Best Travel Alarm Clock Reviews 2017

Travelling can be fun but sometimes we get lost in the activity and eventually lose track of the time. This isn’t a bad thing really but if you’re on a travel for work, you can’t afford to miss a meeting just because you slept through your phone’s alarm. You can rely more on an alarm clock because it’s guaranteed to wake you up with its loud sound. Not only that, some alarm clocks show a large display of the time and feature more upgrades. So now from our array of options, choose the best travel alarm clock for you.

RCA Digital Alarm Clock

It’s no wonder we have RCA Digital Alarm Clock in the number one spot. This travel alarm clock is sleek and incredibly handy, and it isn’t just big on the looks because it actually delivers as well. It has a large LED screen of 1.4 inches that displays the time in conveniently huge, bright red numbers. You can also adjust its display through the setting and choose either high or low for brightness.

On the top portion of this travel alarm clock you can find the most essential feature of any alarm clock: the snooze button. Its snooze button is large and occupies the full width of the upper portion so you won’t have to fumble in the darkness every time just to turn it off. Other features included are alarm indicator and battery backup. No more worrying about running out of batteries during travel because this travel alarm clock’s backup system can back you up. Small and compact, you can put in a table for a good night sleep knowing you can count on it in waking you up.

ZHPUAT Travel Alarm Clock

ZHPUAT Travel Alarm Clock is probably one of the most elegant alarm clocks you can find in the market. But what makes this one really stand out is that it’s incredibly rich in features. Everything that you’ll look for in an alarm clock can be found in this one and it offers a lot more.

It has a full-width large screen and displays the time in huge, black digits with a soft blue backdrop. Other information you can see on the screen includes month, date, alarm setting, and indoor temperature. You can also set the time format into a 12-hour or 24-hour clock. The snooze button is readily right on the top for you to get that extra 5 minutes of sleep in just one push. Easy and no more fumbling. You can also choose to adjust it to automatically get dimmer as the surrounding becomes darker as well, or you can manually set the brightness to a constant on or off. The wake-up alarm system of this clock is conveniently gentle but guarantees to wake you up nevertheless. It goes off soft at first and eventually louder until you snooze it or turn off. It’s very easy to use and the features are just downright amazing.

Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock

If you want to go basic with your travel alarm clock, then Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock is perfect for you. Unlike the digital ones, this alarm clock is analog and features a traditional display of the time complete with the hands and numbers from 1 to 12 plus the little markings for each minute. The movement of the second hand doesn’t make a ticking sound so it’s conveniently silent and guarantees a good night sleep without the noise.

Its alarm initially goes off soft and progressively becomes louder in a transition of 30 seconds then continues from that until snoozed or turned off. Its snooze feature will give you an extra 5 minutes of sleep and bug you until you get out of bed. It’s guaranteed you’ll never sleep through this alarm clock and miss out on the day. Also, if it’s exposed to strong sunlight, the luminous hands and digit will conveniently display themselves through the reflection for up to 4 hours. If you want to see the full clock face again, you can just quickly tap on the top button. This travel alarm clock is made of durable plastic, handy and very light as well so you can carry it anywhere or put in your travel bag without taking so much space.

Marathon NightOwl Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon NightOwl Travel Alarm Clock is modern-looking and very handy especially with its folding feature. This alarm clock opens into a main clock face with a wide base as its built-in stand. The clock face itself can be conveniently rotated up to 180 degrees and has a large screen with the time and other information displayed in large, bold digits.

Its alarm system guarantees to wake you up with its loud sound that you can also snooze for extra few minutes of sleep. It’ll efficiently wake you up each time until you finally get out of the bed and start the day. Nothing beats being able to start the day as early as possible to get more things done and satisfy yourself with productivity at the end of the day. Its multiple display modes also allow you to choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour time display plus extra on-screen information such as indoor temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. And just when you think it can’t possibly have more, this alarm clock can also be set to 5 different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The function buttons are easy to find and use with their specific functions printed on them. Its package includes 1 AAA battery and you can maximize its use because of this clock’s low power consumption. You can put this travel alarm clock anywhere you like or fold it like a slim device and fit it into your bag when you go for a travel.

Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock is another compact and travel-friendly alarm clock still from Marathon. It comes handy and has a built-in, foldaway stand so you can conveniently put it on a desk or any flat surface within your reach.

The large screen shows the time and other features in bold, black digits and letters for easy reading. This travel alarm clock also has upgraded features such as 6 time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland) and multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish). It has a built-in sensor as well that makes this clock automatically turn on its backlight when placed in a dark room. The backlight can also be manually adjusted, too. Other on-screen information are indoor temperature and calendar, and you can choose to have the time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. It’s easy to use with the push buttons right upfront and their functions printed on or right around them. The system is self-setting as well and automatically adjusts to different time zones. Its extra loud alarm guarantees to wake you up to start the day right.

Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock

Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock is one of the folding types of a travel alarm clock. Its LCD screen has a half-inch size but full-width and is minimalist on information. It shows only the time in big, black numbers and nothing else. It’s convenient especially for those who want no additional information on their alarm clocks but just the time itself because for some, more details mean more confusion so they’ll stick with the basic (and this one is about being basic as much as on-screen display is concerned).

Its alarm sound is very reliable as well as it goes off loud enough to wake you up but you can also choose to snooze it for few minutes of sleep. The push buttons and click buttons are conveniently placed right upfront and easy to use. You can even rely on your muscle memory the next time you want to snooze this alarm clock because there aren’t many buttons on it to remember. The specific functions are also printed below each button so it’s easy to identify which one to push for control or adjustments. This sleek alarm clock is travel-friendly and durable enough to withstand inside bags during travels.

Elgin Travel Alarm Clock

Elgin Travel Alarm Clock is an innovative travel alarm clock that features an advanced technology for more convenience. The main clock face has a full-width display which shows time in huge, easy-to-read digits. Other details can be found on the screen as well such as alarm time and calendar in month and date. The time can be adjusted into a 12-hour or 24-hour format, too.

When placed in a dark room, the auto sensor of its Smartlite technology automatically illuminates the display so you’ll never have to fumble over just to see the time. The green backlight also works on demand. There are also buttons right below the screen with their specific functions written above them making this travel alarm clock more easy to use and control. The settings adjustments can easily be done in just one push, and it’s good to go. Its alarm goes off in an ascending transition and can be snoozed repeatedly until you’re ready to get out of the bed. It’s very handy and small so you can have it on your desk without taking so much space or put it inside your travel bag without bulking.

ECVISION Handmade Wooden Travel Alarm Clock

f you like handicrafts, this wooden travel alarm clock is great for you. It’s handmade and the unparalleled craftsmanship is amazingly apparent on its feature. It comes as a round clock with smooth surface and the wood material has fine streaks on it giving it an artistic edge. This clock, with its beautiful exterior, is also perfect as a gift.

But going back to the point, this alarm clock is also travel-friendly. Its analog system features the numbers in big, easy-to-read digits while the hands are conveniently bold as well. The sweeping of the hands make no sound so you’re guaranteed with a good night sleep without the noise or ticking. There are three buttons at the back of clock with specific functions: alarm, alarm setting, and time setting, and they’re easy to figure out, too. Once the alarm goes off, its ring will start gradually and you can always choose to snooze just like in most alarm clocks. But this travel alarm clock’s snooze button is very convenient since it’s the only button right on the top of the clock so you can still have your eyes closed as you silence it and go directly back to sleep. It also has a nightlight function so not only do you have a clock but also a mini lamp as well, all in the form of one.

Hito Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

Hito Atomic Travel Alarm Clock is compact and can fit the size of your palm. But despite being small, it’s “atomic” in terms of features. You can have everything you’ll look for in an alarm clock in this one, all jam-packed in its handy size.

Its full-width LED screen is filled with on-screen details aside from the time which is in huge, bold digits. The other features are easy to read as well such as the calendar in month and day plus the day of the week, time zone, alarm, alarm status, and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The time and date are automatically controlled and updated by radio with its Daylight Saving Time (DST). But there are more with this travel alarm clock! The alarm and snooze functions are easy to figure out with the push buttons below with their functions written near them. It has an attractive LED backlight as well that isn’t too bright for the eyes, and a smart technology which automatically dims the screen for nightlight functions. What more can you possibly ask for?


Analog or digital, round or square, big or small. Travel alarm clocks come in different sizes, styles, and shapes just like anything else in the market. There isn’t only one clock that can satisfy everyone’s taste so we’re given an array of options to pick out what’s best for us. We’ve just shown you the top picks in this list and highlighted useful features that you should look for in travel alarm clocks. For a solid satisfaction, choosing wisely is always the key.

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