Best White Eyeliner Reviews 2017

Eyeliners have been a staple in every woman’s makeup bag. They have the ability to make your eyes pop and make them look bigger. They can also help draw attention to your eyes so your eye makeup game would draw as much attention as you want. With the rise of the “barely there makeup” trend a lot of people have been trying to steer clear from the usual black eyeliner which can be a bit too strong for the soft and feminine look that they’re trying to achieve. Because of this, a lot of beauty junkies are now trying out white eyeliners to finish their look. White eyeliners can make your eyes pop without making your eyes look too harsh, making it perfect for a fresh and young look. With the rising amount of white eyeliners available in the market it can be quite difficult to choose one to fit your needs and its even harder to pinpoint the one with the best quality without trying it. Below we’ve listed the best white eyeliners in the market so you won’t have to try them all on in the drugstore. These eyeliners are also highly pigmented so you won’t have to put on layer upon layer just to get that nice white dewy look. It’s also long lasting so there’s no need to retouch them constantly.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, White

A lot of people have a bit of an aversion towards liquid eyeliners. They find them hard to put on and even harder to keep on. Due to its liquid form it’s easily smudged and if you don’t have a steady and you’ll surely end up getting smudges around your eyes and even on other parts of your face. However, despite how crazy the application process is with liquid eyeliners they still give you a better overall look and thinner application. With this Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner you can enjoy the smoothness of liquid eyeliners without worrying about smudges or it running or bleeding. This liquid eyeliner also gives you long lasting wear so there’s no need to torture yourself with the application more than once a day.

This eyeliner from Stila is perfect for those who want to give liquid eyeliners a try. They’re easy to apply and you won’t experience any smudges when you apply them. It also received high praises from its consumers. They were all gushing about the really thin felt tip that allows you to put on eyeliner as thin or as thick as you want. These tips also give you the much needed stability and precision when dealing with liquid eyeliners. There was also much love for its long lasting wear and the fact that its waterproof which makes it resistant to bleeding even if you find yourself crying or getting wet by the rain. This is an overall great eyeliner to have. It left a lot of customers satisfied and wanting for more and it also gives you the white line that you prefer.

NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil

NYX is one of those brands that’s been around for a while. They’ve also been gaining popularity in recent years due to their lip products and quality eye products. The Nyx color palette is always on trend and they aren’t afraid to put out bright colors in all their products. So it comes to no surprise that their white eyeliner is included in this list. This particular eyeliner from Nyx is of the mechanical type. This makes it extremely convenient for those who are always on the go and wouldn’t want to have an extra tool on hand like a sharpener since you’ll be able to get more of this pencil with just a twist at the bottom. Its also long lasting which saves you from having to retouch in the powder room constantly just preserve that dewy look.

This Nyx mechanical white eyeliner received much love from those who’ve purchased it. Most of them were impressed at the high quality that this product gives despite its affordable price. They also love that a drugstore makeup product can perform as well as the high street or even high end brands. The waxy material of the eyeliner is also something that they love. It’s not too harsh on your skin and since it’s mechanical and not sharpened it’s not too pointed making it safe to apply on your waterline. The pencil is also durable and doesn’t just break with a simple drop. As for the wear of the eyeliner, many found it too be long lasting and didn’t find the need to retouch it throughout the day. Its high pigmentation also allowed them to apply little product while still getting maximum color this gives for a more cost effective product.

NYX Cosmetics Slide On Pencil

Being such an established brand, it’s no surprise that Nyx has more than one entry on this list. The main difference between this eyeliner and the previous one is that this has more of a brighter white that is really visible. This would mean that it’s not for a subtle look but more for a look that’ll make heads turn. It’s a perfect eyeliner for those who want the effects of using a liquid eyeliner without having to deal without the mess of using a liquid eyeliner. This is also perfect for those just starting to learn how to use an eyeliner since it’s easier to maneuver.

This Nyx pencil received mostly great review from its consumers. A lot of them loved that it stays on throughout the day and that it doesn’t smudge. However, it is a bit of an inconvenience to some that it needs to be sharpened.

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner

Rimmel is a U.K. brand which is slowly having a cult following especially for their foundations. But of course aside from this quality face product they also manufacture other make-ups such as this eye liner. This eyeliner is made of soft kohl kajal making it highly pigmented and long lasting. If you’re looking for something subtle and barely noticeable then this might not be the eyeliner for you. Even in white it would still standout because of it dense color application. This eyeliner is in pencil form so you would need to sharpen it. This might be a deal breaker for a lot of you want hassle free application or those who aren’t comfortable having a pointed item near their eye.

This Rimmel eyeliner is great for those who want to define their waterline with white eyeliner since this would give it a nice bold look. However, you must be careful not to apply too much since it might end up looking to smudged or overpowering. This eyeliner from Rimmel received mostly mixed reviews from its consumers. A lot of them are in love with how easy it is to apply as well as how easily it gets sharpen. A handful of them also found it to be long lasting which is a huge plus especially for those who don’t have time to retouch. However, there are those who say otherwise and claim that the eyeliners stayed on them for only a couple of hours and some even found it to wash off after just a few minutes of application. There’re also complaints about it not having the same transfer on some people. These contradicting accounts may be due to defective items or even differences in skin types.

Jane Iredale Eye Pencil

jane iredale Eye Pencil

Jane Iradale is a brand which prides itself on its hypoallergenic beauty products this is a huge plus for those with sensitive skin and for those who wouldn’t want any harmful ingredients to go on their skin. Their eyeliner is also made of special ingredients which won’t harm your skin. It has Shea butter that’s known to moisturize your skin. It also has Vitamin E and Macadamia seed oil to soothe and protect your skin. With this eyeliner you’re not only taking care of your skin by using quality products but also giving it added moisture. It’s also made of naturals pigments which are long lasting and has a soft texture.

This is a great eyeliner for anyone looking for a product which won’t just be gentle on your skin due to its natural ingredients but also protect it and give it nutrients that it needs. This brand is also cruelty-free so you would feel better and not feel guilty while using it. It also received great reviews from its consumers. They all loved how long lasting it is and how well it transfers on their skin. It also doesn’t smudge or bleed so you won’t have to worry about your white eyeliner going out of place at any point during the day. The smoothness of the eyeliner is also highly appreciated by consumers. They liked how it doesn’t feel rough on any part of you skin. But what people really love about the product is its moisturizing and soothing properties. Overall, this Jane Iradale eyeliner is a one of a kind product that doesn’t just boast of long lasting wear but also for how great it is for your skin.

Blinc Eyeliner Pencil, White

Blinc is another brand which values not only having top notch quality products but also using ingredients which won’t harm your skin. This eyeliner has a great formula which contains antioxidants and Vitamin E. The formula also has a creamy consistency which makes applying it smooth and clean. This creamy formula also makes it great to give you the dewy and wide eye look that you want from white eyeliners. Aside from having wonderful ingredients it also has great quality and doesn’t wear and would last throughout the day. This is due to it being smudge free yet could be easily blended based on how you want it to look.

Being made from natural ingredients, this eyeliner from Blinc give you not only long lasting makeup but also protects and moisturizes you skin. This is something that we don’t see often in makeup products especially ones for eyeliners. Aside from Blinc, Jane Iradale is the only brand that takes skincare into consideration. This product is also well loved by its customers they love that it stays put and doesn’t smudge at all even after having it on for the whole day. It’s also waterproof so you won’t have to worry about it bleeding or smudging with just a bit of moisture. Do take note that due to it being waterproof you might need a makeup remover to take this completely off because even if it in white it’s still better for your skin to remove makeup completely. They were also impressed that even if they have sensitive skin they never feel irritated or itchy after using the product. However, those with oily skin might not find this to be as long lasting since some reviews claim that it smudges if you have this skin type. This eyeliner is another great choice for those with sensitive skin or would want something moisturizing.

Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama

A lot of people have a hit or miss experience with Maybelline. This product is known to have no middle grounds and either does a product exceptionally or completely misses the mark. It’s known to make great mascaras so it’s no surprise that their waterproof eyeliner is also part of our list. This Maybelline Eyeliner is waterproof which is great especially for those who live in hotter climates where you would end up sweating a lot or even for those who always find themselves crying during sad movies. You can also expect this to last the whole day so no more worries about looking in the mirror for smudges or blank spaces. It’s also highly pigmented and its gel formula makes it easier to apply since it glides smoothly on your waterline. Do take note that this is a pencil eyeliner so you’ll need to sharpen it every now and then. Which we know could be a huge hassle for a lot of people since you’d need to carry around another tool with you.

This eyeliner received mainly mixed reviews from its consumers. There were those who found the quality of the line it makes to exceptional. They also like how pigmented the product is and how easily it transfers on your skin. But it seems there are also those who aren’t quite fond of this product. The most complaint is its incompatibility with sharpeners. It basically won’t sharpen with any type of sharpener that they have used. This means that the eyeliner was deemed unusable after just a few uses. It also didn’t last long for some like it did for the other consumers. There’s also a few cases where it smeared and bled right after application. This eyeliner from Maybelline is a great one to purchase if you ever find a sharpener that’s compatible with it otherwise, its better to look for something else.

Absolute New York Waterproof Gel Eye Liners

Absolute New York Waterproof Gel Eye Liners (White (NFB91))

This white eyeliner from Absolute New York is an affordable eyeliner which does the job. It’s long lasting and wouldn’t smudge. It’s also waterproof so you wont have to worry about it running or bleeding if you ever get wet by the rain or watch a sad movie. It also received great reviews from consumers who initially thought it wouldn’t work well for them but it ended up being a good quality eyeliner that’s cheap yet stay throughout the day.

E.L.F. Professional Eyeliner

This white eyeliner from E.L.F. is the only one on this list which has a built-in sharpener this makes it really easy for those who are a bit apprehensive about buying a pencil eyeliner because of the hassle of having to bring an extra sharpener. The sharpener is on the cap of the pencil too so you won’t have to worry about portability and you’ll have a lesser chance of loosing it (hopefully!). This eyeliner also stay pretty long on your lids. However, some reviews do claim that it smudges so you still need to check and retouch throughout the day. It also left a lot of it consumers disappointed because it doesn’t spread as easily and doesn’t apply smoothly on your lids.


Eyeliners are one of those make-up essentials that any girl should have. They can brighten up your face and even change your entire look just with a swipe of it. White eyeliners can really give you a nice shine that’ll provide you with a great look without having to put too much effort. So we hope that with the list and tips above above you’ll be able to choose the best eyeliner for you and for you skin type. Just remember that when buying an eyeliner, it’s best to know your skin type since some products don’t work well on certain skin types. Knowing what works you will save you time and money.

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