Best Treadmills Reviews 2017

A treadmill is a device where users can either walk or run yet still stay in one place. A high-end treadmill uses an electric motor and a wide conveyor belt that runs on various speeds, the user then have to match and move according to the treadmill. We believe that buying a treadmill is probably going to be the best decision you could ever have. We’re not fitness professionals, but we do know that exercising can improve not just your energy but also your health.

On that topic, walking and running is one of the most effective cardio exercises there is, and a good way to do this exercise is through a treadmill. This equipment is fairly easy, simple and convenient to use. If you’re pretty serious about running, this can also be a tool to effectively lose calories and help you lose a significant amount of weight. In this piece, we’d like to introduce you to the top treadmills for sale in the market today, so read on and have fun!

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill is surely an effective equipment to efficiently commit to your daily cardio to lose weight. This one has a 16 x 50 tread belt and a 2.25 HP motor, a good enough performance to keep up with your jogging and running routines.

For better convenience while working out, this one is installed with a Comfort Cell Cushioning and a total of 6 programmed workouts. Furthermore, to offer you an intense session, this one has two available incline positions such as: 1.5% and 6%. In conclusion, we believe that the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is one of the decent and good treadmills in the market.

Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

Are you looking for an affordable treadmill? Then the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is the most valuable model for you. This one is a treadmill that runs on 600 watts or 0.8 HP motor with a belt that sizes up to 14 x 19 inches.

This gear has informative workout data such as: time, calories, distance and speed and scan. Worried about your space? No worries, because this treadmill is foldable, making it an ideal model for tight spaced places. The Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill is perfect for users with a weight of 250 lbs and below.

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

As one of the leading yet cheapest treadmill brand in the world, we’re sure you’d love getting to know the Phoenix 98510. Since it is fairly cheap, this one is manual treadmill that runs solely depending on its user.

This one is equipped with a heavy duty flywheel to guarantee that the user will have a smooth and serene workout. Despite having a manual operation, it still shows informative data such as distance, time calories and speed.

For an easier cleanup, this treadmill is foldable with pull pin locks to effectively store it in an upright position.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

The ProForm 505 CST Treadmill may not be the cheap treadmill you’re looking for, but it is definitely one of the top contenders. This treadmill is one of Phoenix’s paragons, equipped with a ProShox Cushioning to give you the best comfort while running.

This one runs on 2.5 CHP, which makes it an ideal treadmill for serious runners and joggers. Additionally, for better experience, this gear has a compatible music port, a heart rate monitor, an incline position option and 18 available workout programs. As a summary, this treadmill may be pricey, but it has the best features in the market.

What is a treadmill?

Long before it was used as a workout gear, treadmills used to be a tool to grind grain as a punishment to people. Later on, people used it to serve as a workout device. The first record of a treadmill dates back to 1968, when a mechanical engineer named William Staub developed a device for people to stay in a healthy condition. In fact, the name of the first treadmill in the world is called the PaceMaster 600. As years go by, the progress for treadmills developed giving us variety of options to choose from. As of now, there are two types of treadmills in the market, the manual and the motorized.

Manual treadmills – this type of treadmill is clearly much cheaper and inexpensive. A manual treadmill is powered by the person walking or running on the treadmill, the speed solely depends on how fast the person is running. If the user decides to stop running, the treadmill will also stop on its own. As a summary, this type of treadmill is particularly recommended for the elderly and people with tight-budgets.

Motorized treadmills – this type of treadmill is what you and I usually see in stores and gym stations. A motorized treadmill is powered by motor that gives users the options to choose the speed, and if you get lucky, some may even have an incline mode where the treadmill can rise up to 20 – 40 degrees, giving you a much challenging running experience. Clearly, since it is operated by motor, this one if much expensive.

What to look for in a treadmill?

We don’t want you to rush buying a new treadmill, this device isn’t exactly the most economical equipment there is. The truth is, shopping for a treadmill can be overwhelming and devastating that you might be taken by storm and buy the wrong treadmill. Here’s a secret, if you like to get the best treadmill deal in the market, we encourage you to think about your options carefully.

Size – one of the most important features in a treadmill is the size and the availability of space inside your home. Of course if you take running seriously, then getting a treadmill with at least 22 inches wide belt is what we recommend. If you’re planning to use your treadmill for walking or occasional running, then something with 18 to 20 inches wide belt is good enough to adapt to your lifestyle.

Beneficial features – each treadmill has different features installed inside them. Undeniably, the expensive one will have numerous features, but that doesn’t mean that inexpensive treadmills cannot have beneficial features. Most motorized treadmills have preset workout programs installed inside to give you certain programs to choose from.

Moreover, if you want a more intense and challenging workout, then getting a treadmill with an incline option will be good. An inclined treadmill can rise up to 20 to 40 degrees, making it as if you’re running in an uphill. This feature is recommended for serious runners looking for ways to increase their resistance. Additionally, a treadmill with a heart rate feature will also be beneficial because it can help you exercise better.

Motor – will play a huge part on the overall performance of your preferred treadmill. The motor of a treadmill may be run by a HP (horsepower) or a CHP (continuous horsepower). A treadmill with at least 2.0 – 2.5 HP/CHP is good enough for walkers or joggers. However, if you want a much faster gear, then getting a treadmill with the 3.0 HP/CHP or more is better.

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