Best Tongue Scraper Reviews 2017

Bad breath? Did you know that 90% of bacteria build up is actually on your tongue? So why isn’t tongue scraping a more popular thing to do these days? Maybe because people haven’t seen all the amazing tongue scraping products that are currently available on the market. Beat halitosis for life by including tongue scraping in your hygiene routine, make sure you have the best tongue scraper possible before you start!

Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

This tongue cleaner by Dr. Tung is made of stainless steel to ensure of no bacteria build up, it’s also nice and gentle on the tongue and effectively removes the bacteria that is on your tongue and inner cheeks that may have been missed by the toothbrush.The handles are coated in plastic and has a super comfortable and strong grip to make sure it doesn’t easily slip out of your hands.

It has two handles and is adjustable by the strength of your grip! To make a smaller scraper end, just squeeze the two handles tighter together and for a larger scraper just soften your grip. The scraping end is smooth around the edges meaning no accidental sharp jabbing while cleaning and is shaped to smoothly glide over your tongue. You can clean this with a little soap and warm water or even mouthwash. They come in random assorted colored handles that are either blue or pink! It also comes with a fabric cover to keep the scraper clean and ready for your travels!

SoulGenie HealthAndYoga Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Scraper

This product looks like it was made for professionals as it has a super sleek design. The stainless steel stops the growth of bacteria keeping itself sanitized. It’s registered with FDA and has a thick and heavy duty gauge. The edges are smooth and will easily glide over the tongue without pain.

These guys are big on keeping their tongue scrapers sterilized and clean, so they’ve gone all the way and kept the handles made of surgical stainless steel without coatings of plastic or rubber, these two handles even without synthetic coatings are super comfortable and have great grip on them. The whole thing is perfectly shaped to reduce the feeling of wanting to gag and can be size adjusted by the tightness of your grip, much like the previous product mentioned; squeeze tighter for a smaller scraping end, and looser for a bigger end.

Tongue Sweeper Model P Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Sweeper Model P Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner used and recommended by leading Dental Schools

Made of medical grade stainless steel, this model P stainless steel tongue cleaner by tongue sweeper. Its smooth edges and perfectly shaped scraping head is sure to make cleaning your mouth of extra dead bacteria so much easier. With a super slim and sleek look, it becomes a lot easier to reach the smaller and deeper areas of the tongue.

Tongue Sweeper offers a lifetime and absolute satisfaction guarantee. Unlike the previous two products discussed, this only has one handle and the size of the scraping head is not adjustable, however the size of this is one for all and will work great on any sized tongue because of its patented shaped scraping head. The handle has the thickness of about any standard pen which makes it easier to hold in your hand and control movement. The edge is slightly thin allowing for a proper scrape yet smooth enough to not cause any pain or nicks.

BreathRx Tongue Scraper

BreathRx Tongue Scraper (3 Scrapers) from bulk

These little plastic tongue scrapers are just wonderful! They come in little white strips that have two round ends you can hold on to which allows full control of the item. You can bend them to follow the exact shape needed to fit your tongue perfectly! They come separated in little plastic packets and are surprisingly clean!

The scraping area has jagged teeth like edges to allow for a deep a thorough scrape that goes in between folds and bumps, but since it is plastic it’s soft enough so it won’t scratch or hurt anything inside your mouth. These little scrapers are not meant for too much of a long term use, but you can reuse them several times by making sure you wash them in warm water before and after each time you use them. They also come in sets of 3 but are in individual packets.

Pureline Tongue Cleaner Scraper

This is a super cool looking tongue cleaner that comes in random assorted bright and see through color designs! The plastic it’s made of is top quality medical grade, super durable, environmentally friendly, and approved by FDA. The shape of the scraping head is really cool, it’s divided into two different shapes, the top one which is curved into an arch, which is best used for the top surface of the tongue, and the bottom one works well when it comes to getting in between folds and those hard to reach crevices.

The grip is great with a small imprinted rough area at the top of the handle perfect for keeping the thumb in place and giving you full control with no slips while scraping. This is especially great for younger people as it’s safe and easy to handle and the 2nd lower scraping loop is perfect for smaller tongues! This comes in a set of three giving you a great deal!

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Orabrush revolutionizes tongue cleaners as it comes to you with a product that doesn’t just scrape tongues, but actually brushes them, making sure the bristles clean the uneven areas of the tongue and getting in between all those little bumps! First you use the brush end, then the scraping end. The brush part loosens up all the micro gunk and bacteria and gathers all the loose bits to the very surface to allow for an effective scraping right after to ensure that all of the bad breath causing stuff is completely removed!

You won’t need to press too hard and cause pain from trying to get it all out because the brush has already done all of the loosening up. It’s much softer and wider than a tooth brush specifically created for your tongue. The colors vary and these come in packs of 4, which is a great price to get the family in on the tongue scraping as well. They won’t just appreciate it, but you’ll notice the change in breath from everyone, and I guarantee they’ll notice the positive change in yours, as well!

Butler GUM Tongue Cleaner

GUM Tongue Cleaner,colors may vary

This tongue cleaner, just like the previous tongue cleaner by Orabrush, has two sides; the brushing side and the scraping side. Like I said earlier with the Orabrush, you won’t have to press too hard and hurt yourself from trying to scrape all the bad stuff off your tongue, as it comes with a brush created just for the tongue to get into creases and loosen up gunk and bacteria for a quick and easy scraping.

Butler recommends that you replace your tongue scraper every 3 months to ensure quality and consistent tongue and gums cleaning and scraping. The head is just the perfect size; narrow enough to fit in your mouth comfortably yet wide enough to allow for just a little brushing and a few scrapes for it to reach the ends of your tongue to give it a nice and thorough cleaning, leaving you with much fresher breath!

Simple Naz Tongue Scraper

When it comes to treating halitosis, or bad breath, many people like to opt for professional tools, such as this tongue scraper brought to you by Simple Naz. This is an arched product with two handles that allow for size and shape adjustment by the tightness of your grip. Much like the tongue scraper by Dr. Tung and the SoulGenie HealthAndYoga Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Scraper.

The whole item is made from medical grade stainless steel and can easily be cleaned with warm water as it’s super easy to sterilize, you won’t have to worry about the build up of bacteria. The the scraping end is thin and allows for a thorough scraping of the tongue without scratches or pain as the edges are smooth. The head is shaped nicely for the tongue and can be adjusted by again, your grip. Definitely a high quality product to have in your bathroom and the perfect companion for your toothbrush!

SoulGenie HealthAndYoga Copper Tongue cleaners

These are quite similar in size and functionality as the little tongue cleaner strips by BreathRx. Only these go a step further and instead of being plastic, are made of copper. Copper is naturally antimicrobal. You hold on to the ends and place them over your tongue, you can adjust the angle of the cleaner by pressing together the two ends or you can actually mold the piece perfectly for your tongue before use.

One size fits all but it is highly suggested kids from only 8 years and above use this product as it is small and can be easily swallowed when not used correctly. After every scrape, rinse your mouth for fresher breath with each stroke. This comes in a pack of 12 pieces of copper tongue cleaners and SoulGenie also offers a lifetime warranty with this product. Definitely a great buy for such simple yet high quality tongue cleaners!

What To Look For

If you’re looking for something super lightweight and compact, none of these tongue cleaners actually take up much room, but something like the cleaner from Dr. Tung has a travel pouch that comes with it is a pretty good idea. But if you’re looking for something even smaller, there are two brands that come extra tiny; BreathRx have tongue cleaners in the form of small plastic strips and SoulGenie are super small and come in thin copper wire-like forms. Both work great in cleaning and are extremely compact!

There are some people who are nickel sensitive, if you’re one of these people I’d recommend opting for a plastic tongue scraper. These work great and though not stainless steel, are easy to sterilize and keep clean. Brands like BreathRx, Pureline, OraBrush, and Butler are all free of hidden nickel content so you won’t have to go to the extent on finding out the specs of the stainless steel composition. However, if you prefer stainless steel, Dr. Tung, SoulGenie, Tongue Sweeper,and Simple Naz all have stainless steel products, and SoulGenie has their copper cleaners. In addition, some of these products have adjustable sized angles. Dr. Tung, SoulGenie, and Simple Naz have adjustable handles and sides to create the perfect fit on the scraping end!

OraBrush and the Butler GUM tongue cleaning tools are extra cool because they have both brushes and scrapers. The brush is created specifically for tongue and inner cheek areas to loosen up bacteria and that funky gunk so you have a more purposeful tongue scraping session, and for sure get out as much of the bad stuff as possible!


As you see the now, there are so many different choices for tongue scrapers. And it’s not as simple as scraping your tongue with a stainless steel spoon, it’s just not as effective as the results that these products have to offer. Take another look at all the specs and features of each product before you decide which is the right tongue scraper to purchase and help you pave your way to a healthier mouth and cleaner, fresher breath!

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