Best Tissue Holders Reviews 2017

Tissues have always been a huge part of our lives, it may not seem like a necessity for everyone, but they do come to our rescue especially at the most critical times. In fact, according to survey, it is one of the most used products used by all genders. The first record of tissues dates back to 6th century AD, when regular paper was still used for sanitation purposes. Of course, as tissues tackled the whole globe, so did the rising of tissue holders.

Tissue holders are basically everywhere, whether in public or private bathrooms, they are almost as significant as tissues. There are several types of tissue holders though, there are holders that are mounted on a wall, and there are those tissue boxes on their own. Nonetheless, what you’re about to see is a list of some of the best tissue holders deal for sale. So if you’re pretty hyped about it, then go on and read the following details below.

Outop Elegant Hand Crafted Wooden Scholar’s Antique Book Tissue Box Dispenser

As the top tissue holders brand in this list, the Outop Elegant Hand Crafted Tissue Box Dispenser is something you would love buying for your own. At such a low price, you get a tissue holder behind 3 stacks of elegantly designed books. This one is made out of hard wood that is guaranteed to last for a pretty long time, so long as you take good care of it.

At a glance, one would think that this product is just a stack of books, people may not even notice the difference but looking closer, it is a tissue box dispenser! So with its intricate design and carefully selected color combinations, the Outop Elegant Hand Crafted Tissue Box Dispenser will surely add color inside your room or bathroom.

OXO Good Grips Dispenser for Flushable Wipes, Face Wipes and Hand Wipes

Want a new tissue holder that is simple yet convenient? Then the OXO Good Grips Dispenser is going to be the best choice for you. Ever bought wipes that eventually dries after a long time?

Well, using this one is 100% trouble-free. Simply push the lid, and the dispenser will open to offer you fresh, moist and clean wipes. Moreover, this dispenser assures that you get one wipe at a time, to prevent getting several wipes you didn’t intent to get. Moreover, with its dimension of 6.8 x 6 x 3.8 inches, this holder will easily fit in your bathroom.

As a summary, if you’re looking for a holder intended to hold your wipes, then the OXO Good Grips Dispenser is something we endorse.

Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

Are you looking for the cheapest tissue holder in the market? Then we got the product for you! Introducing, the Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover. This merchandise is currently available in 3 colors namely: white, black and surf blue. Furthermore, this casa box holder is shaped like a house, and the tissue goes out of the chimney to add a little fun inside your room or bathroom. Moreover, to guarantee you of a durable holder, this one is made out of polypropylene.

The Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover may look small in size, but it can fit the standard size of a tissue. As one of the most affordable tissue holder online, getting this one won’t be a regrettable decision.

Retro 51 Tiki Tissue Box Holder

If you’re interested getting a fun, quirky yet inexpensive tissue holder, then the Retro 51 Tiki Tissue Box Holder is going to be the ideal product for you. With this one, get the chance to give your friends and visitors the chuckle once they discover this tissue box.

This one has size of 5 x 11 x 5 inches, so you can easily place it over your countertop or sinks. Moreover, this one is also applicable to be mounted, as long as you can easily follow mounting instructions. This holder mimics the Easter Island Moai, where the tissue comes out of its nostrils. As a summary, buying a tissue holder that is cheap yet humorous is possible, thanks to this tissue holder.

Hello Kitty Head Shaped Tissue Box Cover

Perfect to give as a gift to girls, the Hello Kitty Head Shaped Tissue Box Cover is surely something any lass would love. This product is currently available in white and pink, just like how it is advertised. Moreover, this one can also accommodate at least 200 pieces of tissue papers, as long as they are the standard size.

With a size of 9.4 x 7.8 x 0.8 inches, this one will easily fit over your desks or countertops. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a girl or much better, a hello kitty admirer, then the Hello Kitty Head Shaped Tissue Box Cover is going to be a wonderful choice. Lastly, as a cheap tissue holder, giving this one a try won’t hurt.

What are tissue holders?

You may ask, what are tissue holders? And why are they important? But first, where would a tissue holder be without tissues? We’ll offer you a little bit of background. Historically, tissues are products that originated from China since 2nd century BC. In fact, during the Tang Dynasty, Chinese people do not use water to clean themselves after defecating or urinating, instead they use toilet papers. By the time 1920 came, tissues have been branded as one of the most used and sought-after product in the world.

Today, we have several uses and practices with tissues. There are several types of tissues intended for different purposes such as hygienic tissue papers are for, obviously for sanitary purposes.

Facial tissues also exist, and they are intended and suitable to use on our face because they are much more absorbent and has a soft texture. Paper towels are also pretty popular, they are mostly seen in kitchens because they are slightly bigger than the regular tissue, and they are much thicker.

Since we’re on that topic, tissue holders have also come a long way. There were no records how the first tissue holder began or invented, but they have always been bought together with tissues.

Like tissues, there are also several types of tissue holders for sale in the market as of now. A horizontal wire mounted from a wall, and axle mounted on a wall, a freestanding pole with its own base and a freestanding box, usually placed in a sink or behind the toilet.

Tissue holders are made out of variety of materials. We can’t say if a certain material is more qualified than the other, because most of these holders can last up to 10 to 20 years longer, as long as you take care of it. On that matter, most of the materials on this list are durable plastic, guaranteed to be rust-free and very easy to clean.

There are also holders made out of high-quality plastic, and they are guaranteed to be solid as rock. If you want feel a bit more classical, then there are also tissue holders made out of wood.

What are the advantages of owning a tissue holder?

Aside from the fact that a tissue holder can make your bathroom look neat; this product can also serve as a decoration to elevate the design of your restroom.

Nowadays, manufacturers have leveled the game up and started inventing unique tissue holder designs. Of course, what better way to add some design in your bathroom but through a good tissue holder?

Luckily, most of the products we’ve listed above contains a little bit of design, to effectively brighten up the design of your bathrooms.

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