Best Travel Umbrella Reviews 2017

Travelling is so much fun and it’s a great way to relax, enjoy, meet new people, and even build existing relationships. It isn’t scary to travel to a totally different country from yours, but if you don’t have any idea about the weather conditions of your chosen country to visit, then you might just get into trouble. Nowadays, predicting the weather is pretty much troubling. One day it could be one of the hottest and sunniest days, but the next can be windy and even rainy.

When travelling, it’s still best to always be prepared, no matter the weather may be. That’s why it’s really important to distinguish what the best travel umbrella you could bring under any circumstance. Having an umbrella is really important as it can protect you from all kinds of weather condition such as a hot sunny day, a windy and gusty afternoon, a cloudy and raining evening or even a snow storm. It’s probably one of the best gift ideas as well as it is one of the most convenient things people need. So what exactly is the best travel umbrella?

CrownCoast Compact Travel Umbrella

The CrownCoast Compact Travel Umbrella is easiest one of the favourites when it comes to buying the best travel umbrella. It’s not super expensive but it presents a very good quality. The best part about it is that customers have the option to continue with their purchase upon 100 days of testing the durability of the umbrella, if you’re not happy then a full refund will be given to you. And don’t worry, if after those 100 days your umbrella suddenly gets damaged, the people behind CrownCoast offer a lifetime replacement for damaged items, and it’s absolutely for free!

You can choose from 17 different designs and colours, some basic colours include red, pink, tan, white, and yellow while there’s also a sky-patterned design and even a two-toned coloured with a sky pattern design. You can easily use these as a giveaway or gift to any of your friends because of the variety you could choose from. It’s very durable as they are built with a design to fully resist wind as tough as 60 mph. You can easily and conveniently open and close it with just a push of a single button. This makes it easier to use when a sudden change in weather happens. You’re sure to stay protected no matter what.

Repel Easy Touch Umbrella Teflon Travel Umbrella

Repel Easy Touch Umbrella DuPont Teflon Travel Umbrella, Black

Repel Easy Touch Umbrella’s Teflon Travel Umbrella is a pretty simple choice. They offer 9 different colours which are pretty basic: army green, blue sky, grey, navy blue, pink, red, white, yellow and black. The canopy is around 42 inches which makes it ideal for travelling and storage. The design makes it compact and not burdensome to carry around as it is not heavy at all. You can also use one hand just to operate the umbrella because of its automatic open and close button.

One of the best materials to use in constructing an umbrella is fiberglass because of its durability and flexibility. With Repel Easy Touch Umbrella’s Travel Umbrella, they made sure to construct the frame with 9 ribs of fiberglass ensuring the umbrella’s ability to withstand gust without any problems. It easily protects you from wind and gust reaching around 60 mph. You won’t have to worry about having an embarrassing episode of walking in the wind and having your umbrella turn inside out! If its well-crafted and well-designed frame doesn’t get you to buy the umbrella yet, did I mention that the company also offers a lifetime replacement for damaged umbrellas? A lifetime protection against harsh weather conditions for just a one-time payment? I think that’s a win!

Kolumbo Travel Umbrella

Kolumbo UltraSlim WindMaster Wind Tested 55MPH Travel Umbrella with Auto Open Close

The Kolumbo Travel Umbrella seems to be a bit weaker against winds compared to the first mentioned umbrellas, but don’t be fooled by this for it could easily be one of the best travel umbrellas in the market. Even though it only boasts a design that could easily withstand up to 55 mph (not the usual 60), the umbrella has been tried and tested for several times (up to 5,000!) by their research and development team, in order to ensure the best design and structure that would give customers the most value for their money.

Because they gave so much effort in getting the perfect design for their frames, they are actually trying to patent the design to their wind resistant frame systems. It’s one of the most resilient and durable frames made with only the best quality fiberglass and stainless steel. Even if your umbrella flips inside out, you could easily whip it back into shape because of this ergonomic design. Their umbrellas are designed to be used up to as fast as a second by only using one hand. How convenient is that? They even have a lifetime guarantee if you won’t be satisfied with the umbrella, they can either give you a full refund or a replacement without any additional costs. Customer service at its finest!

GustBuster Metro Automatic Travel Umbrella

The GustBuster Metro Automatic Travel Umbrella is the most expensive travel umbrella on this list but people seem to love it nonetheless. It’s because of its well-constructed design making it very stable and sturdy to use. The design was well thought of because it’s one of the most compact and easy to bring umbrellas available in the market. As a matter of fact, you could carry it using the sheath via backpack or as a sling over your shoulder. You won’t even notice bringing it around. Now, you don’t have to worry about carrying around a bulky and heavy umbrella everywhere you go.

With its ease and convenience to bring, you could easily stay protected from harsh weather conditions, most especially during the extra hot sunny days and even the hard windy days. The umbrella is tested to endure winds up to 55 mph strong. With their ergonomic design, they even had their frame design for the steel joint connectors patented, making it one of the most durable and couldn’t easily be copied frame designs. GustBuster also gives each customer the opportunity to choose from 26 different colours and patterns. If you’re the type of person who likes to stand out in the crowd, then it won’t be a problem with the variety of designs you could choose from.

LifeTek Travel Umbrella

LifeTek Automatic Double Canopy Travel Umbrella Teflon 210T Vented Canopy Compact 9 Rib Wind Resistant Frame (45 Inch Arc, Double Canopy Black FX2)

Another heavily built umbrella that doesn’t come with such a hefty price tag is LifeTek’s Travel Umbrella. It’s easily one of the best travel umbrellas because it’s perfectly engineered to ensure maximum protection against any type of harsh weather. The umbrella comes in a 42 or 45 inch arc and are available in the colours black, blue and black FX1. They also have their latest model for the year which is the double canopy black FX2. This is the most well-designed and well-built umbrella in their line of traveller umbrellas. They even have a pending patent for it.

All umbrellas come with a comfortable rubberized handle that makes it easier to grip and hold even under rainy conditions. It’s pretty fast and easy to use since they are built with an automatic system wherein you can easily open and close the umbrella with just a single button. You’re sure to stay dry because of the Teflon fabric used. The frame is also made with 9 ribs giving you 100% protection against strong winds. It doesn’t matter what kind of weather attacks you for the day, just as long as you have your trusty LifeTek Travel Umbrella in hand, you’re sure to stay warm, safe and dray. After all, they will give you a warranty which lasts for 2 years just in case they fall short of their promise of maximum weather protection.

Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella Opens & Closes Automatically, Red, One Size

The Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella is one of the smallest and most compact umbrellas available in the market. It’s also on the cheaper side making it easy on the pocket. It comes in 5 simple yet vibrant colours which vary in price. The colours available are: red, black, blue, green, and orange. The colours are sure to pop once you open up your umbrella. It won’t be difficult to find you even if the rain is pouring very hard or even in the night time (for blue, green and orange!). The main material used for the umbrella is polyester which serves to be very lightweight making this umbrella one of the easiest umbrellas to bring. It’s not at all bulky and heavy and it can fit easily inside your bag. It also comes with a sleeve which has a carrier loop where you can store your umbrella when it’s not used. It’s made with the finest materials which makes it mold resistant.

Even though it’s a small umbrella, it sure is terrible – against bad weather that is! The frame is constructed with only the most durable metals and steels, so you don’t have to worry about having a broken umbrella in the midst of walking under a rainy day. It’s also very fast and easy to use because like most umbrellas which may be more expensive than Lewis N. Clark’s, it also has an automatic button which easily and readily opens and closes up the umbrella.

Plemo Travel Umbrella

The Plemo Travel Umbrella is one of the best travel umbrellas that don’t break your bank account. It comes in a classic and sleek black colour, and for the ladies you can choose between a yellow daisy design and a purple daisy one. It’s probably one of the most feminine looking umbrellas that would surely make you stand out no matter where you go. People behind Plemo give out warranties that cover a whole lifetime since the purchase of their umbrella was made. Wow! Now, you’re 100% that you’re taken care off.

Even though this is one of the most compact travel umbrellas available, when you open the umbrella using its automatic open and close button, you could easily spot that 2 people could effortlessly be sheltered from the harsh weather conditions such as a hard downpour of rain. Imagine, with a just a few bucks from your wallet, you could immediately be a hero not only for yourself, but for a loved one as well. Don’t worry if you’re afraid you might embarrass yourself when showing off your umbrella as nothing bad could go wrong because of its well-designed frame and anti-slip grip. You will never accidentally let go of your umbrella nor will it turn inside out in front of a friend, trust me!

Fenzer Travel Umbrella

Windproof "TEFLON" Coated Travel Umbrella - Auto Open / Close - Travel Stylish Black Lightweight Design for Women / Men

The Fenzer Travel Umbrella is the cheapest and most simple travel umbrella on this list. It only comes in a single colour: black. Don’t let its simplicity and price fool you, though. It surely is a value for money and one of the greatest buys you could have for yourself or even for your loved one as a gift. What better gift to give than the gift of safety against the harsh weathers we have been experiencing nowadays, right? Fenzer also gives a guarantee that if its customers aren’t satisfied in any way with their products.

Even though it doesn’t cost much, it still plays well with the quality of those with a more expensive price tag. In fact, the umbrella is made using Teflon fabric which is one of the best fabrics to use in order for maximum protection against any weather condition. Because of this, it also makes it highly wind proof. The frame is constructed to be very durable and flexible for easy storage of the umbrella. It also boasts the same automatic feature that most travel umbrellas have. Who says quality is all about a high price? Definitely not Fenzer!


Travelling may be fun but of course we must always consider other factors that could affect our enjoyment and safety. And one of the most important factors to always consider is the weather. The weather changes dramatically and very quickly at that matter, so it’s always better to be ready anytime a calamity or bad weather strikes.

Finding the best travel umbrella is easy and may even save you a lot of money in the future because you can easily avoid having to buy low quality and cheap umbrellas over and over again. Once you find the perfect umbrella for you and your needs, make sure to choose the one with the highest quality so that it would last you a long time. You could also buy 2 or 3 extra to share with your loved ones so that all of you remain safe.

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