Best Throw Pillows Reviews 2017

You might not want to admit it, but pillows are probably the most hugged and loved item in your whole household. Not only do pillows represent rests and relaxation, they even come in various shapes, sizes, and forms to keep any individual entertained.

Such type of pillows is called pillow shams or throw pillows. These miniature pillows are more for decoration than for function, but they are nevertheless having their own limited uses.

Among all the trendy throw pillows for sale, here are the top throw pillow brands you would need to consider getting inside your home.

DreamHome Square Poly Pillow Insert, 18×18 inches

DreamHome Square Poly Pillow Insert, 18" L X 18" W, White

A cheap throw pillow made of 100% polyester and is completely washable, this item is simply a pillow insert, meaning you can still purchase an additional pillow cloth or case to dress and fit your bedroom or living room’s décor theme.

The bareness of this inexpensive throw pillow is perfect for those who like to change things up a bit and like to personalize their pillows every once in a while with colorful or humorous pillowcases.

Brentwood Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow, 18-Inch

This throw pillow costs twice as much as any other, but only because it works more like an accent pillow than anything else. It features 100% polyester filling and extra-long fur-cover for dramatic effect. This is already a full pillow so need to make an additional purchase on the case.

The faux fur is surprisingly soft with suede feel of it. Overall a good throw pillow to add to any pillow collection.

Greendale Home Fashions Rectangle Accent Pillows, Set of 2

Made of 100% polyester, this affordable throw pillow set features a UV-resistant outer fabric. This means its color will stay as vibrant as the first time you bought it, even if you leave the pillow on your patio or balcony, under the glaring sun.

The pillow also has an overstuff construction to provide extra comfort. A great throw pillow deal to take, especially if you just love chilling outdoors.

Brentwood Panama Jacquard Chenille Knife Edge Decorative Pillow, 18×18-inch

Another accent pillow you should try to consider, this new throw pillow is made of chenille fabric that simply looks fabulous anywhere you wish to put it. Each Brentwood Panama pillow features a motif flower that can throw more than a splash of color in your otherwise dull sofa set.

If you are thinking of buying a throw pillow set, this collection should be on top of your list of must-haves.

Manual Reversible Throw Pillow, 17×9-Inch

Manual Reversible Throw Pillow, You Are My Sunshine, 17 X 9-Inch

Make your pillows do the talking with these cute reversible throw pillows with sweet quotes to make anybody smile all day.

This pillow confirms that not all happiness comes with an expensive price tag. A great gift to give and receive in any occasion.

What are Throw Pillows?

Though pillows were mainly invented to give comfort and support to your head and some parts of your body, a throw pillow’s main purpose is really to look pretty.

Being decorative in nature, throw pillows normally come is singles instead of sets like normal, standard pillows. This is to make throw pillows more unique and eye-catching. While some throw pillows already include a case, there are some brands that only sell the pillow inserts to give the owner some freedom in choosing a pillowcase that would best mirror their personality or mood.

The name throw pillows are derived from the way these pillows are positioned on a sofa or on a bed (i.e. all over the place as if they are just ‘thrown in’ to fill a space).

What to Look For

Throw pillows can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can also be placed anywhere – on the sofa, on your bed, or just left lying on the floor.

The first thing you need to consider is the color. If your throw pillow is just an insert, this is less of a problem as you can always purchase a separate pillowcase to make the color scheme work. However, if you are going to buy those full pillows, you will need to consider the color scheme of the room where you are supposed to put it.

This is not to say that you would need to match the colors of your throw pillow with your sofa or bed, it would just make your space completely boring. Find a definite color palette and try to stick with it. This means that if you love the color pink, you can pick a throw pillow with shades of lavender or violet to complement your furniture.

Though it is rather easy to go on a shopping spree and buy all the cute throw pillows that you can get your hands on, you have to limit yourself into buying, at most, 5 throw pillows. For a standard sofa size, these numbers of pillows should be enough to make your sofa look comfy and attractive. More than 5 throw pillows will just overwhelm your sofa while too few will just look lonely.

Now that you have an idea on how to choose the color and how many throw pillows you should have, next factor you should consider is the size. A standard square throw pillow will have a dimension of about 18 inches. You can try to buy different sizes and shapes of throw pillows to create a certain consistency on your sofa decoration.

With five pillows, you can actually do either a symmetrical approach wherein you can pick one oversized pillow, two regular-sized ones, and two smaller ones with the colors and prints of the two pairs either matching or complimenting each other.

Or you can go for an asymmetrical approach where everything goes, it can tickle your imagination and creativity a bit more. You can go for the usual approach of getting simple print, busy print, and solid neutral or bold color depending on the scheme.

You can also try mixing and matching the texture of your throw pillows. With so many textures to choose from silk to faux fur to knife edge, you have to try mix-and-matching them first on the store before proceeding to buying the pillows. You can try finding a sofa in that store which is the nearest to the color and make of your current one and try to dress that sofa up with your chosen pillows in order to actually see if they belong together. Again, you have to remember that even if a throw pillow looks good by itself, it won’t mean that it will look great on your sofa too.

Lastly, if you are buying a throw pillow for comfort as well as for decoration, you need to choose a pillow with correct filling. Foams can make your throw pillow look fuller but it can also make it too stiff. Thus, very uncomfortable to use as a head or arm rest. Feather fillings are preferred by those who have the money to buy them as they are too expensive. Cotton filling is the most common since it is softer than foam and can retain their shape with just a few thumping at the right corners.

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