Best Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews 2017

Be it for professional weight lifting or just for body building purposes, reliable weightlifting gloves play an essential role in keeping you safe. Without it, weightlifting could be extra difficult. It can also cause major accidents if the weight handlebar slips through your hand. Also, not wearing weightlifting gloves may result in blisters, muscle strains, and fatigue. Only the best weightlifting gloves can last long hours of practice in the gym and give your hands extra support and grip. This article lists the best weightlifting gloves according to most consumers.

Harbinger Men’s Power Weightlifting Gloves with StretchBack Mesh and Leather Palm

As a half-finger weightlifting glove, this product offers the best grip since your fingers will absolutely give you a strong feel on the handlebar. The cushioned part is made of leather, thus giving your hand a strong support and protection. The fully adjustable wrist strap secures it in place for the added support. The mesh materials used in the back of the hand and in between fingers is stretchable– offers great flexibility. It’s also lightweight and offers a comfortable fit with your hand, so it won’t add heat and weight before you even start lifting weights.

Harbinger Men’s Power Weightlifting Gloves with StretchBack Mesh and Leather Palm comes in pairs and is made of high quality and durable materials. It will keep your hands protected for a long time. It’s also machine washable–wouldn’t shrink in the dryer. This pair of gloves is well-made and tough for light to moderate users, but not suitable for more frequent users. You may need a different pair specific for that use. Other than that, this pair of weightlifting glove proves to be a great bargain considering its price.

Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves

Nordic Lifting is the authority when it comes to providing the best tools and garments for weightlifters and other sports involving lifting weights. This is the reason why the Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves are claimed to be one of the bests in its kind. The materials used in this weightlifting glove is premium high-quality leather, which is secured in place using reinforced stitches. The padding is just the right amount and it was strategically placed to give you the best support and grip that you need. This pair of gloves is proven to improve your stability and grip during heavy lifting while keeping your hands protected from blisters and calluses.

These gloves come in various sizes–suitable for men and women alike. This is the best investment for weightlifters. With its adjustable wrist, it offers a good fit to your hand offers flexible support for having a stretchable material. You could see and feel how this product is well-made to last a long time. The price is very reasonable for its feature and functionality. Totally worth the price. Try it and you’ll never want to switch to another glove again.

Fit Four The Gripper Weightlifting Gloves

An innovative twist to the weightlifting gloves, the Fit Four The Gripper Weightlifting Gloves only covers the part that is prone to calluses. It leaves half of the palm and fingers exposed to give you the best feel of the handlebar and allowing you to grip it with utmost flexibility, It’s made of durable and high-quality materials. It also features compression effect on your hand to give it more support while lifting weights.

With all the innovative features, this pair of weightlifting gloves is not for everyone. Those who were used in using conventional weightlifting gloves find this less supportive when it comes to carrying the weights on your palm. For those who are only taping the “callus-prone areas” of their hands for weightlifting find this very supportive and functional. Overall, it offers a perfect fit (with compression) and provides protection against calluses and blisters. It’s also lightweight and thin–contrary to the common bulky weightlifting gloves that we are all familiar with. Not everyone will love this product but still offers flexibility and support to those who do.

Valeo GMLS Meshback Lifting Gloves

Made of genuine leather, this pair of weightlifting gloves offers a high-quality support and protection to your palms. It exposes half of your fingers for a solid feel on the handlebar, thus giving you a much stronger grip. The back of the glove is made of cotton mesh that easily stretches upon movement for flexibility. The palms are also padded to give comfort and support while lifting weights. It protects your hands from calluses and blister formation. The adjustable wrist is closed by hooks and loops.

This basic weightlifting glove is highly recommended for those who lift weights occasionally to moderately.It works great for these users. Even with such low price, it’s also designed to last long, given that it’s well-taken care of and not abused. More frequent weightlifting will only tear this product apart. This means that the price will only serve you right if you engage in mild activities. You might want to go for more expensive brands for successive weightlifting exercises.

Meister Women’s Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves w/ Washable Amara Leather

An affordable pair of weightlifting gloves designed exclusively for women’s use. It’s made of Amara leather, which makes it machine washable and tough. It also comes in feminine colors. It’s made to fit the smaller and more delicate hands of female. It’s cushioned to have the best support and grip with weightlifting. The materials used is fully breathable–allowing sweat to evaporate. It also features a pull tab for each finger for easy wear. Another pull tab is also strategically placed at the wrist part. These weightlifting gloves look very nice and work perfectly for occasional to moderate weightlifters. It fits perfectly to the woman’s hands and provides with more control and grip while handling bars and weights.

The design and materials of this pair of gloves are designed to last given that it’s used with care and proper handling. Regular and frequent use may cause the product to tear so it’s not recommended for such use. Another drawback noted about the product is that it may have a strong smell (due to materials used). It’s highly recommended to wash it first before using.

SEEU2-Fitness Women’s Men’s Weight Lifting Gloves With Wrist Wrap

This is another beautiful pair of weightlifting gloves that is amazingly tough and durable. With its very low price, you’ll be surprised how the materials and built of this gloves are made to last! The design of this product is so chic, and one of the reasons why a lot of women weightlifters are easily attracted to it. Surprisingly, the product is proven to be made of high-quality materials and designed to give you one of the best grips and support that is comparable to more expensive brands. The adjustable wrist wrap is made of durable and elastic materials, to give you the best support and protection while carrying weights.

It has a lot of tiny dots on the palm made of silica gel which makes your grip stronger. It also has sufficient padding on the areas prone to callus and blister formation. The materials in between fingers are made of terry cloth which is a breathable mesh that allows sweat to evaporate. The back portion is also made of elastic materials which provide flexibility and a full range of motion–suitable to match your workout needs. The velcro and palm grip are also made to last long.

RIMSports Gym Gloves

One of the best high-quality unisex weightlifting gloves that built to last a long time. RIMSports Gym Gloves is everything you need for a workout glove–not just weightlifting. It’s made of the finest materials that are known to withstand friction and constant movement and weight. The material used in-between fingers are made of breathable fabric to allow sweat to escape and gives you more flexibility and finger movement. The rest of the materials used is 100% genuine leather and spandex to allow movement.

This is very helpful in weightlifting since it allows you to have a very strong grip and supports your palms up to your wrists. It also features lightweight and diagonal velcro strap to keep the gloves in place while doing a full range of motion. This gloves also come with various colors so variation and design are also addressed in the manufacture of this robust and reliable weightlifting gloves. This pair of workout gloves is perfect to moderate to frequent weightlifters and gym goers. Still, it may vary according to the care and handling of the product, but overall, this product could last long even with frequent use.

Contraband Pink Label Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves w/ Grip-Lock Padding

Contraband Pink Label Women’s Weight Lifting Gloves w/ Grip-Lock Padding is another great weightlifting gloves made exclusively for women’s use! It provides one of the most comfortable and perfect fit to a woman’s hand. The palm also features tiny silicon rubber bullets to help you have a firmer and more secure grip while the padded cushion adds protection to your hand against blisters and calluses. It’s comfortable and soft interior does a great job of absorbing sweat, allowing you to keep your hand dry which secures your hold and grip. The materials in between fingers are also breathable–preventing heat and sweat build up. It’s also very easy to wear with the addition of pull tabs in the ring and middle finger.

Though built to last long hours of workout, the quality of this pretty gloves is made for those light to moderate users. It’s not suitable for frequent users as it may result in tearing. For moderate users, it’s a great bargain considering the quality and the design you get with such a low price.

Harbinger Women’s FlexFit Weightlifting Gloveswith Flexible Cushioned Leather Palm

Made with high-quality and tough materials Harbinger Women’s FlexFit Weightlifting Gloves with Flexible Cushioned Leather Palm is designed for frequent and daily weightlifters and gym goers. This pair of weightlifting gloves is not only astonishingly gorgeous but also very comfortable yet robust. The soft and breathable fabric used is treated with an antimicrobial agent to make sure that the gloves are sanitized and odorless. The palm features layers of padding and cushion designed to give you the best protection against blisters and calluses while giving you support with your grip and control. The gel pads inside the padding are also built to accommodate and adjust to weight and stress points.

To top it all of, this product is very easy to care and maintain since it’s completely machine washable. The leather and other materials used are also robust enough to withstand the dryer without shrinking or deforming. These weightlifting gloves are stylish, practical and durable. It’s definitely worth the money you spend in it. You can use these as often as you want and it still guaranteed to stay for long.


Weightlifting gloves can come in many forms, designs, and colors. On top of appearance and style, the most important part in choosing the best weightlifting gloves for you is its quality and durability. Yes, these products may cost you more money than the lower cost alternatives, yet still gives a greater value for your money since it’s build to last longer. Buying cheaper alternatives and ending up replacing them after a month or two is definitely not worth your money. It’s also not advisable to go over the top and purchase the most expensive weightlifting gloves out there. The price of the gloves does not always guarantee the best quality that meets your workout needs. The reviews listed for the best weightlifting gloves in this article tells you if the gloves are suitable for light use or heavy use. This way, you will be guided in choosing the best and most cost-effective option for the type of workout routine that you are having. Keep in mind that if you are planning to do these forms of workout for long, then you might as well invest in a pair of gloves that you can use throughout.

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