Best Thermal Paste Reviews 2017

Is your processor running low or overheating? Are you a gamer looking for a way to prevent your unit from overheating or even burning? Or are you just a regular computer used just looking for a way to extend your CPU’s life? Then getting a thermal paste may be the best option for you! But with the numerous brands and choices out there you might be confused as to which one to get. Worry no more, cause we’ve got your back! Below is a list of the best thermal pastes based on average consumer reviews.

Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G thermal paste

The Arctic Silver 5 is one of the pioneers in thermal pastes and has been in the market since the 90s. It’is also one of the only pastes that is claiming to be made from 99.9% silver. arctic claims that the silver in the paste “maximizes particle-to-particle contact area” which leads to better temperature control. Its high density makes it long lasting and increases performance. It’s syringe form makes its application easy and spill-free! The 3.5 syringe is enough to fill in 15 to 25 small CPU cores or 6 to 10 large cores.

This thermal paste has been in the industry for a long time and it’s obvious that it stood the test of time because of the quality. Being the most popular thermal paste on this list, it also garnered exceptional reviews from consumers. Compared to other thermal pastes the Arctic Silver 5 is a bit pricier but it’s the one of the few that still uses silver making the cost worth it. If you’re looking for something that has been proven to be effective, gets the job done, and don’t mind paying a bit more then the Arctic Silver 5 is the thermal paste for you!

Arctic MX-4 thermal paste

The Arctic MX-4 thermal paste is a carbon based high performance thermal compound for all coolers thermal interface materials. It claims to be the highest performing thermal compound in the market today. Unlike the Arctic Silver 5, the MX-4 is made of carbon micro particles which claims to lead to higher thermal conductivity guaranteeing that the heat from the CPU is dissipated quickly and efficiently. It also comes in a syringe-form making application easier, faster, and hassle-free.

This thermal paste is not only the second most popular item on the list but it also garnered the highest ratings from customer reviews. Its price, although not as low as other products, is reasonable for the quality performance it gives to consumers. If you want a high performing product and are willing to try out using carbon micro particles instead of liquid metal then this product is exactly for you!

StarTech 1.5g Metal Oxide Thermal Paste Compound Tube for Heatsink

This thermal paste from StarTech is made of metal oxide and increases effectivity of CPU coolers by bonding the CPU to the heatsink. It’s metal oxide solution guarantees maximum heat dissipation. The solution is also better than standard silicon-based heat grease and provides maximum protection against CPU damage due to heat. It can be applied 4-6 times per tube and its resealable syringe applicator makes it convenient, easy to use, and practical.

The StarTech metal oxide CPU paste is one of the cheaper pastes on this list. However, don’t mistake its low price to mean low quality as it garnered high reviews from consumers. If you’re looking for something that would not break the bank but has been proven to be effective and is of high quality then this thermal paste may be the right match for your need.

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound

The Noctua NH-1 thermal paste is a hybrid compound and is a mixture of different micro-particles for minimum thermal resistance. It claims to have minimal waiting time for it to reach maximum performance, this means that the product starts working the minute you apply it. It’s also long lasting, non-corroding, and not electrically conductive. Its syringe form like the other on the list makes it easy to apply to your target surface. It also spreads quickly making smearing of the product on the surface unnecessary.

This thermal paste from Noctua is the first on or list to not be made by only one material. It’s also the first to claim easy spread which is very convenient and makes the job of applying it less messy. Being a mid-price range product, it’s high performing and leads in customer satisfaction as it got really great reviews from its consumers. If you want high performance and have been looking for a product that spreads well and has great application then the Noctua NH-1 may just be the thermal paste you’re looking for.

Innovation Cooling Diamond

We’ve seen thermal pastes made of pure silver, other metals, and carbon and now maybe you think you’ve seen them all; but you’re wrong! The Innovation Cooling Diamond is made of synthetic diamonds which is said to be a natural thermal super conductor. It also claims that diamond is better in terms of conductivity than silver, this means that itt’s better at protecting your device from any form of damage due to temperature changes. Like the previous products, this also comes in syringe form making application a breeze.

This thermal paste from innovation is highly innovative and high performing. It got generally postive reviews from consumer. It borders on the higher priced range of product ducts but itt’s understandable since the main material is synthetic diamond. This product is best for those that want to explore more options when it comes to materials and is looking for something that has better cooling properties than most of those found in the market.

Coolermaster HTK 002-U1 thermal grease

The Coolermaster HTK 002-U1 is made of silicon material and is heavily filled with heat conductive metal oxides. The silicon and metal oxide mixture promotes high thermal conductivity and great temperature stability. It’s easy to use due to the syringe applicator and it produces an even layer when applying this makes sure that no product is wasted and itt’s applied properly. Its heat resistance can reach up to 177 degrees Celsius making it one of the higher performing in this aspect.

This thermal paste (grease) is one of the lower priced products in the list but it does not fall short on performance despite this as seen from the positive reviews it got for its consumers. If you’re looking for a silicone material and looking for something relatively cheap that does the job then the Coolermaster HTK-002 is for you!

Arctic Silver Ceramique Premium High Density Thermal Compound

Another paste from Arctic Silver on the list, the Ceramique premium compound is made of ceramic fillers. This means that it does not conduct electricity nor captures it. It does not separate, run, or bleed during application and spreading making it cost-effective. It’s best used on modern-high power CPUs and high-performing heat sinks or water-cooling solutions. It has a syringe applicator which has an indicator that would help you determine when you’re running out of product.

Cheaper than the Silver 5, the Ceramique is a good alternative to the product that has stood the test of time. Coming from the same manufacturer you can be sure that it’s quality is comparable to the Silver 5 thermal paste. It has good reputation on its own as well as it garnered extremely positive reviews from consumers. If you’re looking for an alternative to metal-based thermal pastes and has a more modern computer then this thermal paste may be the best fit for you.

GoFlux Tech 5 pack ThermalCoolflux (™) High Performance Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Paste

This thermal paste from GoFlux has high thermal conductivity and is designed specially for CPUs and GPUs. It’s a polysythetic paste that is long lasting with some consumers claiming to have products lasting longer with this product. It’s inexpensive but has superior quality as can be attested to by the favorable reviews it got from consumers. Unlike other thermal pastes, there are 5 tubes in each packaging making this the cheapest and economical out of the bunch. If you’re looking for something cheap and comes in more units but still has superior quality, then this product is for you.

The ThermalCoolflux received rave reviews from its consumers. Both IT specialists and DIY-ers agree that this is one of the best pastes that you can get in the market today. A lot of them mentioned how they have devices that still have the paste intact even if they’ve been there for years. They also talked about having ample paste left for future use, showing that you also have good value for money with this product.

Banggood 30g Grey Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone

The Bonggood grey thermal grease paste boasts of high quality without breaking the bank. It comes in a syringe-form making application easy and effective. This thermal paste may be the cheapest on the list but it once again proves that quality is not equal to the price point. It got high reviews from consumers making it the best choice for budget conscious consumers that are looking for high a performing paste at lower cost.

This thermal paste received mostly positive reviews from consumers. It was able to get the job done and there were a lot of leftovers for future use. They also loved that the paste lasts a long time. However, there were a handful of complaints regarding the packaging and the formula of the product itself. The syringe applicator is not as well done as some expected it to be causing soem of the products to get stuck inside and is unable to get out. The formula, on the other hand, is a bit too runny for some of the consumers. A lot of them said that the oil separates from the paste at first application so they needed to have a paper on hand to get the oil out first before applying the formula directly on their CPU. However, this product is very inexpensive and this might sway others to purchase it regardless of the quality of the formula since it does the work perfectly.

Tuniq TX-4 1 ml Heat Conducting Thermal Paste

The Tuniq TX-4 boasts of having the thinnest possible application making it more cost-effective and it also has high thermal conductivity. It comes in a syringe-form with a spreader that allows for even application that is mess free. It has low bleed when highly pressurized and has high stability and reliability.

This thermal paste is one of the more expensive ones on the bunch but although it comes with a high price it also comes highly recommended by users. However, it must be noted that for its price point it’s expected to perform better than the cheaper ones on the list which it did not since they generally have the same rating. If you want a thermal cooler that has its own spreader and willing to shell out a bit more than usual then this product is perfect for you.


With all the different kinds of materials they use for thermal pastes, from the traditional metal-base to diamonds to ceramics it may be a huge confusion for you to determine which one is the better fit for your device. In general, it’s said that diamonds are the best when it comes to thermal conductivity but you must also consider which material will be a best fit for your device. If you have a modern high performing CPU then the ceramic-based thermal paste may be the best for you since it caters more to this kind of device.
Now that we’ve given you all the need-to-knows about which thermal paste to get for your specific need, we trust that you’d be able to find the best one! Remember that the best one does not always mean the most expensive. Aside from the price, you must also consider what your needs are specifically since thermal pastes cater to a wide range of people.

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