Best Toilet Plunger Reviews 2017

If you have gone through overflow problems in the water closet, you will need the best toilet plunger to get the job done. Most plungers come in the same design, but they differ in material and other extras like a brush or holder. But, they’ll feature patents that will help in relieving clogs or making unclogging easier to do. Another deviation is the materials used to make the parts of the plunger.

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy Duty | Aluminum Handle is built for the toughest toilet jobs there is. When you get this for your use in your bathroom, this option will have this super feature when comes to making the water closet work much better! It features a suction cup that can tackle any kind of toilet drains it may encounterbecause it has a 4-step graduated type end that is unique. If you want lightweight, rust proofed, and with an aluminum handle with peg, this is what is needed.

This will have the best rubber cup that makes a very tight sealwhen attached to the drain hole at any angle that will be difficult to pry off! If other cups just inverts, this won’t with a patented design that prevents it from happening. Hate yucky toilet water dripping on the floor, no more with a cup shape that prevents it from dripping.

This is one option that’ll improve toilet clogging at it’s worst, better yet it has features meant to solve this stinky problem. It’s perfect for homeowners who want to have a plunger that’ll work every time, and never fail to unclog a toilet!

simplehuman Toilet Plunger with Holder, Stainless Steel, Black

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger with Holder, Stainless Steel, Black is the one plunger that will take away clogged toilet miseries. How many of us, have suffered at the result of clogged toilet? Not to mention the awful mess that comes with it too. This option is for fixing that problem, with quick efficiency all the time! As an offering, this will feature many characteristics that will enable itto make declogging a toilet easier.

Incorporated into the features is stainless steel rod that’s covered by a unique magnetic collar, this kind of design will minimize all the dripping that is not welcome! When not in use, the plunger is easily slotted into the cover for storage or removal, and it keeps it tuck away nice and tidy too. One of the best plunger designs that has a long and narrow flange to enter the opening better, this is will not do just suck on it but break up the solid barrier in the toilet opening. Included in the package is a 5-year warranty for the product.

Ever since man invented modern plumbing, it came with the inevitable problems too. It’s good to have this in your water closet, this efficient plunger that is perfect for use there and it has design improvements that make it a champ declogging your woes!

Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger

Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger, Small, Black is the plunger for old and new kind of toilets. This plunger is made for alleviating toilet woes that result from plunger that won’t do their jobs well! It’ll fit most toilets like American Standard, Kohler and Toto with its unique shape that makes suction better with less effort! To improve cup durability it’s made of non-marking rubber, to improve over performance in wiping out clogged toilets. All you have to do is stick it at the opening, then start up and down movement to begin declogging the opening! With improved suction performance and its American-made will mean a good and reliable option that has easy installing and handling with ease.

Getting to the solution for this particular problem will smell better once you’ve realized how well this option resolves the issues at hand. To do that it takes the features of this option to make it possible. No more woes or fewer worries in water closet is one of the best benefits of this option! So, if you want this fine product as your main weapon for clogged woes, get this now and see how these worries just go away with just a few pumps!

Quickie Plunger and Caddy with Microban

Quickie Plunger and Caddy with Microban is the plunger for ultimate declogging power. Okay? So the water closets gone on the fritz again? This time you’re sitting on itwhen it happened! Each time such things happen, we keep on saying that we’ll do something about. Now, here is an option that’ll do just that, and it comes with super features for dealing with this unpopular woe. What you get from this is a plunger head that is soft rubber, and with an incorporated flange section for powered suction for each pump! Handling it will be easy and convenient with an ergonomic grip for a firm and strong hold on it. If you hate the thought of icky germs on it, comes with “Microban Anti-Microbial” germ killer that’ll kill them all! It can be store easily with a glossy caddy for vertical storage and comes in color Taupe. If there is an odor on other plungers, this is treated to kill odor-causing bacteria.

If you had this fine option in your placewhen sitting on the toilet then reached over, and a few pumps! It would have been an easier ordeal right? Now, all you got to do is think about it, and decide whether this toilet plunger is the one!

Redneck Plunger

Redneck Plunger – Perfect For Christmas – The Ultimate Gag Gift – Fun Gag Gifts For Your White Elephant Parties – Works As A Functioning Toilet Plunger – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! is the fun gift to give to your friends. Have you ever thought that plunger can be more of personal purchase? Why not give it to your friends and get a kick out of it, while the one receiving it just smiles away! Who knows maybe everyone will need it at home, just in case the water closet in their house needs it too!

You want a shotgun plunger? Yes, with this you can rob a bank and maybe clean the toilets just make the tellers happy! This live-plunger entertainment that will be had, from the moment you get it out and it keeps on popping too. Now, you ask will it work on any toilet? I mean it makes shotgun sounds for Pete’s sake, well it does the plunger work and what follows next is up to you. If you want a plunger that’ll make shotgun sounds or a gift to give anyone? This is it and it works as REAL plunger too. Want all this and more in an-all-in-everything-pseudo plunger or real working plunger? This is what you need!

Libman 0598004 Premium Toilet Plunger and Caddy

Libman 0598004 Premium Toilet Plunger and Caddy is the perfect choice for your water closet. There are many essential features that make it, one of the better options that can be availed of. If hygiene is important to you, this will not allow any yucky drips to fall on the floor. Some grips are not enough to have a good hold on, but this oversized grip will be better to hold on to, and it has a caddy for storage. For better sealing on the drain hole, there’s an extending flange for doing that and it’s foldable when not needed. The grip is electrostatic powder coated to avoid corrosion, and the cup is made of thermoplastic.

Unclogging the toilet drain ahs never been easier to do, and this makes it a breeze to do with this option. The benefits it has to offer in getting the toilet unclogged is very good indeed! The design of this plunger is able to get the mess out of the toilet. Okay, let’s face it that many reasons exist just to justify, why we need to have a good plunger that will keep us from overflows in the water closet. This is it for toilet-free suffering!

Design Toilet Bowl Brush and Plunger Set for Bathroom Storage – Black/Brushed Stainless Steel

Design Toilet Bowl Brush and Plunger Set for Bathroom Storage – Black/Brushed Stainless Steel is the perfect complement for designer bathrooms. Are you in search of that plunger that’ll be part of your spanking new bathroom? If that’s it, then try to look at all the features of this excellent product that is set apart because it has a toilet bowl brush! There are other options but they only come with a plunger and container, this set will have both items in the package. It’s a classy design that is black brushed stainless steel for a handle, and very attractive if coordinated with a similar colored bathroom too. Get this for your option, and it comes with removable bristle brush head, that’ll clean and get rid of stuck ups in the toilet drain. Usually, singular purchases will do the plunging work, but this does the cleaning work, and will fit in any compact space! The plunger is made of stainless steel and tough plastic for long use, and its 7.5”x 6” 19” at the right size too. If style is what you want and functional convenience then this’ll be perfect and just right for you. Don’t dilly-dally just go online, if this is just the one for you just click and get it now!

G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4-4 Master Plunger Shorty, White

G.T. Water Products, Inc. MPS4-4 Master Plunger Shorty, White is the short handled plunger that you’ll choose. Many options are there to choose fromif you want to find the perfect one for you! Look no more because this is just right for your bathroom needs! This the clog busting plunger that will make short work of those nasty nuisances, when they intrude during quiet time in the water closet. Imagine, if you got this fine option when toilet attacks happen, and you use this to get back to your business. Wouldn’t it be good to also have this option, which is a bit shorter too, for more store capacity and it’ll be less conspicuous in there. If you want to suck and unclog the drain, this has the power and versatility to do all that. Now, here’s the icing on the cake, which is the patented bellows that is streamlined and an air release valve that’ll prevent “overflow” in toilets or tubs. This mechanism in this short handled plunger will be better than other options with longer handles!

Now, will this clog-busting short handled, air-valved wonder be in your bathroom? Or will you wait for the clog monster to visit, while doing the “business” which is not cool. Just go online and click to get it for anti-clogging power in short handled plunger, now what you waiting for.


Everyone needs the best toilet plunger and modern plumbing has made it a must! Imagine doing your morning business then boom! There’s overflow going on and you’re in the bathroom. Anyone will find it a not so nice place to be in, and that’s needed is a toilet plunger that can help alleviate the problem with ease. If not the inevitable happens, then it’s not too pleasant tobear. But, if you can choose the best toilet plunger for the task, then it would a less pleasant experience.

Just keep in mind the discussed topics and consider what is best for you to get? There are many options with pluses or features that may or may not agree with you, but it’s up to what you can decide on. Just think and go through the process and then click on what you want! That simple to do.

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