Best Track Shoes For Women Reviews 2017

Are you part of the track team and planning to get your own track shoes? Then the best page to give you the right information is finally here! In this article we carefully collected and assembled them into a list so you can easily check the leading track shoes that are currently being sold in the public. Whether you are a pro or a novice, a good pair of track shoes is direly needed for your run.

Track shoes can also be identified as track spikes, as most of these shoes are equipped with spikes in the outsole. This is to provide the runner maximum protection when he/she is running and to minimize the chances of slipping. Moreover, most track shoes are intended to be extra light, so it can push the runner to run faster than with normal shoes.

Most track shoes may seem pretty much alike, in terms of looks and aesthetics, but knowing which type of track shoes for you is extremely important. There are different kinds of track shoes for long distances, short sprints, cross country and other challenging events in the running field. If you want to know more about this topic, you may read the article we wrote below.

Nike Women’s Free TR Flyknit Running Shoes

The Nike Women’s Free TR Flyknit Running Shoes is definitely among the best track shoes for women that we’d like to endorse. This design is available in multicolor aesthetics such as: bright crimson, fuchsia flash, blue lagoon, hyper volt and hyper turq. It uses both fabric and rubber sole to make sure that you are wearing a durable pair of shoes.

Furthermore, this one also features a platform that measures about .50 inch. It only weighs about 2 pounds, which means that it is extremely lightweight yet flexible for you to move around. The flyknit upper makes sure to adapt to the shape of your foot. Moreover, it has breathable areas and 6 flex points to give your foot the refreshment it needs and make sure that you can move naturally than with other shoes. As one of the top track shoes for women, we believe that you must try the TR Flyknit Running Shoes by Nike.

Saucony Women’s Shay XC4 Spike Cross Country Spike Shoe

The Saucony Women’s Shay XC4 Spike Cross Country Shoe is among the cheapest track shoes for women, so we are confident that you’d love having it. These shoes are currently available in 3 exclusive colors namely: navy, citron and pink. Additionally, it has variety of sizes ranging from sizes 5 to 12 B. This one comes with 6-pin spike plates, so you can have optimal traction along with torsional rigidity.

This one can be used not just for track, but also for trail, gravel, grass and cross country events. It features a 100% imported and synthetic sole, along with an XT-600 carbon rubber, to make sure that you are using an extra durable pair of shoes. Moreover, it has also has a lightweight breathable mesh along with a FLEXFILM overlays. As one of the cheap track shoes brands, we fully recommend getting the Shay XC4 Spike Cross Country Shoes.

ASICS Women’s Hyper-Rocketgirl SP 3 Track & Field Shoe

The ASICS Women’s Hyper-Rocketgirl SP 3 Track & Field Shoe is also between the leading brands yet inexpensive track shoes for sale. This one is also available in variety of colors such as sky blue navy, lighting apple green, pink and lime. Moreover, the company also offers this shoe in sizes from 5.0 to 12.0 to accommodate different shoe sizes of customers.

It features a synthetic sole along with a nylon spike plate for an enhanced durability and traction even in tough terrains. It also comes with synthetic leather along with an open mesh upper that is breathable, light and super comfortable. Furthermore, it also features a seamless hotmelt TPU and a mono mesh upper, to further push you to the best comfort ability. All in all, the Hyper-Rocketgirl SP 3 shoe is a good track shoe that we are confident you’d love.

New Balance Women’s W1400V3 Comp Running Shoe

The New Balance Women’s W1400V3 Comp Running Shoe is also one of the most affordable track shoes in this list. These track shoes are available in 3 distinct colors such as grey and white, purple and orange and blue and pink. It is manmade and directly created in the land of USA, so you can be sure that it is among the toughest created shoes in the market.

It features a synthetic blown rubber sole along with a no-sew upper body and padded collar and tongue. Moreover, it is a lace-up running shoe along with a REVlite to make sure that you only get the best. If you are opting for a new track shoe deal that you can fully trust, then you must try New Balance Women’s W1400V3 Comp Running Shoe.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Legend 3 Running Shoe

Planning to buy track shoes? Then you might love the idea of The Mizuno Women’s Wave Legend 3 Running Shoe. This one features a parallel wave technology to ensure you that you can have a smooth run while giving you comfort. It also uses an imported rubber sole along with synthetic fibers, which makes it among the top track shoes in the market.

Moreover, it has strategically placed reinforcements to guarantee you that can provide you a supportive fit. It works best on terrain roads as it comes with an arch support to give you more control. To put it briefly, if you want something that is trustworthy and be supportive in track running, then you must give the Mizuno Women’s Wave Legend 3 a try.

What is a track shoe?

Track shoes or track spikes is a type of footwear that features pointed metal, plastic or ceramic that is typically installed below the shoe. This is to guide the runner while running, especially in tracks where slipping is a norm when you use regular shoes. Furthermore, these types of shoes are normally lightweight and are constructed with durable and firm rubber.


We can think of so many mistakes most runners do, especially beginners whenever they are purchasing track shoes. Even though they mostly look the same, it is still significant to make sure that you buy a pair of track shoes according to what you really need. One of the first mistakes most buyers do is that they buy shoes for the looks and not for the features or durability.

Sure, an attractive pair of shoes may give you confidence while running, but chances are, it may not make up in terms of performance and may even slow you down when running. Another thing any buyer must mind is to make sure that the shoes are extremely comfortable around the foot. Nothing damages the foot more than being uncomfortable.

Last but not the least; it must be the type of shoe for your level. Track shoes or spikes range from beginners to pros, as well as for different types of running like cross country or sprints.

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