Best Tool Belt Reviews 2017

“A tool for tools.”

Nothing beats having all your needs within arm’s reach. This inspired us to give you a lineup of solid recommendations when it comes to decluttering and organizing your tools, saving more time for productivity with less hassle. With your convenience in mind, we’ve cut through the bunch ourselves and now it’s time to bring the best tool belts available into the spotlight!

Custom LeatherCraft Tool Belt

Acing our reliable list for your craft is Custom LeatherCraft Tool Belt. Coming highly recommended, we’re all-out confident that this tool belt has a lot to offer and exceptionally delivers on the expectations. Its minimalist design can keep up with your demand to accommodate as much working essentials as you need, thanks to its multiple pouches and special attachments for hammer and tape measure.

Its heavy-duty suede materialdoesn’t only give this tool belt a beautiful exterior but also durability which you can rely on for many years to come. It also has a quick-release buckle system and an efficiently adjustable strap to achieve perfect fit around your waist so there’s no need to worry about uncomfortable looseness or restricting tightness. If you’re going minimalist without sacrificing the concept of holding more tools, then this tool belt is the right fit for you.

Ergodyne Arsenal Tool Belt

From screws, nuts or nails to a bulky hammer or even a trowel for gardening, gathering tools around your waist is made easier with Ergodyne Arsenal Tool Belt. This product features qualities that live up to its reputable brand so it’s fair to say being on the top list is right where it should be.

Apart from the separate hammer loops, it also offers multiple, incredibly spacious compartments that can contain everything you might need for work or any craft while leaving room for more personal stuffs like cell phones. What makes this tool belt stand out as well is its apron style with just enough length, allowing maximum movement without feeling restricted. You’re guaranteed long years with this one courtesy of its highly durable cotton duck canvas material.

Carhartt Men’s Tool Belt

Carhartt Men's Duck Nail Apron,Carhartt Brown,Medium

Now here’s something for men and their undemanding taste. Carhartt Men’s Tool Belt proves that tool belts don’t have to look complicated to show off capacities. Its heavy-duty cotton duck material supports its ability to hold bulky quantities and also guarantees resistance to wear for more craftwork years to come.

Adding to its appearance is another attribute we should never forget to consider: comfort. You can conveniently have your way around the fit with its adjustable nylon straps and quick-release, user-friendly buckle design. Overall, this tool belt is highly competitive without having to flaunt.

Bucket Boss SuperWaist Tool Belt

If you’re tight on budget but still wish to have a reliable working partner, then search no more! We give you Bucket Boss SuperWaist Tool Belt, a great deal among the bundle which is up to par in delivering on your storage needs at an affordable price but not at the expense of durability and comfort.

The bartacked seams guarantee to endure long-term and excessive use, and even bulky weight. It can also fit up to 54″ waist size, all thanks to its fully adjustable strap and quick-release buckle. The multiple pouches offer spacious room for your working essentials and have neat divisions to maintain order among your tools. This is a best buy tool belt dense in vital attributes, what more can you ask for?

The Original Pink Box Tool Belt

Who says tool belts can’t be stylish, too? The Original Pink Box Tool Belt is an eye-catching product with its girly shade but don’t let looks fool you. Intended for holding various tools, this one ensures to stay unwavering under the weight and remains tough for long-lasting use.

It features two main compartments with each having multiple storage pockets. Crafted from highly durable polyester canvas, you can surely count on it in the long run. Its fashionable touch is only a bonus this time, what it mainly offers is easy and hassle-free access to your essentials, and it exceptionally delivers on that.

Custom LeatherCraft Heavy-DutyTool Belt

We’ve previously mentioned Custom LeatherCraft and their competitive bunch of high-quality products, and now we’re going to talk about an addition to their lineup. Introducing, Custom LeatherCraft Heavy-Duty Tool Belt! This one continues the legacy and proves that Custom LeatherCraft is undeniably consistent in offering best deals. Let’s go into details about why this tool belt is another must-have for your working demands.

Made of heavy-duty suede fabric, its sturdy exterior extends to its overall durability and toughness. Its apron style means wider piece and a wider piece means more space for pouches and extra attachments. You also never have to worry about the tool belt slipping down your hip because it features an adjustable and user-friendly tape-and-buckle design. A shout-out to CLC: way to go!

Custom LeatherCraft DewaltTool Belt

Ladies and gentlemen, another CLC tool belt is in the house! The reputable manufacturer continues to bring us very reliable goods for our crafts (and you can hope they keep coming and coming). So without further ado, here’s Custom LeatherCraft Dewalt Tool Belt in all its glory.

One look at this tool belt and you’ll already get the feeling of satisfaction. Its overall material (mainly heavy-duty suede leather) boasts of sturdiness and guarantees long years of hard use. Its capacity is further maximized by integrated main compartments, smaller pockets and other special attachments. It also has web loop for pry bar and can fit up to 46″ waist size. The holder itself can be moved anywhere on the strap to adapt to your movement for comfort while the double-tongue roller buckle stabilizes the belt on your waist.

This incredible tool belt is definitely worth every penny!

MagnoGrip Magnetic Carpenter’sTool Belt

MagnoGrip Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt is every hardworking carpenter’s dream. The manufacturer itself is highly commended for its revolutionary approach to working demands. The main attribute of any tool belt is the classic division through pouches and pockets but MagnoGrip thought out of the box and came up with a little innovation to add into their very own lineup.

If you want to spare yourself the inconvenience of losing fasteners, screws, bolts and other small tools among the bigger ones, then this tool belt is exactly what you need. The exterior sides of the pockets are integrated with magnets which can keep small tools upfront for quick and easy access. Its heavy-duty ballistic polyester material also guarantees durability with key stress points reinforced with rivets. Now that’s some innovative thinking without leaving out other vital features.

Custom LeatherCraft Carpenter’s Combo Tool Belt

Custom LeatherCraft Carpenter’s Combo Tool Belt is the fourth tool belt from CLC to join our list. This one is jam-packed with all the solutions to your storing demands, not leaving any portion of its strap as mere space. It also features an overall versatility so you can enjoy working without sacrificing flexibility and comfort.

This 4-piece, 17-pocket combo belt is yet another “dream come true” for carpenters and other craftsmen alike. Everything’s removable and interchangeable so it’s like getting a different tool belt any time. Its sturdy exterior extends to its incredible capacity to hold as much working tools as you need while ensuring to withstand excessive use for long years to come, thanks to its rugged, ballistic polyester fabric. Your comfort isn’t left out as well as it can fit 29″ up to 49″ waist sizes. The space in each main compartment is also maximized and extra attachments are available, too. All these at a very reasonable price.

Occidental Leather FatLip Tool Belt

High-density neoprene. Rugged commercial nylon. Full-grain leather. The competitiveness of Occidental Leather FatLip Tool Belt can be attributed to these fancy terms. Coming from a reputable manufacturer of top quality products, you can never doubt this tool belt’s spot on the list.

It’s pricey, yes. But for people whose jobs require constant and hard use of tool belts on a daily basis, then this is perfect for them. The price won’t be a big deal if what you’re getting is a high-end product with all its features perfected and made resistant to wear-and-tear.

The tool belt is preformed to stay open, allowing quick and easy access to your essentials. Overall, it has 24 pockets strewn in both main bags which are conveniently spacious to accommodate everything you need. Extra attachments are also available for tape measures or bigger tools like hammer. And lastly, of course, durability is guaranteed most above all.

Style n Craft Tool Belt

Style n Craft Tool Belt is another minimalist approach to your storing demands and as always, efficiency and comfort aren’t compromised but only made straightforward. While it left out elaborate features, its ergonomic design makes up for it, prioritizing convenience before looks. So if you’re one who’s after the actual performance of a tool belt, then this is for you.

The whole thing is still actually stylish..only less complicated. But let’s put the exterior talk back to the shelf and delve into something more significant.

Its heavy-duty 600D polyester material along with reinforced stress points guarantee to withstand bulky weight even in the long run. It has 11 pockets all in all plus 2 hammer holders so you can have as much tools as you need around your waist for quick access. Achieve the perfect to bring out the best in you during work since its polyweb belt with snap-in buckle can fit 29″ up to 46″ waist girth.

Galatia GearTool Belt

Galatia Gear Tool Belt is the most user-friendly tool belt among the list. The pockets are literally just side by side with the same depths and overall style. Extra retainers are also available for hammer and other bigger tools. When all your working essentials are inside the apron and it gets bulky, it would somehow conveniently stabilize on your waist down without restricting your movement while working.

While this tool belt’s incredibly simple design is a striking feature, its other qualities don’t fail to impress as well. Crafted from very tough 600D oxford material, it’s guaranteed to last many years even if used excessively. It’s also waterproof and highly resistant to abrasions, tear or cut. It provides custom fit for various waist sizes with its efficiently adjustable belt straps. Its diversity in use includes carpentry, gardening and lawn care, arts, cleaning and a lot more!

Tommyco Garden Tool Belt

Tommyco Garden Tool Belt completes our list of best tool belts. This one’s very minimalist and by “very”, we mean lesser compartments but bigger space for each pocket. The most upfront divisions are breathable mesh while everything else is highly durable polyester fabric. It also offers a spacious interior in every compartment for various tools. Its fully adjustable strap has a quick-release buckle design to easily attach and remove from the waist.

This tool belt isn’t intended for heavy works but mainly delivers on staying organized during gardening. It’s basically cute and stylish, blending with the nature of the lighthearted leisure activity.


Finally, it’s a wrap!

First off, ask yourself: would it really be more fulfilling and satisfying to cut through the clutter and have your essentials just around your waist during work? If your answer is yes, then you’re no doubt adamant about it and definitely ready for a tool belt.

You’ve just read about the array of impressive ones available we’ve decluttered for you, highlighting important points to clear up your fog of queries on choosing the right tool for your exact demands. Now all you have to do is weigh each product against your pros-and-cons and actual needs. Don’t buy a heavy-duty tool belt intended for carpentry if you wish to use it for gardening. And of course, don’t forget to consider its price. Think of a tool belt loaded with all your needed storing solutions at a reasonable price.

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