Best Travel Makeup Bag Reviews 2017

If you travel a lot and still find time to insert pampering on the road, then the best travel makeup bag will suit your needs. You can have your cosmetics, toiletries, and other personal essentials on the go without having to worry about losing your lipstick in the layers of tees. Keep them organized, your powder unbroken, your brushes’ strands intact, and most importantly, easily accessible. You’ll never know when that eyeliner starts running and it won’t look sweet.

CJESLNA Zebra-Inspired Portable Cosmetic Bag

This one’s for the lady who has an affinity with animals, but as far as fashion is concerned, everyone will definitely love it. CJESLNA Zebra-Inspired Portable Cosmetic Bag is a compact, travel-friendly bag that you can put in your luggage without taking so much space or carry around with its convenient handle.

Inside, the main compartment is roomy and further maximized with divisions. You can neatly place your cosmetic products, toiletries, and other essentials separate from each other within the slots accordingly. It also comes with a wide elastic strap on the inner side of the lid for brushes, keeping them from getting mixed with the slightly bigger items. This way you can be sure the strands are still complete as you take them out. Its heavy-duty zipper right on top opens all the way from side to side, giving you a full view of everything inside and making access more easy.

DuaFire Double Layer Travel Cosmetic Bag

DuaFire Cosmetic Bag Double Layer Dot Pattern Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer With Mirror (Black)

f you’re looking to bring more of your beauty items and personal hygiene products, then DuaFire Double Layer Travel Cosmetic Bag is perfect for you. As its name states, this bag features a two-layer compartment and an extra layer means more room for more stuffs.

Coming in with a full length of 11.81 cm and width of 13.48 cm, you can absolutely fill your bulk of essentials into it. You can conveniently do the organization by having one layer for your makeup products and the other for your toiletries. The lid itself is also strewn with slots for extra storage needs and has an elastic strap on the side for brushes or little bottles. A small mirror is even included to make sure the lipstick touches only your lips as you apply. Its cover opens all the way so you won’t have to fumble for the powder inside the bag every time.

You can flaunt its cute dot patterns as you travel or put it on your home dresser for display. Plus it’s compressible when not in use for easy keeping, too. This portable makeup bag is also made of sturdy polyester fabric, ensuring to last for many mileage to come.

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag, Black

Lay-n-Go is a reputable manufacturer known for “Innovative Organizational Solutions for Life, Play & Travel”. Indeed, we have Lay-n-Go Cosmo Cosmetic Bag in the market to prove that they’re true to their words and live up to their philosophy.

This patented cosmetic bag is for someone who’s serious about “makeup is life”. From hairspray bottles to compact powders and even plenty of the little things like lipsticks, eyeshadow sets and eyeliners, all of them can be stuffed into it at the same time. But since bags are exclusive to everything that fits, you can have some of your toiletries in it, too, or more.

Its convertible feature allows it to open to a circle measuring 20 inches diameter which serves as a pliable tray for your cosmetics. It has a uniquely designed rim around the bag as well that will protect your makeup from falling or rolling off so no more accidental dropping your gloss into the wet sink. Plus an additional zippable storage is also provided right on its surface. It’s also conveniently water-resistant, wipeable and washable since both exterior and interior materials are 100% nylon. One pull on the drawstring (which can be stowed inside the velcro-front storage pocket) and it compresses back into a completely sealed soft clutch. Who says versatility can’t be this stylish? Just open it up, place it on a clean surface and pamper on!

BagoHanging Toiletries Kit

Bago Hangable Travel Cosmetic Bag is an understated makeup bag which can be hung for space-saving storage or while open to easily pick out your blushes and brushes without having to spread everything out on a surface. Its minimalist yet still stylish design is great for both men and women who need to pack their essentials on the go.

The bag has three divisions of one main compartment and two side pockets. Its large compartment features breathable mesh slots inside, maximizing the space and separating your items accordingly. Its slim design doesn’t limit the bag’s capacity to hold more and can fit in your luggage easily. A built-in hanger is placed on the top most inner side portion of the main lid so when you open its zipper all the way, you can conveniently hang the bag anywhere. Its flexibility is further supported by a fallproof system with the protective sheet barriers near the openings to make sure nothing rolls off.

Not only for travel purposes but you can also use this bag to save your room more space or keep your bathroom organized in a very efficient way. Its honeycomb ripstop overall fabric, partnered with heavy-duty zippers, ensures resistance to water, easy cleaning, and extreme durability even under excessive use and bulk.

Freegrace PremiumTravel ToiletryBag

Premium Toiletry Bag By Freegrace - Extra Large Travel Essentials Organizer - Durable Hanging Hook - For Men & Women - Perfect For Accessories, Cosmetics, Personal Items, Shampoo (Green)

If possible, we need just one bag to hold as much essentials as we need to feel secured during a trip while making it more enjoyable. Freegrace Premium Travel Toiletry Bag is the perfect solution to this demand.

It’s incredible how this one has so much diversity to offer in terms of storage. Not only does it have a roomy interior but also has plenty of slots and straps inside for neat and arranged organization. No space in its compartment will be left empty once stuffed with the items. The bag opens to three portions. The main lid that covers the largest compartment has two mesh pouches with zippers. It also has smaller divisions to contain bottles apart from compact powders, lipsticks, eyeliners, or concealers. The side pockets are for cosmetic brushes, toothbrush, or shaves. But more features keep coming!

Great for travels, you can also use it inside your home for storage function and save space on your dresser or bathroom counter. What makes it more amazing is its hanging hook so you can suspend it anywhere. You can freely choose from the variant of colors, too. Thanks to its topnotch quality honeycomb nylon fabric and pearl cotton cushion, this bag is absolutely durable and guarantees to company you for many years to come. Now that’s premium justified.

Household Essentials Travel Cosmetic Bag

Household Essentials Travel Cosmetic Bag is another understated solution for makeups and toiletries on-the-go. The outside is spared the stylish details but what really counts is the inside. Its extravagant capacity to hold so much makes up for its simple design and that’s more important with bags.

This zippered bag opens all the way to easily place your personal goods inside or quickly gain access to them while saving you the hassle of a messy clutter. The lid has transparent slots closed in by a zipper for extra storage needs. Its front features elastic straps to separate lipsticks, eyeliners, or even toothbrush and razors from the others. The bag’s main compartment is incredibly spacious as well, making room for bigger items like compact powders, cosmetic bottles, or even hygiene essentials such as deodorants, lotions, and creams. Its inner layer is conveniently padded to protect against breakage. When not in use, you can have it hanging right on a nail. This bag’s basic black design guarantees that both men and women will definitely want to have it.

Pockettrip Travel Cosmetic Kit

Pockettrip Travel Cosmetic Kit is packed with features itself. Made of sturdy 70 denier nylon material, this bag guarantees to never give away too soon and last for many travelling years to come.

It comes as a chic and floral bag in the shade of wine red. On its top is a durable handle for easy handling during travels. You can flaunt its fashionable design anywhere or put it on display in your home. You can even use it as a space-saving storage for your essentials, making the most out of your dressers or bathroom counter for other items. It fully opens with the lid hanging on one side, and its inner portion itself already has zippered mesh pockets for extra, more organized arrangement. Its capacity is maximized with numerous divisions. One is a large, foldaway compartment with three transparent, roomy zippered pockets. The second one, right beneath the other, is a larger compartment which can accommodate additional bigger items. The incredible flexibility and versatility of this travel bag is something we can’t contain ourselves!

Everest Deluxe Travel Toiletry Bag

Everest Deluxe Toiletry Bag, Polkadot, One Size

Sporting a colorful polka dot pattern on its exterior, Everest Deluxe Toiletry Bag is as lively and fun as the activity it’s intended for. It’s great for travels or home use as a wonderful storage for cosmetics and toiletries with its space-saving design. You can even hang it for display because of its vibrant style.

The kit opens to a spacious compartment. The main lid has a transparent zippered pocket for extra storage needs and wide elastic straps to retain cosmetic brushes or toothbrush from the others. Its largest compartment has an open slot for more items and includes another zippered pouch upfront. The side compartments make room for other essentials as well. Its hangable feature is also made possible by a convenient built-in hook right at the edge of the cover.

CHICECO Cosmetic Clutch Bag

CHICECO Handy Cosmetic Pouch Clutch Makeup Bag - Black

You can toss CHICECO Cosmetic Clutch Bag into a purse or flaunt its full elegance as you go. Although it isn’t intricate in terms of divisions but it still guarantees to bring your all essentials in just the capacity of your hands. Made of durable 100D oxford nylon, it’s smooth, waterproof and easy to clean.

The interior space serves as the main and only compartment for your stuffs. Its inside fabric is conveniently soft to ensure no scratch on your cosmetics and also includes a zip stash pocket for jewelry, credit card, or smaller items. Its large capacity provides enough room for compact powders, keys, passport, or even cell phones. This bag is small and very handy so it makes strolling a breeze.

What to Look For

Travel makeup bags are ladies’ best companions. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and claim advantages over the other. Understated, flamboyant, double-layered or one room, many options are lined up for your multiple demands. Leave the choosing to your intuition. It always goes down to their purpose anyway and styles are sometimes just for the looks, a presentation plus as an intro for what they exactly have in store. It’s important that they deliver with cherries on top and we’ll all be happy.

We’ve just given you the best recommendations of standout travel makeup bags available in the market. But different demands are impossible to be met by one bag alone. To really satisfy ourselves with the best choice, we should always (let us emphasize on that: always) consider what we actually want in a bag. If you’re going for long travels, you might need one which can help you with an easy, quick retouch. Or if you wish to enjoy strolling while carrying less, then tote a clutch bag.


Let’s wrap up with some good points to remember. The weight of travel bags alone (not only cosmetic kits) is somehow a hassle during travels and extra carries can hinder an enjoyable experience. Beat the inconvenience with the perfect bag that uplifts. Be finicky for the sake of a great travel. It’s about convenience in the right place, at the right time, and with the right bag.

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