Best Travel Towel Reviews 2017

In traveling, you’ll need to bring some personal necessities. Some of the usual things you’ll need to bring are a set of change of clothes, personal toilettes and documents you might need. Having the best travel towel is also important just in case the place where you’ll stay doesn’t have one. Or if you’re planning on a camping trip or fun activity on the beach, you’ll need to bring your own towel. There are actually many travel towels available in the market made of different materials you can choose from. The following are some of the best travel towels in the market.

Youphoria Sports Towel and Travel Towel

The first product on our list of the best travel towel in the market is the Youphoria Sports Towel and Travel Towel. This towel is super absorbent and is fast drying. This is the perfect towel to bring when you want to go out on a camping trip, on the beach or the gym. The materials used for this is 100% microfiber which is a good absorbent that can dry up 10X faster than any normal terry cloth or cotton towels. What’s even more fascinating about this product is it can hold up its own weight up to 4x in water.

You’ll have a mesh carry bag to place this travel towel with. It’ll be easier to pack this in your bag with the mesh carry bag and it also has a hanging loop included for you to have a place when you dry your towel. This is the perfect towel you can use for multiple purposes. This is great for traveling, backpacking, when you hit the beach or the gym, or when you go out to play golf. Pretty much anything you needed a towel as well as for home use. This is highly recommended and has a 100% satisfaction rate from those who were able to use this. You can easily compare the quality of this travel towel in comparison to other products. It has the best quality that will not fray easily even after repeated use and under harsh conditions. The price is reasonable and you won’t regret purchasing this travel towel.

Sunland Microfiber Towel

Moving on to the next product on our list of the best travel towel that you can buy is the Sunland Microfiber Towel. This is an ultra-compact and very absorbent towel. What’s even more amazing is that it dries fast unlike other travel towels in the market. This is an ideal travel towel for any occasion, you can also use this for any sport you might endeavor to do. Even though this is compact and made of high-quality materials, it’s surprisingly lightweight. It won’t add too much space in your baggage when you go out on trips which are so convenient.

This can save more space when you go backpacking, traveling by boat or by air, or when you go camping or swimming. It can soak up tons of water but it dries so quickly so you don’t have to carry a lot of weight and wait for the water to dry before you go back on a trip. It cuts down drying time thanks to its super absorbent material. Even though it’s made of a super absorbent material, it’s very gentle to your skin. You’ll notice right away what a huge difference this travel towel has compared to cheap towels in the market. It doesn’t have that sticky and rough feeling other microfiber towels have. It has a carry bag you can use when you pack this towel up. This has the perfect size for someone who travels but doesn’t want to bring a huge travel towel.

ECOdept Large Microfiber Travel Towel

Another great travel towel on our list is this ECOdept Large Microfiber Travel Towel. This has an amazing repertoire of good reviews and has a very high satisfaction rate from those who were able to use this and is still using this. Not only is this travel compact which is a good quality you’d want to have for your towel when you go out and travel, it’s also fast drying, unlike other travel towel brands. The highlight of this product? It’s antibacterial qualities. You don’t see that often in many travel towels in the market.

This is large enough to cover important parts of your body when you wanted to towel yourself dry. Its dimensions are 52” x 32”. It’s a perfect size for a travel towel you can use when you go out to do outdoor activities such as going swimming to the beach, camping or other sports activities that will leave you wet. Included in your purchase is a waterproof bag you can place this travel towel when you do your packing. It has a hanging loop where you can dry the towel and a corner zipper pocket where you can place your valuable such as your cell phone or money when you go to the beach. There are various colors to choose from, all of them are beautiful. The fabric is quite luxurious and super soft to touch. The materials used are lightweight and gentle to the skin, unlike other travel towels which are obviously made of low-grade cloth. Its antibacterial property decreases the growth of bacteria and germs which are responsible for the nasty odor. This is a highly recommended product you can use.

Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel

Introducing, the Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel. This travel towel is made of lightweight material but can absorb wetness 3 times more than those towels made of cotton. This is a quick-drying towel for on-the-go trips. What’s even more amazing about this product is it has antibacterial properties. This has antibacterial agents treated into the fabric which helps in preventing the formation of mold caused by bacteria proliferation which is magnified when exposed to water. When you use any towel, the bacteria will stick to your towel and the wetness of the towel can cause mold formation which then results to bad odor emanating from the towel. You don’t want that to happen. You need a hygienic travel towel you can use.

Since this towel is quick-drying, you can rest assured that it’ll stay clean and safe for your use. You can easily attest that this is made of high-quality material when you use it. Unlike other travel towels, when you wipe this to dry yourself it readily absorbs the water. You can easily fold and store this, too, since it has a convenient pouch included when you purchase this. Whether you intend to use this for your outdoor activities, for your gym or you want to use this at home, this is a perfect towel you can use. Many people actually recommend this travel towel.

Shandali Microfiber Light Weight Yoga Travel Towel

Another inexpensive yet highly recommended travel towel you might want to check out is the Shandali Microfiber Light Weight Yoga Travel Towel. This is specially made for those who wanted to travel towel that’s good for light carry-ons when you go on a trip but wanted to have a light baggage, or when you wanted to do some exercise at the gym or your yoga class and doesn’t want to be burdened by a huge and heavy towel.

This is made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon with a head thread count that’s ideal for a soft and durable travel towel. This has a quick-drying fabric that can dry quickly, 10 times faster than other leading brands. It has a loop where you can easily hang it for quick drying. The fabric used in making this is ultra-absorbent too. You don’t have to wait for a long time in order for it to dry after you use it. Even if you use this in cleaning up some spills, it’ll do the job perfectly and quickly. You can hand wash this but for a quicker clean-up you can also use the washing machine and it won’t be damaged at all. You can choose different sizes that’ll suit your needs. It comes in 2 sizes: 20″ x 40″ and 24″ x 48″.

Micro-Miracle Microfiber Travel Towel

For you travel requirements, you’ll need a lightweight travel towel that you can pack easily and won’t occupy a lot of space to your baggage. This is the perfect travel towel for your short trips. Micro-Miracle Microfiber Travel Towel is lightweight and compact, good for your travels. You don’t want to have a bulky pack just because you brought a travel towel. Even if this travel towel has the dimensions 30” x 60”, you can fold this comfortably to its nylon carry bag and pack this inside your bag without any hassle. Also included in your purchase is a small free towel which is 14” x 22” in size.

The fabric of this travel is super absorbent which can absorb moisture 7-9 times more than other towels out in the market. This can also dry quickly compared to some cotton towels. You don’t have to worry about placing a wet towel to your bag ever again. This will dry quickly and you can fold it up fast. Even if you fold and pack it inside your bag while it’s still wet, it’ll be okay. It’ll dry even if you place it inside your bag. You won’t have a smelly towel when you unpack it from your trip. Aside from those amazing features, this towel feels so luxurious on your skin. It’s super soft you’d love to use this again and again.

The Friendly Swede Microfiber Sports & Travel Towels

Next item on our list of the best travel towel in the market is The Friendly Swede Microfiber Sports & Travel Towels. When you buy this towel, included in the pack are 2 15″ X 24″ towels and 2 matching mesh bags where you can place the towels for packing. This is made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon which is super absorbent, compact and quick-drying. The fabric is made durable too so even if you use this for a couple of times it won’t tear easily. This is made compact so it won’t be bulky when you pack it in your bag for your trips.

The size is perfect for your trips to the gym or to your favorite yoga place. You can have a handy hand and face towel with just the right size you can grab to wipe your sweat. You can keep yourself dry all throughout your exercise routine. In traveling, you can also use this. It’s the perfect size for a travel towel that you can include in your necessities but still leave enough space for more things. It only weighs 1.7 oz (50 g), a very portable and compact travel towel. You can hand wash this, but if you prefer to use the washing machine it’s fine since this is machine washable too.

Sinland Multipurpose Microfiber Fast Drying Travel Gym Towels

Last on our list of the best travel towel you can buy for your trips as well as a handy towel for your everyday use is this product. This is quite affordable yet it gives a very good performance as many people can attest. It has the following dimensions 16 Inch X 32 Inch and you can buy a pack of 3 towels for the price indicated above. This is made of microfiber fabric that’s lightweight and compact compared to ordinary towels. It also has a unique terry fabric texture which can absorb more water upon use. This can dry 3 times faster compared to traditional towels sold in the market.

You know what’s the best way to dry your body faster? Pat it with a high absorbent towel such as this product. This is an ideal travel towel you can bring for your outdoor activities as well as when you go out to travel. It also has an ideal size you can use as a towel to wipe your sweat when you go out to the gym. It’s durable yet can endure multiple uses and even if you wash this a couple to times it won’t tear easily. This is a very good purchase for such an affordable price.


When you go out on a trip, you’ll need to bring a travel towel that you can easily pack in your baggage. You don’t want to bring a bulky one, though. Who would want to carry a heavy bag with a majority of the weight is just a towel? What you’ll need to bring is the best travel towel which is made of lightweight material yet compact and highly absorbent that’ll dry quickly. We hope with this list you were able to find the best travel towel for you.

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