Best Thermometers Reviews 2017

Every household needs a thermometer, irrespective of whether you have kids in the family or not. If there are kids, having a thermometer becomes inevitable. However, with so many brands claiming their product is recommended by doctors, how can we know which thermometer is actually the best one for you?

This post will help you to figure out just that. We will take you through some of the top thermometers available on the market and talk about their features and functionality. You will then be in a position to tell a good thermometer from a not-so-good one. So, let’s get started.

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer (Dual Mode)

This CE and FDA approved Forehead and Ear Thermometer by Innovo, one of the leading thermometer brands, can be used by your entire family. Being capable of working in dual mode in that it can measure temperature via forehead and ears, this top thermometer is suitable for people of all ages.

Its results have been clinically tested and proven to be accurate. All you have to do is press F1 and F2 for forehead and ear measurements respectively, before you know it the results will be displayed on the screen. This affordable thermometer can recall up to 20 readings.

Braun Ear Thermometer

Braun Ear Thermometer

The trusted brand, Braun, brings to you this best thermometer which is especially made for babies. The pre-warmed tip of this thermometer gives you accuracy even in repeated readings. It features a guidance system which lets you know that you have positioned the thermometer correctly.

It has a memory function which recalls the last temperature reading making it easier for you to compare the drop or rise in temperature. This thermometer has been recommended by moms and pediatricians. It you’re looking to buy a thermometer which is accurate and child-friendly, this should be the first product you should check out.

Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer – the Authentic FDA Approved Professional Thermometer iProven DMT-116A

Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer - the Authentic FDA Approved Professional Thermometer iProven DMT-116A - Unmatched Performance with Revolutionized Technology

iProven’s Forehead and ear thermometer is also an FDA approved thermometer which gives you professional accuracy. Based on the latest technology, this thermometer is designed to give you accurate results real quick. This clinically calibrated thermometer is easy to use, only having two buttons for each of the modes, and notifying you when the temperature is recorded with a loud enough beep.

It also comes with a fever alarm. It is capable of recalling last 20 readings. This thermometer costs more than its counterparts, however, its state-of-the-art features easily compensate for the price.

Digital Thermometer by DigHealth(TM), Portable Baby Thermometer Instant Read

Digital Thermometer by DigHealth(TM), Portable Baby Thermometer Instant Read by Oral (Recommend), Rectal & Axillary Underarm Body Temperature Measurement for Baby,Child, Adult , FDA Approved (Green)

This new thermometer by DigHealth allows you to accurately measure your oral, rectal, and underarm body temperature. Whether you are an infant, child, or an adult, this FDA approved thermometer is fit to be used for people of all ages. The large LCD display screen makes for easy reading of temperature, even in the dark. The tip is soft and flexible making it a child-friendly thermometer.

It measures the temperature in merely 30 seconds. Despite offering so many features, this is one of the highly cheap thermometers available on the market. This is indeed one of the best thermometer deals.

Aokey Medical Professional Digital Clinical Thermometer Portable Basal Temperature Measurement

Aokey Medical Professional Digital Clinical Thermometer Portable Basal Temperature Measurement Fast Response Accurate Results in 15 Seconds for Kids/Children/Baby/Infant

Aokey’s professionally accurate and quick clinical and basal thermometer measures your temperature in record time of 15 seconds. Very few thermometers can give you the speed and accuracy that this advanced thermometer has to offer. The highly sensitive and flexible tip works well for oral, rectal, underarm, and axillary use.

This waterproof thermometer has an LCD screen and a beep alarm function. This product suits the needs of babies and children, women and men, and even animals. This FDA approved thermometer comes with a lifetime warranty. With so many features, this is easily one of the top-class thermometers out there.

Clinical Basal Thermometer Waterproof Fertility Tracking

Clinical Basal Thermometer Waterproof Fertility Tracking with Accuracy to 1/100th(F) Best for Natural Family Planning and Testing Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Model Perfect for Ovulation Calculator

Generation Guard brings to you this high-performance basal thermometer which gives you exceptional accuracy to 1/100th of a degree. Now, track your basal body temperature daily with this waterproof thermometer. This FDA and CE approved thermometer is one of the inexpensive thermometers out there. Its high sensitivity gives you readings in as little as 60-120 seconds.

This advanced BBT lets you check the temperature from the comfort of your bed without actually looking at the display. Once the reading is recorded, it notifies you with a beep. The readings are read out by this thermometer in an ear-friendly volume.

What are Thermometers?

Thermometers help you measure your body temperature and its readings could be used to diagnose fever or as a symptom for some other diseases. There are different thermometers that can measure readings from various temperature-sensitive parts of your body.

Some thermometers can read temperatures from the forehead, ears, underarms, and mouth. Some thermometers are also capable of reading your basal body temperature which can help you out with natural family planning.

While most adults can use any of the above mentioned techniques, ear and underarm thermometers would be most suitable for children. Thermometers available these days are digital which means you do not have to wait for the mercury levels to change. The temperature recorded by the thermometer is displayed on the LCD screen making your job a lot easier.

As mentioned above, there are various thermometers present on the market. The following section will help you in figuring out which the best one is.

What to Look For

The first thing you must take into consideration when buying a thermometer is the accuracy. If a thermometer gives you accurate results, it will be backed and recommended by FDA and CE. Check for the products that are approved by these authorities. You will seldom go wrong there.

Next, if you have a baby in your family, make sure the thermometer you purchase will be convenient to be used for them. Most adults won’t have problems with the oral, rectal, or temporal thermometers, but babies would be more comfortable with ear and underarm thermometers.

Also, check how easy it is to read the recorded temperature. Is there a display screen? Is there a beep to notify you when the temperature is recorded? Is the reading read out by the thermometer? All these factors will let you know how easy it is to use the thermometer.

The next factor is the price. While most thermometers are reasonably priced, there are some that cost more than others. If the features being offered are at par with the price, then there is no harm in paying more. You could also take a look at thermometer for sales option to narrow down on the best deal and price.

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