Best Watering Can Reviews 2017

Tending your very own garden can be therapeutic and fun. Some people get hooked on gardening for the benefit of aesthetics, others tend their garden for the calm and peace it brings. If you’re planning to nourish your own garden, you’ll need the best watering can there is. Here are some of the best ones in the market.

Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can

The first product on our list is this best-selling water can with a cute elephant design. They might have had quite a laugh when they came up with the concept of an elephant watering can such as this one. It’s so witty and funny so to speak. It’s like a real elephant is actually watering your plants and that’s so endearing. This watering can is made of bold-mold plastic which is also good as a plastic accessory for your garden. Each of these elephant watering cans can hold up to 2 quarts of water. It’s quite efficient in watering as many plants as this can hold and you can do a simple task such as watering your plants in an adorable way thanks to its design.

Although this is kind of cute, a drawback noticed by some people who were able to use this is the one gaping hole where the water comes out. Unlike other watering cans which have this delicate sprinkler-like tip where water comes it, this has a steady and strong coming out from the can. You have to control how much you water your plants and you can expect to have an empty watering can if you don’t watch out for your progress in watering your plants. In spite of that, the price of this watering can is agreeable and for occasional use, this watering can is a decent one you can use.

Union Products 63065 Watering Can

This is another watering can we found in the market that you can check out if you fancy its features. It’s another Union product but what’s different about this one is you can actually place 2 gallons of water here and it can hold it up just fine. It’s kind of heavy, don’t you think? But some people actually like that this can carry so much water. It can make your watering session fast, in a way, since you don’t have to refill your watering can multiple times. You don’t have to fill this to the brim if you don’t want to carry such a heavy watering can. It’s your discretion whether you wanted to make full use of the 2 gallons capacity of this can or not. As long as this has that huge capacity, that’s a consoling thought.

If you wanted to replace the sprinkler head, you can do that with this watering can. Its sprinkler head is actually replaceable, unlike other watering cans. Another thing about this product is you can fill it from the back instead of filling it under the handle. This way you may have the ability to get close to the spigot and you don’t have to worry about spraying water everywhere when you use this. The materials used are sturdy and even if you leave this outside your lawn whole day during the summer it won’t degrade or get damaged easily. It can hold a lot of water in order to hydrate as many pots as you can without having too much difficulty carrying it around.

Behrens 210 2-1/2-Gallon Steel Watering Can

This watering can we’d like to introduce to you is a high-quality product many people are happy to use. It’s made of the highest and most durable stainless steel material which is weather resistant and resistant to rust. The design is such an attractive vintage look that’ll suit your garden design. What’s even more amazing about this product is you can also recycle this watering can. This is large enough to accommodate enough water when you need to water your plants but it’s not too big that you’d strain yourself from carrying it. Some watering cans you usually find in the market are too huge or heavy. Watering your garden shouldn’t be such a strenuous chore, you should do it leisurely to promote relaxation. This is a perfect watering can for that purpose.

You can use this watering can for some spot watering. Some even use this for liquid fertilizing. You’d be happy to find that this watering can is able to hold 2 gallons of water easily. It’s one of the prettiest watering cans sold in the market and when you use this for outdoor gardening it adds aesthetics to your garden design. Its reasonable price also adds to its appeal and the wonderful design and construction makes people love this watering can. You might notice that the galvanized design is rough to touch, but that doesn’t affect the overall functionality of this watering can. This is a pretty decent product.

OXO Good Grips Indoor Pour & Store Watering Can

The next watering can we’d like to introduce to you is a highly recommended one which is inexpensive and highly efficient at the same time. This watering can have a design where the spout can be rotated back towards the body in order for you to have an easier filling of water and you can also have more space for water storage this way. Unlike other watering cans, this has a measurement marking on the side of the can so you can know whether the water level upon filling it up is the one you needed or wanted. You can easily measure the water level and be gone to do your watering session in no time.

Its handle is a continuous one which is designed ergonomically in order for you not to experience any slipping when you carry this around and use this when watering your garden. The handle is also made of soft material so you won’t get any blisters of callous from carrying your watering can. You can have a more secure grip with this product and even if your pour water from great heights you want have any problems carrying this up. The rose attachment on this watering can can actually be removed so that you can store it at the back of the can. It has a unique and attractive design that you’ll surely love. This is good for indoor and spot watering too.

Fiskars 2.6 Gallon Easy Pour Black Watering Can

This is another great watering can we found that you might be interested with. The watering can we found has a convenient and easy design which suits anyone. It’s so easy to carry and you can also use this well when pouring without any hassles thanks to its unique handle design. It can support the weight of your watering can as well as keep your hands comfortable in carrying and pouring the water to your potted plants. The handle actually has a dual purpose. It can accommodate multiple hand positions, unlike other watering cans.

There is another amazing feature hidden in this unique watering can. You can actually change the type of water flow that comes out of this watering can. By rotating the spout of this item, you can adjust the water flow the way you wanted it. You can change it from a steady water flow to a more controlled water shower and vice versa. The water filling hole is located on the side near the handle so that it won’t get in the way of your handle. Many people love this watering can and is quite satisfied with its performance. You can buy this for such a low price and make full use of its benefits for a long time. You won’t be disappointed by this product at all.

Novelty MFG 30301 Watering Can

The next product on our list is another affordable yet durable and efficient watering can we’d love to present to you. This watering can is able to hold as much as 2 gallons of water. So if you can handle carrying two gallons of water when you water your potted plants in order to quickly finish hydrating your potted plants in one go then this is the perfect one for you. You can purchase this at such a low price. Don’t be deceived by the affordable price, this is a very durable watering that can withstand repeated use. The design is very charming with a flower indention. It can suit any decoration you might have at your garden. The side of the can even have an added detail which is quite appealing.

It’s made of sturdy plastic that doesn’t get damaged easily. This is actually a pretty durable watering can which is on par with the more expensive ones sold in the market. You can expect this to last for many years in good condition as long as you also take good care of it. Many people are extremely happy with this watering can, maybe you’ll find this to be well-suited for your gardening too. This is just the right size which isn’t too small or big. Some watering cans are way too small. You’d have to refill it again and again but not with this one. You can fill it up enough in order to finish watering all your plants in one go.

Arrow Home Products 00070 Garden Essentials Watering Pot

The next item on our list is another affordable watering can you might be interested in. If you’re looking for a full-body handle type of watering can then this might be the best one for you. Having a watering can that has a full-body handle gives you ease in carrying and pouring water from the can. You probably notice that when a watering can have a wide and full-body handle, the weight of the water inside the can is well distributed that’s why you can carry it easily and effortlessly. This has a small pout in order to direct the direction of your water to where you wanted it to be. You don’t have to worry about water splashing everywhere unlike other watering cans that have a wide and open mouth on their spout.

There is also a hole opening at the top of the watering can which was specially built to avoid any over-watering. You can conserve a lot of water this way and you don’t have to face the hassles of having splashes and waste all over the place. You can just concentrate on one area which is your potted plant. Another good feature of this watering can is the long spout. Having a longer spout in comparison to others ensures you can reach your plants better. The size of this watering is small enough not to burden you when you go and water your plants but it isn’t too small to hold enough water either. You can be pretty comfortable using this watering can for sure.

Fiskars 2 Gallon Watering Can

Last, on our list of the best watering can in the market is the Fiskars 2 Gallon Watering Can. It’s an attractive watering can that could be a nice addition to your gardening tools. Not only is this pleasant to the eyes, it’s also very efficient in doing its function right. The design and materials used for this product are of a durable and thick structure. You can expect that there won’t be any leaking or creasing when you use this. Even if you use this multiple times a day you don’t have to worry about this getting damaged in any way. The durable materials used doesn’t add to its weight. It’s surprisingly light since the plastic resin used is a lightweight kind.

The color and quality of the pigments used in this watering can are also of high-quality. Even under harsh weathers, you can expect this to last for a very long time. If you want to fill it up with lots of water, that’s okay. This can hold up to 2 gallons of water, it’s super amazing. The price is surprisingly cheap for such a high performing watering can. The design is so smart and well-thought-of you won’t experience any fast flow of water which can be damaging to your plants. The water flow is just right, smooth and gentle to your plants. You can expect to have a more tender, loving watering and gardening with this product.


In choosing the best watering can, you wanted to have a durable and efficient product that can make your gardening joyful and relaxing. It’s such a chore if you have to carry a very heavy watering can. You want to have a well-built and easy to carry one in order to make your task enjoyable and easy. We hope with this list you’re able to find the perfect one for you.

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