Best Upright Vacuums Reviews 2017

Vacuums were originally derived from a device called the carpet sweeper. The carpet sweeper was initially invented by Daniel Hess to gather dust through an electrical suction. By the time the 1900s came, modernized version of vacuum were invented such as canister vacuums, robotic vacuums, hand-held vacuums and so on. With the rising of so many types of vacuums today, it’s almost hard finding the right one for your home/office. On that note, you might want to consider getting an upright vacuum.

Upright vacuum cleaners are probably the most popular kind of vacuum, mainly because they are the ideal device to clean up an entire house. Upright vacuum cleaners mostly contain a sweeper, rotating brush roll, cleaning head, handle and a bag. If you’re here to discover the best upright vacuum deals then you have found the right page! In this article, we’ll give you the leading yet very affordable upright vacuums for sale. If you’re as ready as we are, then read the following below.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright, UH70120

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright, UH70120 is most definitely one of the leading upright vacuum in the industry. For a long-lasting and consistent performance, this one is installed with a WindTunnel Technology. Additionally, this product only weighs 21.1 pounds, making it an ideal vacuum you can use all over the house. Moreover, to give you better maneuverability, this vacuum comes in with a 27 foot retractable power cord. To add more to its wonderful features, this upright vacuum uses a rinse-clean filter and a HEPA filter, perfect for people with allergies. As a summary, if you’re hunting for a pleasing upright vacuum, then this one is a great option.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

The Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) – Corded is a maneuverable vacuum with a mass of 15 pounds. This upright vacuum comes with a 25 inches power cord, an XL capacity dust cup and 5.5 crevice tools so you can effectively vacuum every space of your home. This model uses 1200 wattage, which means that there’s a slight chance that it will lose its suction power. The Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) – Corded comes in with other beneficial tools such as a wide upholstery tool and a dusting brush. As a summary, if you’re looking for the best upright vacuum to clean your bare floor or carpets, then we definitely recommend getting this one.

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

The BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass is perhaps one of the cheapest upright vacuums in the market today. Despite its economical price, this one is very light with a mass of 15.1 pounds, giving you an easier time cleaning around. This product comes in with innovative brushes that rotate into the floor itself to get better cleaning results. It uses a cyclonic system so this device can produce powerful suction for a long time. Moreover, this one includes an empty dirt tank, a washable foam filter, multi-level filtration along with a TurboBrush for a spotless floor/carpet. In conclusion, if you want an inexpensive upright vacuum then this one is an ideal choice.

Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) – Corded

This one may not be the cheap upright vacuum you’re looking for, but we can guarantee you that its price will make up for its features. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) may be lightweight in mass but it comes with a large waste bin capacity than other models. Suffering from dust or pet hair allergy? No worries because this model comes in with HEPA filters and anti-allergen seal technology. Along with this model is an 8 inch crevice tool, pet power brush, dusting brush and 2 microfiber pads.

What are upright vacuums?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, upright vacuums will always be on top of the most recommended kind of vacuum. After the invention of the carpet sweeper, several kinds of innovations came into the picture, giving us modernized and motorized vacuums today. When 1905 came, vacuums were finally sold to the domestic market due to its portability and innovativeness. By the time the 1926 entered, companies started selling upright vacuum cleaners.

Upright vacuum cleaners are definitely the best type of vacuum you can ever have. Compared to other models and types, upright vacuums have larger trash bin, making it an ideal vacuum to clean a huge space. To effectively help you clean your floors, upright vacuum are equipped with powerful motors, rotating brushes and a potent suction. Nowadays, we have two types of upright vacuums in the market today, the direct fan upright vacuum and clean air upright vacuum. Which one is the best? We’ll let you decide.

What to look for in an upright vacuum?

Buying an upright vacuum cleaner isn’t a simple task. Vacuums aren’t exactly the cheapest product you can buy online, so it’s important to take some points into consideration. Luckily, we already gathered the top upright vacuum brands in the market, however, we still encourage you to look for some important qualities your new upright vacuum should have.

Weight – upright vacuum are mostly maneuvered by the hand, with this in mind, the weight of your upright vacuum will matter significantly. Upright vacuums can weigh from 10 pounds to 30+ pounds, depending on the model. The heavier model may have some great qualities but, it’s going to be harder dragging it around. Moreover, if you have stairs or second floors, an upright vacuum that is lightweight will be a great help because it is easier to carry around.

Power cord – since most upright vacuums are powered by wattage, you will need cords to make your appliance work. The length of power cords all depends on the model but, an upright vacuum with longer cords will be a great help while cleaning. Models with shorter power cords may need more work from you. There’s a huge chance that you’ll need to relocate plugging from time to time, or you should buy an extension with longer cords.

Wattage and motor – a model with a higher wattage means that it can keep a consistent performance for a long time. But, that doesn’t mean that it can perform better than other models. A good way to know an upright vacuums performance is their motor, the higher the number – the better. A good enough upright vacuums can have at least 5 amps, but if you want a powerful one, then get a model with at least 10+ amps.

Size – most upright vacuums are huge in size. If you have a pretty small space, then it’s recommendable to get a compact upright vacuum. However, if you have a bigger house and bigger space then getting a huge upright vacuum would be great.

Noise – are measured in decibels or dB. Vacuums are famous for being loud and noisy especially when it is working. If the noises of vacuums bother you, then also put in mind the decibels of your desired vacuum. A good enough number will range from 40 to 60 dB, which means that the upright vacuum is generally silent and very quiet.

Waste bag/bin – the modern versions of upright vacuums are now equipped with a bag-less feature. Bag-less means you won’t have to change and put waste bags from time to time whenever you’re working. A good upright vacuum will have a waste bin feature where dusts and debris are collected, and all you have to do is dispose the trash after use.

HEPA filter – if you have pets such as dogs or cats living under your roof then it is also recommendable that you get an upright vacuum with HEPA filtration. HEPA filters helps capture the tiniest kind of dirt, hair or debris that the naked eye cannot see. Allergy sufferers will benefit from this feature mostly because it traps unwanted particles that may worsen your allergies.

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