Best Truffle Oil Reviews 2017

One of the greatest ways to enhance a dish’ flavor is to include a drizzle of truffle oil. It’s often used in popular dishes such as pizzas, pasta meals, truffle fries, deviled eggs and mashed potatoes. Undeniably, it’s a chef’s favorite as they are less expensive than real truffles itself. If you’re interested to know the best truffle oils in the market, then check out our list below.

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

The TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil is truly one of the finest truffle oils in the globe. It’s made with the most powerful white truffle flavors to guarantee that you’ll love eating it. Each order of this bottle has real white truffle shavings to add texture and more taste. Currently, this item is available in 3.38 oz and has a long shelf life of up to 2 years.

Furthermore, its main ingredients are olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, white truffles, white truffle flavor. The makers of this product made sure that it can be used in gourmet kitchens as finishing oil. There are truly infinite uses for the TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil as it’s wonderful for pizza, pasta and risotto. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it’s gluten free and contains no dairy, nuts or seeds.

Roland Truffle Oil

The Roland Truffle Oil is a highly aromatic infusion of extra virgin olive oil and black truffle flavor. As patrons say, it has an intense earthy flavor and amazing gold color. A small drizzle of this will definitely boost a food’s taste. Additionally, this black truffle oil is in size of 3.4 fl oz. and is a proud creation from Italy.

The ingredients used for this product are extra virgin olive oil, black truffle aroma and black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt). As it’s an item used worldwide, it’s been evaluated by the FDA which means you get it’s safe to have. As one of the most affordable truffle oil brand in the market, we trust that the Roland Truffle Oil

TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil Set

If you’re looking for a combination of white and black truffle oils, then you’d love having the TruffleHunter Black & White Truffle Oil Set. It’s super concentrated designed to be used in professional kitchens. Moreover, if you’re planning to give a gift to any foodie, this one’s an ideal gift. Each bottle of this set contains real black and white truffle shavings to add fineness and taste.

Both of these bottles come in 3.4 oz. You don’t have to worry about its ingredients because it’s made with the finest truffles and extra virgin olive oil, it’s been the item most chefs go to when needing truffle oil. Even though it’s often used as finishing oil, this one can also be used as gourmet cooking oil in low heat to avoid ruining the delicate truffle aroma.

Urbani White Truffle Oil

The Urbani White Truffle Oil may be expensive in price, but we’re positive that it’s worth it. This product came from one of the most popular Italian truffles from Urbani. It’s made with natural Urbani white truffle oil, olive oil and tuber magnum pico so it can improve a food’s taste and aroma. Moreover, the main difference of this truffle oil compared to other ones is that its aroma remains intense and intact over the time.

This one’s in size of 250 ml and will certainly last long with its aromatic taste, not until you finish it all. All in all, if you want something that’s flavorful and trusted then go for the Urbani White Truffle Oil.

Mantova Bruschetta-Truffle-Garlic-Basil

Mantova Bruschetta/Truffle/Garlic/Basil, Set of 4 bottles, 8.5 oz each

The Mantova Bruschetta-Truffle-Garlic-Basil is all you need to have variety of oil in your kitchen. The ingredients used are Mediterranean hers, basil, truffle, garlic and of course Italian extra virgin olive oil. If you’re looking for flavored oils in set then this is the best as it can be used if variety of different recipes.

Each bottles contains 8.5 oz of oil and will be perfect to drizzle over meat, salad, pasta, fish and other dishes. Now, this makers may not be as established as the other ones, but they have been doing this for over 20 years and think that they deserve at least a place in your home. Convenience and high quality packaging is guaranteed as these are packed in traditional jug bottles with no drop outs.

White Truffle Oil by Casa Truffle

White Truffle Oil (White Truffle) (White Truffle, 100ml/ 3 Oz)

Are you looking for a cost-effective truffle oil? Then we believe that you’re going to love the White Truffle Oil by Casa Truffle. Likewise, this one’s artisanal produce and created by truffle gurus from Alba, Italy. It features a decadent flavor and includes real genuine truffle slices inside the bottle. The company only distributes this in limited production, so get it now before it gets sold out!

The ingredients used on these are pretty simple; there are only olive oil, white truffle flavor and black truffle slice. If you’re searching for the truffle oil to mix with meats on carbonara, pork, mashed potatoes and contemporary dishes such as mac and cheese, then we’re confident that the White Truffle Oil by Casa Truffle is a perfect candidate.

Sabatino White Truffle Oil

The Sabatino White Truffle Oil is made from pure olive oil and the perfect concentration of white truffle flavoring which guarantees that it’ll be perfect for fried eggs, steaks and pastas. It’s truly versatile to a lot of dishes as it has an irresistible savory taste. In fact, this company owned by Sabatino Tarufi has been trading truffles since 1911 and they’re one of the source of the top truffle products in the world, there’s no denying that it’s a must have.

With the Sabatino White Truffle Oil, a single drop is enough to enhance a food’s flavor that will make you want for more. It has a shelf life of about 2 years and must be placed in a cool, dry place.

Roland Truffle Oil

The Roland Truffle Oil is a highly scented and aromatic combination of extra virgin olive oil and white truffle flavor. As a result, it’s golden in color and features an intense, earthy kind of flavor. It’s made from ingredients such as white truffle (tuber magnatum pico), extra virgin olive oil and white truffle aroma. Furthermore, it’s a proud product from Italy as it also doesn’t contain trans-fat.

For 79 years, Roland Foods has been providing wonderful gourmet food with the help of this truffle oil. It’s even highly ideal to be used by professional chefs, industrial food service facilities and restaurants. This Roland Truffle Oil is in size of 1.86 oz and in pack of two.

Pure Mountain – White Truffle Oil

Pure Mountain - White Truffle Oil (100 mL)

The Pure Mountain – White Truffle Oil has a distinct taste of white truffles and garlicky aroma, we suggest using it over egg dishes, fondues, risottos and pastas. It’s specifically designed for gourmet kitchens as it can last for up to 2 years. The uses are infinite as it’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians. It does not contain nuts, dairy, seeds and it’s gluten free.

The Pure Mountain – White Truffle Oil is among the cheapest truffle oil we’ve ever seen, so if you’re looking for a low-budgeted one, then this one is the product we recommend.


Truffle oil was originally introduced in the market during 1980s as chefs from France and Italy included fresh truffles with the best olive oil in town. Unlike other oils, they’re not used for cooking as the heat only lessens their flavors, but used in improving a food’s flavor. It can be combined over risotto, pasta, potatoes, pizza and polenta especially when they’re mildly flavored.

In simplest terms, truffles are considered fungi, but the good kind of fungi. They grow from underground and contain aromatic gases, which is why small animals usually hunt for them. The truth is, truffle oils don’t taste that much, in fact they simply taste like raw mushrooms. But people still go after them because of the aroma.

Once the truffle oil is taken, our stomach acids breaks down the truffle oil’s gases so release the flavor, only then it’s experienced through a burp. Taking care of truffle oils is some hard work. If you still don’t know, truffle oil loses their aroma over time, so the best way to prolong its aroma is by storing it in a refrigerator.

If properly stored, truffle oil can last for about 3 to 6 months. It’s not a shocking fact if this time, you want one too boost your meal’s aroma and taste. We hope through this article, we were able to help you get an idea which truffle oils are the best and which are affordable enough to get.

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