Best USB Microscope Reviews 2017

For some things: the smaller, the better. But that shouldn’t mean being handy at the expense of features and convenience. Variations and modifications of devices are meant to make life easier because that’s we’re all about. So in line with that, many electronic devices are being embraced by the advancement of technology, made more helpful, and less confusing with each iteration. And a microscope isn’t an exception to that. What we can see under the its lens is already intricate enough and to make up for it, we’ve got the best USB microscope that’s easy to figure out!

Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope

The number one bestseller we’ve found in the market is Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope. It’s a complete set that includes a calibrated observation pad for easy measurement. This USB microscope can give provide us an image with a quality of 2.0 megapixels and has a magnifying capacity of up to 250 times. Also, its final magnification corresponds to monitor size so you’ll get the appropriate quality in parallel with the accommodation capacity of the computer.

Its image capturing technology utilizes a webcam chipset and sensor that can support nearly any operating system using standard webcam software. It’s conveniently versatile and won’t need pre-installing of software into the computer of choice to view the image. But an optional software for Windows and OS X is included in the package for additional features.

This USB microscope has a built-in LED light that can be adjusted to desired brightness for efficient object illumination that isn’t too bright or too dull for your liking. Its arm is also flexible and resilient so you can bend it to fit your comfortable angle of viewing. Another useful feature of this one is its Capacitative Capture Button where capturing a still image can be done by the slightest touch on the button itself. The companion software also allows not only image capture but even video or configurable time-lapse capture.

Celestron Deluxe Digital Microscope

Celestron Deluxe Digital Microscope is another high-end, USB-powered microscope. This USB microscope’s built-in camera is able to capture images and videos with a quality of 2 megapixels, and its magnification system can zoom them in between 10 to 40 times or even up to 150 times depending on the monitor used.

Its illumination system uses LED ring illuminator to guarantee clear and bright visualization of the object. The image can be viewed on a computer monitor by pre-installing the included Windows software but also make sure the computer itself has the specific requirements needed such as CD or DVD drive and USB 2.0 port or UVC plug-and-play with Windows 7, Vista and CP. Mac OS, however, doesn’t support the software, but the microscope can still be used with Mac OSX 10.4.9 and above using PhotoBucket or other online camera software available.

The image capturing technology of this microscope is also made easier and can be done in two ways: by pressing the shutter right behind the head of the microscope or by using the software itself. The microscope is held by a metal stand which is great for capturing a blur-free image or stabilizing specimen in sharp focus during high-power viewing. It can be handheld or placed on the stand and also includes a built-in measurement tool for easy object measurement.

AmScope Digital Compound Monocular Microscope

Talk about having your very own compound microscope at home! What’s even more exciting is that this one can be connected to your computer, too. AmScope Digital Compound Monocular Microscope is USB-powered and as high-end as a regular compound microscope but only more innovative, sleek, and modern-looking.

Unlike a regular compound microscope, not only can you view images in extremely high-quality with this one but also capture them for future reference. This USB compound microscope has a built-in 0.3 megapixels camera and can be connected to compatible computers (Windows XP, Vista 7, 8, and 10) using the USB 2.0 port output. Its included software is only compatible with Windows, and allows a variety of viewing options such as image capturing, live video capturing, and even editing.

The specimen can be viewed with such great precision of details courtesy of bright LED illumination under any DIN achromatic full-glass objective of your choice from the options: 4x, 10x, or 40x. This microscope can be recharged and function cordless as well. You can choose to view specimen using its monocular lens with interchangeable 10x widefield and 25x widefield eyepieces. Other important features included are fixed 45-degree neck angle to reduce eye and neck strain, 360-degree rotation capability, and plain stage with stage clips to stabilize slides.

Celestron Digital Microscope Pro

Here’s another one from Celestron. Celestron Digital Microscope Pro has almost the same look as the previous Celestron microscope we’ve mentioned but this one has upgraded features. This USB microscope has a true 5MP sensor for capturing high-resolution images or videos of specimens, while its 5-element IR cut, high-quality lens allows to zoom in on them between 20x and 200x magnification. But like most digital microscopes, the final magnifying capacity will depend on the computer monitor used.

You can choose to use the microscope while holding it for easy manipulation of image angle and viewing or held by the adjustable stand which also has an observation pad included on its base. Its USB 2.0 cable measures 4 feet and is long enough to maneuver the microscope itself when viewing large specimen. Also included in its package is a software that you can install on the computer and use for image or video capturing and even specimen measuring. This digital microscope is perfect for low magnification viewing of less complicated objects such as coins, stamps, or jewelries. Since it’s also easy to figure out, hobbyists or collectors will definitely love this one.

AGPtek USB Microscope

AGPtek USB Microscope is another two-way digital microscope. It has an image sensor which provides an image quality of 2 megapixels, and its magnifying capacity ranges from 40x to 800x. The viewing of the specimen is ensured to be clear and bright, thanks to its powerful illumination system that utilizes 8 LED and is adjustable by control wheel to achieve desired brightness.

It also comes with a software that can be installed on your computer and has features which can maximize use of the microscope including image capturing and live video capturing with measurement and calibration function. It’s also important that your computer is complete with the following system requirements necessary to accommodate and allow the microscope to fully function: Pentium computer with 700 MHz and above plus 20M HD space. Its operation system is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Mac OS x 10.5 or above. This also comes with a built-in USB 2.0 cable, and you can choose to use it while holding the microscope itself or attached to the metal stand which is a great option for stable viewing without the unnecessary movements.

Carson zOrb USB Digital Microscope

Who says microscopes can’t be cute? Carson zOrb USB Digital Microscope may look like a toy in its playful, intuitive design, but what it has to offer is seriously incredible. Coming as a surf blue, semi-globe device, this USB microscope is amazingly easy to use without the other complicated features of most microscopes. It has an integrated camera right on its bottom that captures images of your specimen or object with a 1600 x 1200 pixel screen solution, and can directly transfer them into the computer using its USB port output.

This microscope also has a built-in LED illumination system which allows objects to be seen in a clear and bright display for great precision. On its top most portion is the capture button that you can softly push to take images or record videos with adjustable focus by simply turning the top part counterclockwise or clockwise. The images can be zoomed in up to 65x but this microscope’s full magnifying capacity is dependent on the monitor used. It’s compatible with MAC and PC. This is great most especially for students because of its simple yet innovative overall design.

OMAX Digital Binocular Compound Microscope

OMAX Digital Binocular Compound Microscope is probably the most high-end USB microscope in our list but price doesn’t really matter that much when you’re getting the best out of something. And if you have serious demands or your work revolves around the use of microscopes, then paying more only means you’ll be having much more in return.

This digital compound microscope is an upgraded version of a regular compound microscope with more features and add-ons. The specimen can be viewed through the binocular lenses under four DIN achromatic optics objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x (S), 100x (S, Oil), and will be illuminated by a powerful LED technology to achieve a clear and bright display for extremely great precision with sharp details. Images can also be transferred to your computer using the microscope’s USB port output, and with the use of the included software for Windows, you can capture images and record videos for future use. It has an integrated 1.3MP digital camera and the images can be zoomed in up to 2000x depending on the capacity of monitor used.

Other useful and improved features included are digital binocular viewing head, two pairs of widefield eyepieces, double layer mechanical stage, condenser, iris diaphragm, and a whole lot more. This is incredibly perfect for professionals or Science geeks who want to go further into the microscopic world.

Aven ZipScope USB Microscope

And last but definitely not the least is Aven ZipScope USB Microscope. This digital microscope is another one with an intuitive design. You can choose to use it handheld or hands-free by using the metal stand that it comes with for stable viewing, which is also great for capturing blur-free images and videos.

This microscope comes with a USB 2.0 output and can be connected to the computer for image viewing. It has a built-in 2.0 megapixels camera with sensor that allows taking images or even recording live capture videos of your specimen for future use. The software included in its package allows digital magnification of up 200x. Thanks to its built-in LED lights which are also adjustable, you can view object in a clear and bright display as well for great precision.

What to Look For

It’s really convenient that we already have USB microscopes in the market. They come like ordinary webcams with their sleek heads and stands but actually deliver as functional magnifying devices, only low-powered and less complicated. Just plug one into the computer and you can get an instant view of things real up-close.

Unlike a regular microscope, a USB microscope doesn’t have eye lenses for you to look into. Instead, the image is directly displayed in the computer screen mostly through a pre-installed software. You can also capture an image or video of the object and save it for future use. Although it isn’t high-powered, it gives us an accurate view with good precision of details as well. The variety of options we have of a USB microscope offers different features and advantages each so it’s critical to bring our exact needs into consideration in choosing one. The prices also range accordingly: more advanced, more pricey. But if you’re one who needs a microscope on a daily a basis and is willing to pay more for upgrades or add-ons, then it won’t be a problem.

A USB microscope is really reliable and greatly useful for students, hobbyists, testers, collectors, or anyone who wants to see things that are usually naked to unaided eyes. It’s also incredibly ergonomic because the control system is simple and easy to figure out. You don’t have to be an expert in objective lenses to get the desired magnification you want since image adjustments can be easily done on the computer. It opens another door to the microscopic world where everyone and even kids can enjoy.


We can always count on technology to bring us new and exciting ways of making life easier. Every now and then, traditional tools are made more convenient, improved, and advanced to achieve quality of life we all deserve. But the technology has since brought us an array of overwhelming options of things as well so sometimes we need to go through the clutter first before we can get what we exactly want. So it’s really important to think your choice through because it’s your satisfaction that really matters.

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