Best Tool Bag Reviews 2017

The technical maintenance job- plumbing, carpentry, electronics, etc. can be very demanding. These jobs tend to be physically-draining with all their heavy tools and accessories. In most cases, even before a maintenance person arrives on his/her job, he/she is already tired. Even so, one cannot function without the tools. So the best solution here is purchasing the best tool bag. Take a look at the list we have prepared for you.

Stanley STST70574 Soft-Sided Tool Bag

When it comes to the handiest and best tool bags for maintenance people, we’ve ranked the Stanley STST70574 Soft-Sided Tool Bag in the number one list. Besides the overwhelming customer reviews, the product simply impresses much with realistic quality. This product most fits to your hardcore jobs and can easily contain all your heavy tools with just a slip-in.

The designers ensured that the product ends up being a smooth pack for rough jobs. This isn’t the kind of bag you think it is. Well, firstly, it boasts of an easy-adjusting strap to make your access to you tools a winning convenience. The handles go with the strap too. This newly-designed package by the Stanley brand acts solely on providing comfort to the user. Indeed! That is the reason why the tool bag’s designers replaced the hard pads with cotton pads. Now, you can say goodbye to callous and unwanted sores!

Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack

Topping the list with a most-reviewed status is the Custom Leathercraft 1134 Tool Backpack. The product deserves to be listed since it is most promising in terms of durability, convenience and comfort. The product boasts of exactly 7 pockets in the outside and 41 on the inside. Now, that’s a lot for one bag, right? Yes! It can hold more large-size tools yet manage to stay fab. Nevertheless, its backpack design helps equal the weight so that you won’t have to carry it around. With this bag, you can easily slip in the tools, back-pack and walk on without the heavy feels. That’s just utterly incredible, isn’t it?

This product design benefits mostly repair technicians who has climbing ladders as side-dish for their jobs. With its hand-free comfortable design, it can eliminate the possibilities of risks at work. So, you can just climb freely and secure the bag on your back and not worry about falling accessories from the inside. Why? The product introduces its 2 main zippered compartments. These compartments secure your large tools inside. Incredibly yet, these compartments know no limits in terms of bulkiness. With dimensions 8.5 x 13.3 x 16 inches, you can only imagine how much tools to put in during a business call. But the best thing about the bag yet is its smart look. You can roam around with pain-free and satisfied.

Custom LeatherCraft 1539 18 Multi-Compartment Tool Carrier

Another Custom product making tool carrying a joy is the Custom LeatherCraft 1539. This item marks yet again another achievement of the Custom brand. With more pockets and compartments added, it can save a lot of time for repair technicians as it can carry a maximum of 5 large and 8-10 small tools. With 4 pockets outside and 54 pockets inside, the product can easily organize tools. So, even with quick slip-ins, you’d still expect well-arranged tools inside and out. Designers of the product put the outside pockets standing in a vertical position for easy access on tools. And, going into the center you can see a very wide core compartment designed to contain a mishmash of many tools big and small. Reviewers praised the product for its durability and maximum interior space. Thus, the product doesn’t discriminate a whole range of tools- plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.

All-in-all, the product impresses users with 4.7/5 rating. Reviewers named its large-spaced compartments as the main highlight among its features. Ultimately, it promises a comfortable adjustable shoulder pad should you prefer a sling-pack. Reviewers also noted its very affordable price. Hence, it stands as a perfect example of a product that exceeds its price and reputation. If multiple-tool carrying is your picture for working convenience, then the product is made for you. The product brags glorious dimensions of 18 x 14 x 7 inches and a wright of 4.6 pounds. Now, that is not much to carry for designers made sure that it is ultra-light so as not to add unnecessary weight to the total tool bulk. You can order the bag online and avail of international shipping. Also, make sure to look for its number 1539 for discounts.

Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag

Perhaps one of the most heavily-reviewed tool bags, the Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag swings around with its ultra-light and comfortable cotton design. The product also comes with a smart appearance, say the overall brown color. So, if you have an eye for fleshy colors, this one must be classy for you. The bag presents 8 extra-large tool pockets for automatic accessory-arranging. This product especially fits to very busy technicians as its peripheries are perfectly addressed for multi-tasking. Its two large external pocket tools have automatic close-shut. So, you may as well place papers, pens and smaller accessories here. The bag secures all items inside with a large zipper and 2 strong handles in the center. But no worries about the handles yet for designers made it a priority that their edges are cotton-padded. Of course, Rothco cares for your hands.

Besides a very spacious inside, the Rothco bag resists deterioration with its rubber-cotton bottom. Therefore, this placement keeps the bag from becoming saggy with weight and bulk. Say goodbye to bulky-looking tool bags and hello to the ultra-light and tight Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag. It’s tight, but right. It may have some issues regarding its lack of a shoulder strap, but it is nevertheless a best-seller. Hence, other customers considered the product a breakthrough in the tool bag industry. In fact, reviewers noted that it can serve with multiple functions. Indeed- it I right to be praised like a deity. Certainly, the product is more than just a tool bag. It can be gun bag if you prefer it. Eventually, it could also serve as your travel bag. Why not? It looks smart and discreet. Quite interestingly, it can be mistaken for any ordinary bags in the airport.

BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag

The BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag is a spectacular tool bag I all its standards. It goes easy with your daily packing swelled by its easyo-open access and a wide mouth for bulky items. It can carry a total of 5-8 small items and 3-5 large ones. The product is the rough-top carrier for all your heavy and edged items. Proven to be durable, it has a plastic base that’s completely adjustable. So, you can arrange and rearrange it on your preference. By all means, it offers a maximum space for loading. The product has dimensions of 21 x 5 x 8.5 inches and a weight of 3.6 pounds. Albeit its decent packages other customers/reviewers sought improvement on its weight. All-in-all, 70-80% from its users voted it as one of the best tool bags. Hence, they were right to do so.

In terms of compartments, the bag has not much to offer except an efficient divide vertically placed adjacent to the base. While others think this is not much of a pull, many are satisfied by the idea of a 2-side section. Why not? Suppose you’re into practical storage, you’d definitely prefer this bag. Compared to a multiple-compartment design, the 2-side sections offer faster access to tools. Several compartments may confuse you several times especially when you only keep the same tools inside. Elsewhere, multiple compartments can also prove to be champ. Actually, both designs work well depending on your preferences and setting. But usually, technicians would go for 2-side sections, while carpenters and plumbers prefer the multiple compartment design. In a nutshell, the Black+Decker Wide-mouth bag emerges as a practical-setter. Thus, the product shows customers that simplicity is beauty. After all, isn’t that what we’re always after?

Rothco Mechanics Tool Bag

This latest Rothco tool bag product lets you save 13% off from the original price! Speaking of a starter- this one tool bag product should start your day. The Rothco Mechanics tool bag is another interesting addition to the Rothco bag products lineup. Purely made of cotton, the product is star in comfort and convenience. Its ultra-light design accommodates more than the number of tools you expect.

Weighing only a pound, the product can fill itself up without showing a protruding bulk in the outside. Why is this so? The designers put up the bag’s inside to automatically firm out and organize tools so that it would not appear excessive on the outside. Measuring 11” x 7” x 6 inches, the product belongs to the handy category. Meaning, you can carry it around with a center handle and still be able to get in small spaces. As you can see, factors like product dimension should stand out as a major criterion in selecting the best bags. The technical/tool jobs can put you anytime in many narrow situations. Thus, the bag’s small size will definitely ease your way out.

Custom LeatherCraft 1528 22 Pocket Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier

A certainly most interesting tool bag found in this list is the Custom LeatherCraft 1528 22 Pocket Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier. Reviewers were raving over this one. Imagine a bag with ultimate compartments, pockets and a plastic tray that easily slips in tools to an order. The product boasts of 14 multi-use external pockets and 7 internal pockets, all-ready to accommodate your many tools in all sizes. Just imagine putting them all together with a distributed weight. But what most reviewers have gone crazy about is the bag’s latest box design. Such design intends to keep the bag standing firm. Thus, you can just leave it in place without having to look for some solid part to lean on.

Right in the moment of release, this product instantly earned customers’ attention towards the Custom brand. With its innovations and the box design, the product only costs very cheap.

Custom LeatherCraft 1107 2 Bag Combo

Another hit-list of the Custom brand, the Custom LeatherCratft 1107 2 Bag Combo is something to look forward to by maintenance and repair men. And, it comes with 1 more. Yes. The product presents a combo package for the economic buyers. Certainly, it has surely attracted buyers with its marketing strategy. Quite interestingly, the product my appear ordinary, but it you look closely to it, you’ll definitely be amazed to find out that it has multiple compartments, reinforced bottom panels and hand tool dividers.

The designers make sure that the product can accommodate that much bulk such that you can store 10-12 tools inside it. Plus, it has one more solid bonus item. The smaller bag measures 12-Inch x 4-1/2-Inch x 5-1/2-Inch while the bigger one comes with 14-Inch x 5-1/2 inch x 6-Inch. With the combo package, you may no longer have to worry about worn-out bags for you can use both alternatively.


So, you have gotten your hands on the best tool bag choices. Why not make the move? Always remember that a tool bag comes with the 3 main purposes- to carry, to store and to organize. A product showing qualities marked by these 3 standards is already worth many stars. So you can already imagine how much gains you are getting back from investing on not only high-quality, but also innovative tool bag products. There is so much in the best bag tools. And, you’re ought to make the best choice. Just one more thing though- always remember to purchase the products with their model numbers. Otherwise, your purchase could be in danger of inauthentic product buying. What are you waiting for?

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