Best UV Flashlight Reviews 2017

UV flashlightsare used in detecting stains not usually seen by the naked eye. People who are living in places where there are many scorpions roaming around such as in Australia can benefit from a UV flashlight since the hard exoskeleton of the scorpion flashes white when directed with a UV flashlight so you can detect their presence. Policemen also benefit from this device during crime scene investigations. There are a lot of uses for UV flashlight. Here are some of the best UV flashlight you can check in the market.

TaoTronics TT-FL001 UV Flashlight Blacklight

First on our list is a TaoTronics UV flashlight, the TaoTronics TT-FL001 UV Flashlight which has a backlight you can use in detecting Dog urine as well as stains detector that are not seen by the naked eye. This product is powered by AAA batteries and utilizes LED technology. You can make the invisible visible with this flashlight. Even though your dog’s urine already dried you, can still clearly its traces when you direct the light of this UV flashlight to the carpet, clothes or rugs. You can also see food stains on the floor or table with this tool.

When you’re living at a scorpion-infested place, you might want to buy a UV flashlight in order to clearly see where the scorpions are lurking at your backyard or inside your house, if things got that worse. You can easily spot scorpions with this device. Flight personnel at the immigration as well as guards and policemen can also check the authenticity of official documents such as passports and official identification cards using this device. This is bright enough which can emit a wavelength of 395nm. This has 12 high quality UV LED light. Even though the price is very affordable, you can get a high performing UV flashlight for home and professional use. You can use 3 AAA batteries and it can last up to 5 hours of constant use.

UV Sight’s Handheld Blacklight Stain & Urine Detector Torch

Second on our list of the best Uv flashlight in the market is the UV Sight’s Handheld Blacklight Stain & Urine Detector Torch. This is an inexpensive UV flashlight you can use in detecting stains not usually seen by the naked eye alone. You can also detect the presence of scorpions at your backyard or near your vicinity if you are living somewhere frequented by this elusive creatures. At home, you can use this backlight flashlight to see stains from your dog or cat’s urine on your furniture or rugs. You might not like what you see, but sometimes it’s important to detect where there are urine stains from your pets or from rodents so that you can have the initiative to have it washed.

This UV flashlight emits super bright light. This is cordless and lightweight too, perfect when you’re on the hunt for stains inside your home. You can save the time and money from having the need to wash the entire carpet or rug. Once you know where the location of the stain is, you can just wash that area. The materials used in making this device is made of high-quality materials which can last for a long time. You’ll only need 3 AAA batteries to operate this which is very convenient. The price is very affordable, you won’t regret purchasing this.

LEDwholesalers 51-LED 395nm Ultra Violet Blacklight UV Flashlight

Next item our list of the best UV flashlight we’ve seen in the market is the LEDwholesalers 51-LED 395nm Ultra Violet Blacklight UV Flashlight. Although this is quite inexpensive, it’s a reliable tool used by many professionals. Law enforcements as well forensics use this in inspecting crime scenes and police operations. Mechanics also use this in auto repair and hotel inspections use this in viewing stains inside the recently occupied rooms for cleaning. In searching for scorpions at your backyard or near your house you can use this UV flashlight effectively. You don’t need to fret about having scorpions near your abode. You can see them yourselves no matter how good they are at hiding.

This also a handy tool in inspecting the authenticity of important paper works such as passports of identifications IDs. Con artists and people who are on the watch list have the conniving ability to acquire fake IDs and passports to escape from the law. Immigration personnel, as well as law reinforcements stationed at the airport, can shed UV light to the IDs to know whether it’s real or fake. The design of this device is solidly built from machined aluminum. It also has O-rings that can give long service life. This UV flashlight utilizes 51 UV LEDs for a super bright beam. You only need to use 3 AA batteries to operate this.

TaoTronics 51 Ultraviolet Flashlight

Here’s another top brand UV flashlight that you might want to check out. TaoTronics 51 Ultraviolet Flashlight is a perfect tool to detect urine stains from dogs anywhere inside your home. You can also use this to detect the presence of nasty bed bugs on your furniture as well as every nook and cranny of your home. This is a UV backlight flashlight which emits clear and brighter UV light on a large area to spy where the urine stains your pet might leave behind are. Although the urine of your dog might have dried out, the thought of having urine all over your place spreading bacteria and all the nasty stuff can ve unsettling. Instead of scrubbing your whole house, you can just conveniently use this device to detect where the nasty stains are and then you scrub that area.

It can detect stains anywhere. Whether you needed to check your carpets, furniture, curtains, rugs, any wooden surface or linoleum material as well as any fabric you might have laying around, you can see the unseen stains your pet may leave behind. This is also used in spotting scorpions around your house as well check the authenticity of identification IDs and papers such as a passport. This UV flashlight can emit 395nm wavelength and has 51 high-quality UV LED lights unlike other UV flashlights in the market. 3 AAA batteries can last for about 3 hours in this.

Esco-Lite 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight

This is another product we’d like to introduce to you. Esco-Lite 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight is an inexpensive flashlight you can use in detecting stains anywhere inside your home. The 51 UV LED technology this device has can cover a huge area unlike other UV flashlight brands in the market. This is a perfect tool in working outside your home when you go hunting for scorpions as well as when you need to relocate scorpions in case you’re attached to them. You can even this when you hunt for minerals. This can make the mineral rocks shine brightly so it’ll be easier and faster for you to find what you’re looking for.

This UV flashlight can give off a huge wavelength of 390 to 395 nanometre. Every after you use this UV flashlight you can take out the batteries in order to prolong its energy life. When you’re living somewhere with high heat and infested with scorpions, it seems like every single day is a battle to avoid being stung by scorpions. They are very good at hiding, even preferring to move about at night since it’s cooler. But that’s when the problem arises. You don’t see those critters crawling about and meeting them isn’t the hardest thing to do. Having an efficient and cheap UV light like this one will help you deal with your scorpion problem.

UV Blacklight and LED Dual Bulb Flashlight by Ultra Light

This is another affordable UV flashlight you can use. This device has a zoom focus that you don’t usually see in other UV flashlight available in the market. It has dual bulb used as a flashlight and a UV backlight that you can choose too. Its light beam is bright enough using white LED. You can save a lot of money and energy with this UV light since it conserves battery energy, unlike other products. When you need to focus on something you can use the zoom focus anytime you need to. With one click you can switch from UV backlight to white LED light. That’s something you don’t usually encounter in other product.

This has a dual purpose that is so convenient and reliable to use. It’s made of durable materials that can last for a long time. The casing itself is strong enough to protect the bulb from getting damage when it encounters impact such as in falling. You only need to use 3 AAA batteries to make this work but it could last for a long time. You can use this device during your quality checks. It’s bright enough to make your job easier and faster, this is quite a good purchase. You won’t regret ever having this. You can use this for your home or for your work too, it’s very versatile.

OxyLED 51 LEDs Pet UV Urine Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlight

Here’s another UV flashlight you can use to detect urine stains from your pet. This urine stain detector is another inexpensive product we found that you might be interested in. If you’re tired of having to guess where your pet dog sprayed his urine and you end up cleaning your room from top to bottom, you can just use this OxyLED 51 LEDs Pet UV Urine Stain Detector to view what you don’t normally see with your eyes. No stain can escape this UV flashlight. Even if your pet dog’s urine already dried up, when you flash this device to the place where your dog sprayed his urine, it’ll light up like Christmas morning. It’s horrifying, yes, but it’s better to know than to feign ignorance.

This is also used by law enforcement officers such as the police and crime scene investigators. No matter how meticulous the killer covered up his tracks, when investigators flash this UV flashlight when at the crime scene, blood splatters and locations of blood will light up. This is a handy tool in investigations which you might be familiar with if you watch CSI. Unlike other UV flashlights, this device is 30% brighter. It’s also made of aircraft grade aluminum so you can guarantee that this tool won’t get damaged easily. Its wavelength can reach 395 nanometer which is also good for hunting scorpions as well as mineral rocks. This has a sturdy design and has a strap at the end that you can use to hold it securely.

Vansky UV Black Light

Last on our list of the best UV flashlight is the Vansky UV Black Light. This is a perfect tool in detecting stains anywhere at your home. Pet urine stains will light up every time you flash this UV flashlight to the place where your pet gave a nasty spray. It’s a practical device to use when you need to know where you need to clean the urine your pet sprayed unto. It can be a hassle if you clean every inch of your kitchen, living room or bedroom when you detected a urine smell. Instead of blindly guessing where the urine smell came from, you can just use this device and the urine location will light up in no time.

Another unpredictable use this device can give you is it can actually dry your nails when you do manicures. Weird, but some people actually claim they use this for that purpose. Another thing you can use this for is in detecting harmful whitening agents in your cosmetics as well as in your baby’s clothes which are made of a fluorescent composition that’s why it’ll light up when used with this. This UV flashlight can emit 395nm wavelength and has 12 high-quality UV LED lights that you can use. It can last for a long time since it conserves energy. This is also good for the environment since you can save a lot of energy from using LED light.


There are a lot of UV flashlights in the market you can use in order to detect any type of stains at your home as well as use this in spotting scorpions lurking in your backyard. For law enforcement officers, UV flashlights are handy tools they use in conducting investigations. With this list of best UV flashlights, we hope you were able to find the one you’re looking for.

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