Best Wall Clocks Reviews 2017

Time is one of the many things that people should consider carefully. This is because most of the things in the world are done according to a specific time frame. You eat, sleep, go to school or go to work, and do many other activities all under a specific time. Hence, it is important that you pay attention and track time.

One of doing so is having a watch. However, it is quite awkward to always wear a watch, so your next choice would be a good wall clock. To help you, here are some of the best wall clock deals in the market today.

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12 1/2-Inch Wood Atomic Analog Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12 1/2-Inch Wood Atomic Analog Clock

One affordable wall clock that should not pass up is the La Crosse Wood Atomic Analog Clock. The clock is about 12.5 inch in diameter and is set automatically to U.S. atomic clock.

The clock is fashioned with an elegant wooden frame and a white dial. The simplistic design of the clock makes it flexible and can fit to almost all types of styles and the analog design makes it look classic and professional at the same time. It can be a pleasant addition to your office or to your own home.

The clock has a self-setting feature which allows it to set it according to the universal time. However, if you are outside of the US, you will have to set the time manually according to your time zone.

La Crosse Technology WT-8002U Digital Wall Clock

If you are into digital clocks, then the La Crosse Technology Digital Clock is one the top choices for a top wall clock. It is 8.6 by 6.8 inches and has a wide LCD screen that is about 5 by 3 inches. The time reflected is about an inch tall.

The clock not only shows you the time, it also reflects the date, the month, and the day. It is not only that. The clock also has an added feature of being an indoor thermometer. It checks and monitors the indoor temperature for you to know how hot or cold it is inside your house or office.

The clock can be placed on tabletops or countertops since it is free standing. It can also be used as a hanging wall clock as well as an alarm clock. It is built with a snooze button and can be adjusted to a specific time for alarm. You can also choose between the 12-hour time format and the 24-hour one.

Universal Indoor/Outdoor Clock, 13 1/2-Inch, Black (11381)

The Universal Indoor/Outdoor clock is one of those inexpensive wall clocks that packs great features. It is about 13.5 inches in diameter and has a white dial with a dark frame. This simple design of the clock makes it popular for those who want functionality without those extra frills and design.

The clock is popular for its shatter and weather-resistant features. It can be used inside or outside of your home. With its weather-resistance, you will not have to worry that it may be destroyed when exposed to too much heat, rain, strong winds, and other natural elements. It is also packed with an energy-saving feature that gets you the most juice out of a battery before it runs out.

Kit-Cat BC01 Classic Black Clock, Large

If you are into buying wall clocks with unconventional designs, then the Kit-Cat Classic Clock must be on your list. It is about 15.5 inches tall and runs on 2 C batteries. It is designed with an analog display and a black vintage cat-like structure.

The sheer aesthetic beauty of the clock makes it a popular centerpiece for walls. In fact, it has been a popular centerpiece among homes for ages until now.

Adding to its overall beauty is the swinging pendulum that resembles a wagging tail of a cat and the revolving eyes. It is a great piece that you can buy for yourself, whether for your home or at your office, or as a gift.

TiiM Simple Elegant Glossy Aluminum Wall Clock – Black

Another wall clock for sale is the TiiM Simple Elegant Glossy Aluminum Clock. The clock is about 11 inches in diameter with hands extending beyond the border. The minute had been about 6.75 inches long while the hour hand is about 4.5 inches long. It runs using 1 AA battery.

The clock is made of aluminum and is finished with a glossy and elegant black enamel layer, making it a great addition to your wall for a classic yet modern look. It does not have number so you might find it difficult to tell the time accurately, but if you are used to such types of clocks are can recognize time with just the hands, then you won’t mind it much.

What are Wall Clocks?

A wall clock is a device that monitors and tells time. The difference between this type of clock and other clock types is how it is installed. These types of clocks are hanged or attached to walls, hence the name, instead of being freestanding or worn in your wrist, neck or held.

Most people prefer their phones or their watches over new wall clocks without knowing that buying such clocks actually has advantages. For starters, if you have a hanging clock on your wall, you do not have to make an effort to put on your wrist watch as well as carrying your phone around the house.

Having a new wall clock on your wall do not only serves as giving you the time, it also serves as an added decoration to your wall. There are now many wall clock brands out there that sell pieces that have great style and design. These clocks are very ideal centerpieces for your wall. You get the functionality and design in one device.

Most people automatically look for hanging clocks for the time. If you have guests, it saves them the time and effort of fishing out their phone from their pockets or asking someone else for the time.

What to Look For

Buying any hanging clock for your wall may seem just a simple task for other people but it is not. Getting a clock needs much more consideration. It is not done on a single whim alone. Some even take hours in malls before finding the right clock.

When you purchase wall or hanging clocks, the first thing that you must take into consideration is the size. You have to decide whether to get a big clock, a small clock, or a medium-sized one. Before you decide on the size, you have to survey the space first. Where will you place the clock? Is your wall already loaded with other stuffs? Ask yourself these questions before deciding the size.

The next thing that you should look into is the color and design. The color and design of your clock must complement the color of your wall as well as the overall theme or the room. There are many hanging clocks out there that can fit many types of themes, buy those to be safe.

After you find the right design, you have to consider the features and the cost as well. If you want to buy cheap wall clocks, then you will most likely get the plain and traditional features. There are clocks that have additional functions like alarm, temperature monitoring, projection and many more. However, these additional features may entail additional cost as well. The same goes for clocks with great quality. They may cost, higher, but they will surely last longer and perform better.

You have to consider your options well. Do not decide to buy a clock immediately, simply because it looks nice. You have to consider the most important factors before the appearance.

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