Best Vanity Mirrors Reviews 2017

Sometimes you just need to get close to your reflection. Whether it is to apply some makeup or examine a blemish, you’ll want to have a mirror, which gives quick and close access. Contact lens users know too well the pain of not being able to have quick access to a mirror to find a lost contact in your own eye. So you can either climb onto your counter top and sink for this closer look, or you can purchase yourself a countertop mirror.

You can go all over the spectrum in these mirrors. You can buy double sided, ones that enlarge, and ones for every budget. But just how much is too much to spend? Maybe you need affordable and practical rather than flashy and expensive. So let’s look at your options and their functions to make a quality decision.

Applying makeup or putting in a contact lens can require additional light. Buying yourself a good vanity mirror with a light can brighten up a dim room while allowing you closer access to your eyes.

Mirrorvana Vanity 8-Inch Double-Sided 1X and 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Best Vanity Mirrors

This one has a nice 8” high quality vanity mirror with a flip side that will give you a 10x magnification for a better view. It has a stand, which makes it 15” tall and will require no additional fussing of holding onto it. But if you don’t want it standing, or you need to look at the back of your hair, simply remove it from the base. It can be tilted forward or backward so that you can view yourself in any angle. Even better, the Mirrorvana brand comes triple packaged to protect the mirror before it reaches your hands!

Simplehuman 6.5 inch Sensor Mirror-Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror, 7x Magnification

Best Vanity Mirrors

This particular top quality vanity mirror is on the higher end of our price range. This totally hands free piece is equipped with a sensor, which will automatically light up when your face comes near the mirror. It also features LED blubs, which will perform for 40,000 hours. Both of these are rechargeable, and a USB cord/adapter comes with it. This way, you will never have to fuss with changing blubs. It’s got a 7x magnification, and is specially designed for you to see full color to double-check your makeup covering. It’s worth the high price for the touch of perfection it brings.

KINGFOM Antique Two Sided Swivel Oval Desktop Vanity Makeup Mirror with Embossed Roses and Mounted Beads for Home, Jewelry or Watches Cosmetics Showcase

Best Vanity Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? With this great vanity mirror, you can feel like you stepped out of a fairytale. This gorgeous piece will make any bathroom feel more glamorous with its silver plated frame. The frame is adorned with roses and beads just to make it look that much fancier. It stands nearly fifteen inches high, with almost eight inches of width. If you truly want to feel like a princess-or even a queen-this is the piece you’ll want to help put on your face!

Impressions Vanity KW-GLAM-B Hollywood Glam Vanity Mirror with LED Bulbs

Best Vanity Mirrors

Do you want to feel like a Hollywood starlet? Well, this great vanity mirror gives you your chance. Set it up on its base or hang it on the wall to fully experience its fashionable effect. It requires 10 LED blubs, which are all included. It’s also equipped with a power adapter in the front so you could plug in an accessory like a curling iron. This one is not one of the lower end pieces. However with the brightness the LED will add to your room, it may be worth it.

Danielle Enterprises 20X High Magnification Suction Mirror

Best Vanity Mirrors

Has the price of some of the others on this list scared you? Well, don’t worry. This mirror is fixed with suction cups so that it will suction onto any smooth surface-this will mean your mirror, your counter top, or even a tabletop. Given this one’s 3.5” diameter, it’s small enough to pack for any type of travel. 20x magnification will have you missing absolutely nothing in your reflection. This one is featured in a nice bright turquoise! It’s sure to lighten up any space-that is not your wallet!

What to Look For in a Vanity Mirror

Your first consideration should be how much are you willing to spend. As you can see from what this article has shown, prices for countertop mirrors are all over the spectrum. Don’t spend more than you need to if it isn’t necessary.

What about size? Do you have a place a mirror on a stand could be placed without fear of knocking it over? If it is going to be in the way, then it probably isn’t the best idea to purchase a large one. Something small and simple should suit you best.

Before you worry about your budget, think about just how often you’re planning to use it-and how often. Do you just want something to have on hand if you lose a contact? Or are you looking to add something specific to your morning routine? If you’re using it daily, perhaps you won’t mind shelling out a good bit. But if you’re thinking of something you’ll shove in a drawer until it’s an absolute necessity, you’ll probably do better under $20.

Next… What would you like it to do? Do you want it to light up? Maybe that’s just extremely unnecessary. Or maybe you don’t want anything you’ll have to hold in your hand so mounting is a deal breaker. Do you have an electrical outlet nearby or would that take a total bathroom rearrangement? When selecting one, you don’t want to pay a fortune for something that does too much if you won’t use it. Maybe you’ll find a basic model is best for you.

Lastly…how does the appearance make you feel? Anyone can pick up a cheap on, but how will it look in regards to the rest of your décor? If you’ve spent a good bit of money updating your bathroom, you might want something a little more stylish to accompany it. But if you’re picking it up for your teenager, maybe you’ll be happier on the cheaper side.

Until reading this, you may not have realized that vanity mirrors had so many options or that so many were on the market. This article has given you every option for selecting a mirror, and has hopefully narrowed down your search. From fancy high end to quick and simple, you should be all set to find exactly what you’d need in order to make your life easier. Embrace what will work for you and your space. Consider everyone using it and its purpose in your home. Good luck in your search!

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