Best Vests for Women Reviews 2017

Vests are a modern taken on casual clothing, yet one of the classics of all time. It’s not like older generations did not have vests. They did, but the vests available today are the modern taken on this classic garment.

If you want to buy a vest or are looking to know more about how to wear them, know that all your answers will be answered here, right here. In this post, we will talk at length about the different types of vests and also take a look at some of the best ones. Then, you will move on to know the different factors that you must consider when selecting a good women’s vest.

Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Vest

Columbia Women's Benton Springs Vest, Black, X-Small

One of the leading women’s vests brands, Columbia, brings to you this fashionable vest for women. It comes in as many as 16 different colors. Made of 100% polyester, this vest is versatile enough to be paired with different types of tops such as full-sleeved turtlenecks, t-shirts, and even shirts.

These vests come with a zipper closure and feature a standing collar. The side-entry hand pockets let you keep your belongings with you at the same time gives it a stylish look. This women’s vest costs slightly more than others, but it is one of the best vests for women.

Port Authority Women’s RTek Fleece Vest

Port Authority Women's Port Authority Ladies R-Tek Fleece XS Winter White

Port authority presents to you these fleece vests that you would immediately fall in love with. This is one of the top women’s vests present on the market and is made from polyester fabric. This vest has a will-taped neck and a front zipper. The side pockets help you carry your mobile and other essentials.

They can be worn along with most types of pants and tops. They come in 8 different colors, each one of them having black-colored lycra-trimmed hem and armholes. It’s a fantastic women’s vest deal for those looking for stylish vests at a great price.

Allegra K Woman Quilted Padded Vest

Allegra K Woman Stand Collar Zippered Quilted Padded Vest Baby Blue XS

This classic vest for women is designed and manufactured by Allegra K, one of the top women’s clothing brands. These are padded vests that are available in 6 cool colors. They are made of polyester and have a beautiful sheen on the surface of the fabric. Designed to give you a nice and slim fitting, these vests have front zippers.

Despite the top-class quality and perfect design, this is a cheap vest that you would rarely find on the market. They are fully-line on the inside, have a stand collar, and two zippered pockets.

Columbia Women’s Plus-Size Benton Springs Vest

Columbia Women's Plus-Size Benton Springs Vest Plus, Black, 2X

If you want to buy a women’s vest which looks attractive and has good quality, do check out these incredible vests for women, by Columbia. The fabric used to make this vest is 100% polyester. This vest comes in 11 different colors, and is designed for a modern yet classic fit.

Wear them with any kind of long-sleeved top and well-fitted jeans, trousers, or any other type of pants that you wish. They come with a front zipper and two zippered hand pockets. This affordable vest for women is one of the most sought-after vests available on the market.

ZSHOW Women’s Casual Hooded Vest

Z-SHOW Women's Sport Casual Slim Thick Hooded Vest,US-Small/ASIAN-Large,Black

This casual sporty hooded new vest for women is brought to you by Zshow. With the inner lining of villus, this vest is quite efficient in providing you with warmth during the cold weather. This inexpensive vest for women comes in 6 different colors, all having the beige villus on the inside.

It looks beautiful with any top and pants that you choose to team it with. They are perfect for playing sports, travelling, hiking, or running, especially during the winters. They have buttons on the front and two side hand pockets.

What are Vests?

Vests are the sleeveless jackets that are worn in order to protect you from the cold. Women love wearing them because they give them a cool and confident look, making them feel absolutely comfortable at the same time.

They add an element of style to your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing underneath. Jacket vests go superbly well with t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, and all kinds of full-sleeved tops. Also, you can team them up with your jeans, skinny as well as baggy, trousers, shorts, capris, and even cargo pants. The vests are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing.

You can wear vests on all occasions. You can wear it for your adventurous outings such as hiking, trekking, or climbing the hill, a vest can be a great addition to your regular jeans and t-shirt. You can also wear them on all other casual occasions that you attend with friends or family.

When you have to head to a casual event straight after work, all you have to do is put on your favorite vest and you’re all set to make a stylish entry to the venue. Do you want to go shopping with friends? Or for a long drive in the cold winter, or just about anywhere, vests will never make you feel out of place.

Although vests keep you warm, women also prefer to wear them during the summers. That’s right. Vests are made from a variety of fabric, ranging from the thick ones to really lightweight thin ones. They come in fur, denims, cotton, or polyester materials. Also, there are hundreds of designs and patterns that you can choose from.

In the beginning of this post, we listed some of the best vests available on the market and also discussed their features. In the coming section, we will see what some of the essential factors you must take into consideration, when buying a good women’s vest.

What to Look For

Okay, so you have decided to buy a vest. What should be the first thing you must do? Understand why you need to buy vest. Sometimes it could be a part of shopping for warm clothes, or you might just want to have something casual to wear.

No matter, what you’re reason is, but the actions that follow will be based on this understanding of yours. For example, if you want a vest for cold weather, all other factors such as the fabric used, its thickness, etc. will be in accordance with the weather requirements.

Assuming you know the reason why you need the vest, you can now explore further the category of warm or casual vests accordingly. As we saw before, take a look at the fabric used to make them and how thick it is. If you want something warm, you better go for thick vests having fur or villus. If you want the vest for casual wear, then you can choose vests made from polyester, denims, cotton, etc.

Now that you shortlisted the category of vest and what fabric you prefer, you can take a look at the other factors which define the overall look of your vests. Some of these factors include whether there is a zipper on the front, the side pockets, and the type of collar, among many other aspects.

Finally, we come to the price factor. Women’s vests have a wide price range, so you have to choose the one that fits your budget. While comparing the prices, do make it a point to analyze the quality, durability, and the design of the vest. As a matter of fact, you can land some amazing deals and offers by glancing through the different women’s vest for sale option.

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