of the volume. After all it won’t be a good spray at all if the texture only hold for a few hours. Second, the finish of the spray. Some sprays are matte some have a shinier finish. Whichever you choose it’ll be a matter of preference and how you want your hair to look. Last thing that you must look for is the content. It doesn’t have to be purely natural if you aren’t so keen on this but it is best if it has some properties to help maintain and protect your hair.


Texturizing sprays can give your hair a makeover with just a few spritz of the spray. It also gives you the hairstyle you might’ve always wanted especially if you have really straight hair. This is a great styling product to use everyday since most of the products are natural and wouldn’t harm your hair. It also give moisture and shine depending on which product you choose to buy. We hope that with the list above you will be guided on which texturixing or sea salt spray to get to give you hair the character and perfectly tousled look you’ve been wishing to have.

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