Best TV Cover Reviews 2017

Every household has a flat screen television. As much as we enjoy watching movies and shows in these new-generation TVs, we should also make sure they are well maintained and taken care of. If you want your TV to have a long life and be in its best condition, there are some steps that you should take.

One such step is to have a TV cover on them when they are not in use. There are quite a few advantages of using a TV cover which we will see in this post. But first, we will begin with some of the top TV covers available on the market and discuss their features. We will also talk about some important factors you must take into consideration when buying a TV cover.

Outdoor TV Cover by Khomo Gear

This is one of the best TV covers manufactured by Outdoor Furniture Covers. This long-lasting cover is compatible with 40-42 inch LCD, LED, and Plasma televisions. The measurement of this affordable TV cover is 26.5”x42”x5”. The cover is designed in such a way so as to fit all kinds of wall mount. It has reinforced stitching which makes it a strong cover retaining its shape.

This cover looks good on your TV and also comes with the special remote controller storage pocket. If you’re looking to buy a good quality TV cover at a decent price, this is your product.

The Original TV Coverstore Outdoor TV Cover

The leading TV cover brand, The Original TV Coverstore, brings to you this amazing product that is made from the premium quality weather-resistant material. This TV cover is designed for articulating brackets or freestanding applications. It comes with dual zippers for maximum coverage and perfect fit.

The remote controller pocket on the interior of the cover makes sure you do not lose the remote control when the TV is not in use. Coming in gray color to keep your TV cool, this cover is rightly placed among the top TV covers present on the market.

InCover Outdoor TV Cover

This is a fantastic TV cover deal brought to you by InCover. It’s a great product for providing year-long protection to your television and has water- as well as mildew-resistant capabilities. It comes in 5 different sizes to cover your 32-inch to 65-inch TVs. If that is not enough, it gives you increased protection from water with reinforced stitching.

This inexpensive TV cover has 3-way flap on the rear to make it compatible with all types of TV mounts. There is a zipper on the bottom and the cover comes with a soft interior to avoid scratches.

Stronghold Accessories Outdoor TV Cover

Stronghold Accessories brings to you this weather-proof all season TV cover to maximize the life of your TV. It provides your television with the year-long protection from rain, mildew, moisture, snow, sunlight, wind, and even from animals and bird droppings.

This water-resistant TV cover is made from the heavy duty marine material. The strong stitching makes sure nothing passes through the cover and that it stays in its position. This cover fits all TVs having sizes between 40 and 42 inches. Despite its fantastic features, this is a cheap TV cover that gives great value to your money.

Titan Products Outdoor TV Cover

This new TV cover is brought to you by Titan Products. Made from the best quality polyester, this TV cover has a PVC coating providing your TV with a complete weather-proof protection. Your LED, LCD, or Plasma TV is now safe from the wind, rain, or snow.

The heavy-duty velcro straps fasten the cover to give it a good fit and positioning. It comes with a remote control pocket on the rear of the cover. Although, this TV cover costs more than a few others, its quality and features easily make up for the price.

What are TV Covers?

As we have seen before, TV covers maximize the life of your television. They ensure your television is in the best condition even after using them for a long time. TV covers protect your TV from dust and scratches.

Most of them are water-resistant and mildew-resistant making them fit to provide all-year all-weather protection to your TVs. They protect it from the cold, snow, moisture, and excessive heat.

Also, when there are kids in the house, it is not uncommon to see things fly in the air in your living rooms and anything can hit your TV. A cover prevents the damage of such accidents by providing a layer of protection.

When you are going away on a vacation, it is inevitable to have a TV cover on because that is the best way to ensure your TV is going to work when you’ll be back.

There are hundreds of TV cover manufacturers out there and while some of the covers are good, you cannot trust every cover available. There are some bad ones too. We will now discuss the factors that you must look for in a good TV cover.

You already know some of the qualities of the best TV covers from the previous section. Let’s talk about them a little more, in the following section.

What to Look For

A TV cover is primarily used to keep your TVs in good condition and prevent any accidents that might damage the screen or the functioning of the TV. Well, for a TV cover to be able to do all that it is important that they have excellent quality and durability.

The material used for the TV cover should be strong and capable of dealing with different weather conditions. The interior of a good TV cover should be soft so as to prevent scratches on the screen. This is one of the deciding factors and you should never miss out on checking the cover before buying.

A good TV cover will have reinforced stitching to make sure the material is not torn or damaged when putting the cover on the TV or when the cover moves slightly from its position. Strong stitches make your TV covers really strong and sturdy.

The next factor is to see how well the cover fits your TV. A loose-fitting TV cover cannot give you the kind of protection offered by the cover that fits your TV perfectly. Whenever there is a gap, it could allow dust particles or moisture to come in contact with your television.

Manufacturers mention the sizes of the television that can fit in a particular cover. Some covers can easily fit TVs having size 40-42 inches. Make sure to check this factor carefully before moving to the next point.

Next, we will talk about the design of the cover. Most TV covers have either zippers or Velcro to accommodate the different kinds of TV design and mounts. They also have flaps to accommodate the mount. See if the design of the TV cover you are looking to buy is in-line with your television.

Another common factor that is shared by all good TV covers is the fact that they have remote controller pockets. Some have the pocket on the inside while some have on the outside.

One of the biggest problems in our lives is, having to look for the remote control everywhere in the house, every time you want to watch TV. Having such a pocket will make sure you know exactly where you have placed the remote controller.

Lastly, we come to the price factor. Once you are completely satisfied about the quality and features of the TV cover, you can compare its prices with other covers on the market.

We recommend you to go through the different TV covers for sale option, before making the purchase. This would especially be beneficial if you want to buy more than one TV cover.

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