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With the rising incidents of break-ins, a lot of people have been looking for ways to secure their valuables. There are now a lot of ways for people to keep their houses safe. There are CCTV cameras, automated door locks, and alarms. But if all else fails and an intruder does get through all those security measures a good old wall safe is still one of your best bets to keep your belongings secure. With the numerous wall safes available in the market it might be confusing for you regarding which one to get. Of course, you’d want the best since this would be your last defense and protection for items you value but you might not have the time to compare all the brand out there. No need to worry about using up so much time, ’cause we’ve gone ahead and listed the best wall safe in the market.

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

This Paragon wall safe gives you the security you need from any wall safe. It has an easily programmable electronic code which you switch up or change depending on when you need to. If you’re more fond and feel like old school is still the best way to do things then you can use the keys included to lock or open the safe. The safe is resistant to any physical or mechanical damage that may be used to forcefully open the safe. It’s larger than most safes in the market so you can put more of your valuables inside. Its flat design makes it easy for you to conceal it behind a painting, mirror, or anything you hang on your wall.

Paragon offers 10 years warranty for this wall safe so if it ever breaks or if someone does get to break it you can have it replaced. It received great reviews from previous customers. They found that it was easy to install and were impressed at the quality of the safe. This is a very durable safe which gives you the option to go old school or use new technology. It will be a good choice for those in mixed households where the older members of the family might still prefer and trust old locks more.

Paragon 7725 Flat Superior Electronic Hidden Wall Safe

If you want the same quality and convenience that the Paragon 7750 but don’t have the space for such a big safe then this smaller version of it might be what you need. This Paragon 7725 electronic wall safe is as durable and resistant to any damage as its older sister but since it’s smaller it’s only best for jewelries or maybe even a small gun. It also has the dual lock system where you can open and lock the door using either the electronic code or the keys provided. It’s thin and flat enough to be hidden behind anything you hang on your wall.

This safe received great reviews from previous customers. The loved how easy it was to install and how great it fit their needs for a smaller more space saving safe. It also has a great latch mechanism which impressed costumers for its durability. Do take note that the beep that comes when you unlock the safe using the code is quite loud. There have been complaints of it being loud enough to wake someone. This might be a good thing for those who want to always be aware when someone opens their safe. Otherwise, this might be a bit of an inconvenience.

Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet

If you have many valuables and are looking for something which taller and has more space; then this full-length safe from Stack-On might be what you’re looking for. This safe is a tall, full-length safe that can be filled with all your valuables so there’s no need to get two safes. This is also an in-wall safe so you may also hide it behind bigger art pieces or even cabinets. A slight setback of t his safe is its lack of electronic code, and its sole reliance on keys. Some may argue that this is safer since electric codes may be hacked or guessed. While for some this may be a deal breaker.

Despite the lack of an electric code panel, this safe is a durable one that has a lot of storage space for you. The floor of this safe also has a foam so your valuables are protected from the metal. This safe can securely keep guns aside from the usual jewelries and money. This is a huge plus for gun enthusiasts out there who want to keep their guns secure and out of reach from their minor children. This received mostly positive reviews from costumers who loved how they could store almost everything they want to inside this safe.

Homak WS00017001 High-Security Steel Wall Safe

If you’re just looking for a small safe that is secure and hard to break into; then this one from Homak might be the one for you. Unlike most of the safes on this list, this one doesn’t have a three-point lock key instead it has a tubular one. This makes it harder to pick the lock and to break open your safe. However, it doesn’t have an electronic code so if you’re looking for that specifically, this isn’t the one for you.

This small safe can be installed in your wall and even on your floor. Giving you more options on how to conceal your safe. This is a great space saving safe that’s perfect for those who are looking fro flexible hiding conditions. Although this sin’t as big as other safes, it is quite deep so you can still store a handful of items in it. The features that this safe offers are great but probably the biggest come on for this safe is the price. It’s one of the cheapest on the list and yet still gives you the security that you need.

Stack-On PWS-15522 Wall Safe with Electronic Lock

This safe from Stack-On features a pry resistant door that stops anyone from forcefully opening your safe. There is also an extra thick solid locking plate that gives you added security. It also has an electronic keypad where you have a choice to program your own code. The beeping sound that was a problem with other safes is eliminated in this since you can switch it on or off depending on your preference. If you’re worried that you’d ever forget the password or be too rattled to remember it during emergencies, there’s a key included for easier access. If you’re worried about the key lock being picked; there’s no need to because the key slot is pretty hard to pick due to tumblers on both sides.

It received mostly positive reviews from its customers. They were impressed at how thick the metal is in this safe and how hard it is to compromise the lock. The mechanism is powered by 2 AA batteries so it’s easy to find replacements for it. They were also happy about how easy it was to cover the safe with normal items that you hang on your wall.

Protex Electronic Wall Safe (PWS-1814E)

This Protex wall safe features an electronic keypad where you can program a personal code to keep your valuables safe. The lock is powered by 4 AA batteries so looking for replacements isn’t hard or inconvenient. However, there’s no key included so it’s more complicated to override the lock in case the batteries die or malfunction. It’s steel body is resistant to any form of breaking in that burglars may use so no amount of mechanical or physical damage can open this safe. You may also remove the shelves in the safe in case you’ll be storing something bigger or longer.

This received positive reviews from customers. They were impressed at the high quality of the safe. They were also satisfied with the security that the electronic lock provides. However, they did say that the safe is a bit too pricey. This is probably the only setback of this safe since you can get the same features and quality from cheaper alternatives.

Ivation Electronic Gun Drawer Wall Safe

This Ivation wall safe is the perfect size and built to keep your guns away from children or intruders. It’s also a great storage place for valuables like jewelry and money. You have the choice to hide this in your wall or floor depending on which one is deeper or more convenient. This is all steel and is highly resistant to any physical or mechanical damage. It has an electronic code which you can program and re-program in just seconds. The buttons are rubber and the numbers are embossed so you could access it even in the dark making it perfect for emergency situations where you want to get your gun as quick as possible.

This is a perfect safe for gun owners and for those who have smaller valuables they want to keep. The flexibility on where you can hide the safe is a great plus since it allows you to choose where you want to keep it without being restricted to walls alone. It’s flat and easy to hide behind frames, mirrors, furniture; or under tables and cabinets.

Barska Biometric Wall Safe

Going even more high-tech, is this safe from Barska. Instead of the usual electronic code, this uses biometrics technology which allows you to open your safe using your fingerprint. This can store up to 120 fingerprints so there’s no need to worry about anyone of your family members or workmates not having access to your safe. If in case the battery dies or malfunctions you can still open the safe using the key included in the packaging leaving you confident that there won’t be a chance that you won’t be able to open you safe at all.

This safe is perfect for tech-savvy individuals who want the newest and safest technology. The fingerprint scanner gives you easy, hassle free, and secure access to your safe. TO keep the scanner working in it’s optimum condition, manufacturers suggest that you clean the scanner every time you use it to keep oil and other residue off it.

What to Look For?

Even with the list above, we know that it can still be hard to pinpoint which one is the best for you. You might even find yourself having a set of top choices but you can’t seem to get to “the one”.Below is a list of the qualities and features that you should look for in a great safe. Hopefully, this would help you choose the best wall safe for your needs.

  1. Locking mechanism- With advancements in technology, there are now various ways to lock and unlock safes. There’s the traditional key that could either be tubular or the normal type. Electronic codes and keypads are now rising and popularity and are usually paired with the keys. The latest addition to ways of keeping your valuables secure, are the use of biometrics specifically fingerprints. There are safes that combine all these three together making it more efficient and easy to use. But be sure that if you do prefer the advanced ways of opening your safe, it’s best that you still have the option to use a key to override the lock in case the batteries die or the safe malfunctions.
  2. Depth of your wall- Most of the safes on the list require walls that are 16 inches in depth. If you walls are thinner it might be best to consider purchasing a wall safe that can be installed to your floor. So you won’t have to scratch your head over how to install your newly bought safe.
  3. Size- There’s a variety of sizes on this list that you can choose from. So before you choose one you must think of what type of items you’ll be keeping inside your safe. Do you need a big one because you’ll be storing guns aside from jewelry? Then it’s best to get the bigger safes. If you’ll only store jewelry and money it would be best to purchase the smaller safes because they’ll be easier to conceal and would be less of a liability.


We hope that with the list and tips above that you’s be able to choose the wall safe that’s a perfect match for you. Remember that you should take all things into consideration when purchasing this wall safe. The built must not only be right but it should be perfect for the type of wall you have.

Overall, wall safes are a great and easy way to keep money and jewelry safe. This would help you secure your belongings from wrongdoers and would keep guns and other away from the hands of minors or intruders. In wall safes, in particular, are great storage pieces that don’t only keep your possessions safe but are also space saving and easy to conceal.

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