Best Volleyball Reviews 2017

Volleyball is an amazing sport, indoors our outdoors. Just like any other team sport, it relies heavily on both individual strength and teamwork. While you might be able to enjoy the sport with cheap equipment, having a high quality gear would make the experience even better. And for that, we listed the best volleyballs out there so you can find the perfect ball to maximize your potential!

Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball

First on our list is the Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball. This ball specifically has the Soft Play technology, which is a sponge backed synthetic leather cover so that when the ball hits your hand, it wouldn’t hurt so much, yet the force would still be the same. This looks like it adapted with what volleyball players would want in their ball. It’s also 18-panel machine sewn, so durability is not an issue. Lastly, it follows the officialsize and weight of a volleyball, making this viable for competitive play.

It comes with five colors: yellow, white, blue, pink, and red. It’s inflated on delivery, so once it arrives at your doorstep, you can play with it immediately. Just don’t forget to sign first. It’s great for both outdoors and indoors. At its price point, its a very good gift for those who are either a pro player or someone who wants to start playing the sport. It should support air pretty well, making its longevity impressive.

Those who bought it commended it for being durable while giving the right amount of softness when spiking or striking the ball. The ball’s stitching are very well made, both clean and tight. It’s perfect for beginners with the sport while playing against more experienced players. Whether you use it for everyday practice or just casual sets, it’s a good buy!

Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

Next on our list came from Wilson again. The Cast Away Volleyball doesn’t have special features for improved experience and gameplay, but rather, it’s a replica of a volleyball used in Cast Away, a 2000 movie starring Tom Hanks about a FedEx employee striving to survive in an island after his plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean. It has a scene where Tom Hanks saw a Wilson volleyball with blood stain on it. Using his sweat and saliva, he cleaned off parts of the stain to make an eye, nose, and mouth. Thus the birth of Wilson the volleyball.

The volleyball had a huge impact to the movie and the main character’s development. Buying one takes you on a nostalgic trip to Chuck’s (the main character) suffering and perseverance. It isn’t only just good for display, though. Like other Wilson volleyballs, it is also made of synthetic leather,18-panel machine sewn, and even has butyl rubber bladder for additional durability and air retention.It’s a very good memento and a perfect gift for fans of the film.

Most of the people who bought this used their balls and not just placed on display. So don’t waste such a good quality ball (unless the movie really meant a lot to you) and use it regularly. It’s a wonderful feeling playing with this volleyball. Also it’s good for both indoor and outdoors since this is a regulation volleyball, so bring it whenever and wherever you want and relieve Wilson and Chuck’s adventure with your friends!

Tachikara SoftecZigzag Volleyball

Japanese brands are very trusted when it comes to sports. Mikasa, Mizuno, and Yonex are just some of the more popular brands. But Tachikara isn’t fazed with that. They’ve been in the volleyball scene for quite a while, and are respected by the big leagues as well. Their Softec Zigzag Volleyball has a technology that virtually gives no sting to the players when hitting the ball. It’s perfect for longer games, and is durable as well to last a long time. Pro players will feel the difference once they use this.

Naturally, these kind of balls are more suited for kids and newcomers, so that they can enjoy the game without being hurt that much. It can also be accepted by more experienced players, since the softness adds to the comfort and stamina when playing with full force. The zigzag design looks cute as well, making it enticing for children to pass it around. The Tachikara Softec Volleyball is a good recreational volleyball, so casual players that play mostly for fun will enjoy bringing one of these home.

Tachikara Sensi Tec Volleyball

Another entry from Tachikara is the Sensi Tec Volleyball. The Sensi technology used in this volleyball is a micro-fiber composite leather that features a resin-fused fiber cover that gives better support when hitting it. It has a very premium feel when played. It is softer than regular leather balls as well, making it a much nicer ball to use. It also sports a Loose Bladder Construction method that provides a much more controlled serves and spikes.

It is sold and shipped deflated, so make sure you put the right amount of air inside for the best experience.The color palette of the ball can be changed and can match to your school or club colors, making it one of the more customizable balls available. It’s more suited for indoor volleyball, although you can also bring this to the beach for a quick round under the sun. But the ball is softer than beach volleyballs, so take notice of that. Other than that, its a very solid volleyball for amateurs and professionals alike.

Wilson Official AVP Outdoor Game Volleyball

Wilson sure is a very popular and trusted brand when it comes to volleyball equipment. This volleyball is officially used by AVP: the Association of Volleyball Professionals. They are an American-based beach volleyball tour, where every Olympic players from the U.S. joined here first. It’s made up of hand sewn, durable microfiber that has been the preferred construction of volleyball players around the world. The AVP themselves regulated the specifications of the ball, so if you wanted a professionally used volleyball, then you’re looking at the right product.

This is a beach volleyball, so it’s not supposed to be as soft as the other balls featured above. Regardless, hitting this ball feels nice because of the 18-panel construction. It also has greater resistance to dirt and less moisture absorbency, so if it poured hard on the beach, you can still play with ease. It doesn’t always ship inflated, so be mindful of that. The high 4.7/5.0 rating should make your worries be gone, as it is also popular all over the world. It’s advertised for more “hardcore” use, but it is also casual-friendly, so regardless of how you play beach volleyball, this AVP volleyball will fill your needs!

Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball

Spalding has been known widely in the basketball scene, providing top-quality basketball for professional use in NBA and other big leagues. But that doesn’t mean they can’t produce other balls as well. Enter the Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball! As the name implies, it’s a beach volleyball officially used in King of the Beach, a popular beach volleyball tour in the U.S. It features an all-weather composite cover, making it usable for any situation. If you want to play while there’s a storm, why not? Don’t let the weather limit you for having a good fun! But if its seriously strong, just stay inside your house or hotel.

If you’re playing in an area that has grass outside the court dimensions, this ball won’t easily get heavy because of the grass’ moisture once it rolled there. It’s also easier to wipe off because of the additional protection. The King of the Beach Volleyball is a good alternative to the AVP Volleyball if you’re having problems with it. Be extra careful when buying, though. Some sellers give a cheap replica of the item, giving a very different feel compared to the official ones. Other than that, it’s a wonderful volleyball to use in the beach!

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

Much like Spalding, Molten is well known in the basketball industry, having basketballs used officially in FIBA and even in the Olympics. For sure, if they venture into different sports, they’d make superior quality equipment. And the FLISTATEC Volleyball is a good example of that. FLISTATEC, which stands for Flight Stability Technology, gives great control to the player when the ball is in flight. Great for spikes and serves, this volleyball is FIBA approved, and officially used by the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championships. If you’re a fan of the anime Haikyuu!, this is the volleyball they use as well!

It is covered with premium micro-fiber composite and is nylon wound, giving the ball a premium feel when playing. FIVB, or theFédération Internationale de Volleyball, also provided approval for the product. It is a globally accepted volleyball, so buying one shouldn’t be a problem if you wanted to play competitively. Amateur and professionals alike should give this ball a try. Users said that it feels very different compared to Molten’s and Mikasa’s.It has three available variants, but every one of them provides the same feel. So feel free to choose between the FIVB approved, NCAA official, and USAV official variants!

Tachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyball

Finally, we have another product from our friends over at Tachikara. The SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyball also has the Sensi-Tech synthetic cover, giving players the comfort when hitting the ball at higher forces. This ball is mostly for use by kids 12 years old or under. This means that the ball is lighter than the regulation ball. But when comparing the size, it’s the same, so if kids are competing and wanted to do a little bit more practice, the Volley-Lite volleyball should do the trick! It’s a great volleyball for young learners of the sport.

It’s available in many colors, suiting the kid’s preference for additional enjoyment. Since this is lighter, children shouldn’t have sore wrists and hands. It’s also rated very high when comparing with others in the list, meaning that buying one of these for your kids is a no-brainer. Tachikara has the right formula of making volleyballs with specific features for everyone, and the Volley-Lite is no exception. Whether your kid is an aspiring professional or perhaps already one, using these for practice is a great investment for their future!

What to Look For

When buying volleyball, make sure you know what level of play do you want to achieve with it. Are you a casual player or a professional? Do you mostly play indoors our outdoors, especially in the beach? Are you looking for a softer ball to practice with, or are you bringing a harder ball for matches? On indoor volleyballs, the panels are glued to an inner lining so the seams look smooth on the volleyball. This production method gives the volleyball more consistent playability. On outdoor volleyballs, it is obvious that the panels are sewn because you can see theholes and the threads holding the panels together. This stitching makes the volleyball more durable. If you can answer the questions properly, then eventually you will find the perfect volleyball for you.


Playing volleyball is fun! It’s an enjoyable way of burning calories. It is said that playing 45 minutes of volleyball can burn up to 600 calories! If you want to buff your arm muscles, then this is a very good sport to take. It also improves your flexibility, reflexes, and eye-hand coordination. Whether you’re just inviting your friends for a quick match or competing on a high level with other professionals, having the right ball when it comes to feel, control, and durability is a must. There are lots of available volleyballs out there, so sorting the best of the best is very much welcome. Hopefully, we were able to help you make a decision to a better experience. Have fun smashing that Add to Cart button, and later on, your own volleyball!

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