Best Weight Vest Reviews 2017

As you go through with your workout routine daily there would come a time when your body would get used to the intensity and repetitions of the workout. When this happens, you would be in danger of plateauing and would end up not getting anymore results. To prevent this from happening it’s best that you shake up your routine by adding more workout or by increasing the difficulty. Vest weights are a great addition to your workout routine to make it harder and to fool your body that its heavier than it actually is. They would definitely increase the intensity of your workout and would give you the boost that you probably need to take your workout to the next level.

ZFitness Adjustable Weighted Vest

Vest weights are usually bulky this would mean that it wouldn’t fit certain frames and sizes of people. They’re also usually built with men’s body in mind making them inappropriate to use for females who have different dimension and built. All these are taken into consideration when these weight vests were made. It has adjustable straps which would be perfect for you to adjust the vest to the right size for you and your body. Its also built to fit both men and women so women won’t have to make do with having ill-fitting vest weights. The weights could also be adjusted to just the right amount that’s perfect for you and your needs. This is done through the addition or removal of individual weights which are included in this pack.

If you’re looking something versatile and could adapt to the changes of your body as well as the change of your needs then this vest weights might be the best one for you. This vest received mostly great reviews from its consumers. They all loved how well built it is and how long lasting the vest weights are. They were also impressed with the comfort and fit that theses vests gave them despite all being of different sizes and built. Putting the straps on and off was a bit of a confusion and difficulty for some while other didn’t experience the same hassle. Do take note that this vest has a huge drawback and its that it doesn’t include instructions. Since there are no instructions included it could be a challenge for most to assemble the pieces together. Some even had to resort to watching on YouTube just to figure how to assemble the vest. If you’re looking fro something well made and would fit you perfectly then these vest weights might be for you. Just be prepared to open that YouTube tab to make sense of it.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

Can’t workout without music on but don’t want to put on an addition strap just to carry it around? Then this weighted vest is the perfect fit for you! It has a pocket where you can just slip your mp3 or iPod so you won’t have a boring workout. It also has reflective stripes so you’ll be safe when you use this outdoors. This vest weights also has a special temperature controlled design so you can use it both when its cold and hen it’s hot. This vest weight is perfect for those who want to improve their cardio and workout routine but also have other additional wants when it comes to their exercise equipment. It’s a great all-in-one device that will keep you entertained, warm, and safe throughout your workout.

In addition to all these great features, the CAP Barbell vest weights also received great reviews from its consumers. They were all impressed at how well it fits them and how easily adjustable the straps are depending on what size you need it to be. It also generally stays put when you do jumps or other exercises where there’s rigorous movement however it does still move about a bit. The weight of the sandbags are also made well and done in a way that they are well distributed so you won’t have unevenly developed muscles. The mp3 pouch, which is one of the main features of this vest, is a bit small for the bigger smart phones most people have so if you’re looking for something that’s a perfect fit to your smart phone then this might not be the one for you. However, it is a good place to keep money or your keys so you’ll still be able to workout hands free and without needing any pockets since most workout clothes don’t have any pockets.

Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest

Looking for a vest that doesn’t just look like the normal black weights? Looking fro something that’ll make you standout even while working out? Or maybe you wanna feel like you’re a military in training. If you said yes to any one of those questions then this Cross101 vest might be the perfect workout buddy you’re looking for. Unlike the other vest weights which are dull and monochromatic in color this vest weights are of a camouflage color giving you the feel of being in military training.It has a belt attached to the waist so you can attach the vest easily. This vest also comes with manufacturer warranty so you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a product that’s broken or doesn’t fit you properly.

This vest weight received great reviews from consumers. It fit well no matter what size you are, whether your small or as big as a body builder. This is because of the double Velcro strap that can tighten the vest as snug to your body as you want. Its also very easy to clean so you won’t have to be worried about your vest smelling after sweating a lot due to your workout. They also loved how sturdy it is and how it wouldn’t just break down after a couple of uses. It’s very easy to put on and off but its not as adjustable as the other weight vests are. Its also insanely cheap making it a great force for those who wouldn’t want to spend so much on weights. No matter how great of a product something is there would still be some things that won’t quite hit the mark. One of the usual complaints of consumers about this is that it slides down their body when they run or jog making it a bit uncomfortable and also affects their speed and overall performance. There’s also no padding on the neck and shoulders so it’s possible that you’ll get scratches while you jog or run since it doesn’t stay out on your body.

ZFOsports® – 20LBS -UNISEX- Comfortable Exercise Adjustable Weighted Vest

These weight vests from ZFOSports are perfect fort hose who are just first trying out using weights. They are reliable but wouldn’t cost you too much. Its sturdy and durable so you won’t need to worry about replacing it often. It can also grow with your needs since you can adjust the weights based on what you need it to be. So you can buy a heavier weight but you can start with fewer weights attached and add as you see fit depending on your workout as well as the intensity you want. This feature would also prevent your results from plateauing due to muscle memory or your body getting used to the same intensity.

These weights are capable of not only lasting long term because of its durability but also because you can adjust it depending on your needs. Consumers loved the ability to adjust the weights as well. They were also extremely happy about how easy these weights came off and on with just the adjustment of a Velcro. The overall construction was also appreciated by a lot of the consumers and say that because of the construction the vest doesn’t bounce or move whenever you do exercises that require more movement. This vest is one size fits all so some of the consumers did find that the size doesn’t fit those with smaller built. So if you’re a bit petite this might not fit you as well as it does on other people. The straps are also a bit hard to figure out so if you need to adjust a few things to fit your body more you might find difficulty in doing so. This vest weights from ZFOSports is an overall great buy, it’s durable, versatile, and is not extremely expensive.

RUNFast Pro Weighted Vest

This vest weights is another great way to add intensity to your workout. If you’re worried about it being too big for you, you won’t need to fret because this vest is one size fits all.You can also customize the weight based on the weight that your body and your workout calls for.So when you order you can already choose the size that’s perfect for you. If you’re one of those who wants to increase as they go along you can also add or remove weights based on what you need. It also includes warranty so if you accidentally ordered the wrong weight for you or if the vest breaks down then you can return it or get I replaced with no added cost.

This vest from RUNFast also received great reviews from its consumers. A lot of them were impressed at how comfortable the straps of the vest are. They also loved how well they fit and how snug it gets depending on how well you adjust it. There were also a lot praises about the fact that this vest comes with extra weights so your vest could be increased in weight preventing you from plateauing or getting used to the routine again. It’s also great for sharing between family members or friends due to its added weights and adjustable straps. The overall make of the vest is well done. The stitching as well as straps are of top notch quality and will ensure that the vest would be long lasting. The Velcro is also well made and doesn’t show any wear or any signs of breaking down even after continuous use. The amazing quality as well as the added comfort the weights gives makes it a great choice for anyone looking for great vest weights.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Unisex Weighted Vest

If you’re looking for a vest that’s recommended by a lot of consumers and even by Men’s Health magazine then this Hyper Vest Pro vest weights might be the one for you. Its an innovative design holds high density weights snug to each other so you’ll get optimum results. These weights are also very thin so it’s very easy to hide it under your shirt. Thin weights also mean that the fabric of the vest is placed really close and snug to your body this allows for maximum movement so you won’t have to worry about being limited on the moves and exercises you can do because your weight won’t pull you down. Since it lies flat on your body you’re probably worried about all the sweat that it’ll get from your workout but due to its odor resistant property you won’t have to worry about this happening anymore. Aside from all these amazing features you can also choose between five weights so you’re sure that the on you’ll buy is the perfect fit for your needs.

Being award winning doesn’t really mean much if the customer reviews say otherwise about a product and that’s slightly the case with Hyper Vest. Although a lot of the customers were impressed at how well the vest fit on their body and how great it makes you feel while working out they did complain about its value for money. They say that it’s a bit overpriced since most of the vest weights are below this price point. The quality isn’t as good as you’d expect for its price. It frays after a few uses and it doesn’t really last for more than a few months. These reviews show that despite being highly recommended by a reputable magazine a product could still not meet the standards of those who would be using it everyday.

MIR Short Adjustable Weighted Vest

If you want something that’s compact, small, and comfortable then these weights from MIR might be the one you’re looking for. Its small enough that you won’t have to worry about looking to bulky while you work out and it also won’t interfere with your exercises because it’s not too big in size. This also has pouches where you can add weights so you can adjust how heavy or how light you want them to be depending on what your workout calls for. The straps are foamed so you won’t get any chaffs or scratches while working out with this vest. The foams also give you added support for your posture which is important in getting maximum results while working out.

This vest weights from MIR is great for those who prioritize comfort and overall look when it comes to purchasing their vest weights. Its size gives you the freedom to wear it without being bothered by its size or by it limiting your movement. This product received generally great reviews from its consumers. They loved how well the adjustable straps is able to keep the vest snug and fit on your body. They also loved that there is an elastic on the back so your back could still breathe while working out. They also found the vest be well built and could last a long time. However, there are still a couple of complaints with this vest. Although it is already compact, some of the customers still got some chaffs after running with the weights for a while. They also found it the Velcro straps to fray after using it for adjusting quite often. Despite these negative comments, this MIR vest weight is still a great find which has almost all the features you need in a weight vest without the hefty price tag.

Valeo WV40

Valeo is one of those brands that are known for their quality exercise equipment and their vest weights sure won’t disappoint. It’s made of breathable mesh so you wont have to worry about stinking as you sweat out those unwanted fat in your body. It has an adjustable front clip which makes it really easy to out on and off. However this might pose a problem to those who have smaller built since the vest is one size fits all. If you’re worried about not having the room to grow with your vest you don’t have to worry cause this vest has removable weights which gives you a wide array of choices when it comes to the weight you can use when working out.

These Valeo weight vests got stellar reviews from its consumers. What they all praised is how well built the product is and how easy it is to wear. They all praised the fat that the material is a breathable and yet it doesn’t mesh or fray. The weight is also evenly distributed so you won’t have to worry about uneven muscle development or getting injuries due to poor positioning of the weights. It also fits well and allows you to have full range of motion so you won’t have any limitations to the type of workout that you’ll do. One downside to this vest is that it doesn’t have shoulder pads which could be a problem when it comes to comfort. The lack of pads also means that there’s no support for you to have the perfect posture. This Valeo weight vest is an overall great product that gives you great value for your money because it will last you for years to come and it could also grow as your needs with your workout grow.


We hope that you’ll be able to purchase the best vest weights for you and your needs with the list we’ve given you. Vest weights are great to have as an addition to your workout routine. They will prevent you from eventually plateauing or ending up getting stuck with results. However, you must consider the overall package of the vest when purchasing one. It’s best to not just focus on the weights available but also the quality and the ability to add or remove weights. The overall quality of the product should also be a top priority when choosing a weight vest since no one would one that would fall apart just after a few months of use. Great vest weights shouldn’t interfere with your workout so you must consider your size as well as the size of the vest when purchasing a vest for yourself.

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