Best Whitening Mouthwash Reviews 2017

Having white and sparkling teeth is the prime manifestation of a good oral health. Of course, this should be paired with visibly pink healthy gums and fresh breath. Brushing and flossing the teeth might be able to improve gum health as well as the breath smell but truth be told, brushing the teeth alone cannot do much to whitening them. Back during the old days, we need to choose a good dentist first, call to make an appointment with them, travel to their dental office and pay for their professional services just to achieve a pearly white set of teeth. But with the introduction of the best whitening mouthwash, the game has been made easier and more effortless. Check our list for some of the best whitening mouthwash below and maybe you don’t have to call, travel and pay your dentist just to whiten your teeth.

Periogen Hygienist Clean Oral Rinse

Periogen Rinse for Complete Oral Health Removes Plaque and Tartar that Cause Gum Disease; Dentist Recommended; Proven by Research Worldwide

The Periogen Hygienist Clean Oral Rinse does its teeth-whitening duty efficiently with its ability to remove dental tartar and plaque that built up on the teeth and gum surface. When there are no tartar and plaques on your teeth or gums surface, oral bacteria will not be able to breed thus giving you a better oral care.

The brand has also patented a unique tartar-removing formulation which lengthens the life of your dental implants such as the bridges and other orthodontic appliances. Hence, the Periogen Hygienist Clean Oral Rinse provides both the prevention and protection that our oral health needs.

In addition, the Periogen Hygienist Clean Oral Rinse has also some soothing and healing properties that assists in alleviating the redness, pain and the bleeding of the gums. Its formulation has been proven by the World Wide University Studies which makes you sure that the formulation will be gentle to your mouth, safe to your health but is strong against bacteria thus giving you the white teeth you have been dreaming about.

It is not only with its amazing whitening and strengthening properties which makes the The Periogen Hygienist Clean Oral Rinse one of the top whitening mouthwash. This mouthwash is also economy-friendly since you can save a lot of money compared to a bit expensive dentist visit or other teeth whitening products. With just one of its 3-ounce bottle, you can produce three gallons of rinse.

Crest 3D White Luxe Multi-Care Whitening Rinse Glamorous White

The Crest 3D White Luxe Multi-Care Whitening Rinse Glamorous White is a multi-purpose mouthwash that can give the whitest shade to your teeth. This fresh mint flavored whitening mouthwash has the right taste of mint that is sure to make your breath fresh for a long period of time.

It has whitelock technology that is sure to protect the surface of your teeth away from stains which can serve as bacteria breeding ground. It also has its triple-action formula which whitens the teeth with its gentle foaming action. Next in line from its triple-action formula is its ability to protect the surface of the teeth from any stains once you were able to achieve the whitest set of teeth. This property is also useful especially if you have gone to your dentist to get prophylaxis. Since you should be ideally getting this procedure a maximum of twice a year, maintaining your whitened teeth is essential during the six-month period. Also, the triple-action formula has the ability to fight off germs from your mouth that will absolutely give you the freshest breath.

The Crest 3D White Luxe Multi-Care Whitening Rinse Glamorous White is pretty confident when it comes to its power to whiten the teeth since it can whiten your smile in just two days. Maximum whitening effect can be observed after properly using it in just seven consecutive days.

Oral Essentials Whitening Mouthwash

The Oral Essentials Whitening Mouthwash is a dentist-formulated whitening mouthwash so you are sure that with every use of this is a step closer towards a better oral health.

This whitening mouthwash does not contain any harsh chemicals that might cause tooth sensitivity after using for a long time. For example, overexposure to hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, the main whitening agent that is widely used by oral care brands, might cause tooth sensitivity over time. But with Oral Essentials Whitening Mouthwash, they have used natural alternatives that works just as great as the hydrogen peroxide or baking soda when it comes to teeth whitening. Some of its ingredients are coconut oil, lemon peel plus sage oil that is a great combination for teeth whitening.

The Oral Essentials Whitening Mouthwash comes in an invigorating lemon zest flavor that is not harsh to the mouth and will also give you the freshest breath. Also, using the Oral Essentials Whitening Mouthwash is as easy as 1, 2, 3 since all you’ve got to do is swish the right amount as indicated for about two minutes at least twice a day. If you’re a caffeine-lover, however, you should be using it at least three times daily for perfect results.

Crest 3D White Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Diamond Strong

The Crest 3D White Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Diamond Strong creates a genuinely beautiful smile from inside and out. Specializing in whitening and strengthening, this whitening mouthwash produces a gentle foam formulation infused mainly with sodium fluoride that can gently whiten the teeth alongside with inactive whitening ingredient such as hydrogen peroxide. With its mainly active ingredient that is sodium fluoride, your teeth is sure to be strengthened and protected from unwanted oral germs which can lead to oral diseases. This chemical is also great to avoid cavities from building up to the surface of the teeth and gums preventing bad breath, tooth decay, yellowish teeth and poor oral health in general.

Furthermore, the Crest 3D White Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Diamond Strong can extract up to 93% of stains from the teeth and gum surface in just two weeks. Plus, the formulation has been made to be gentle towards removing stains and protecting the tooth’s enamel but still retains the strength to provide a pearly-white smile.

Bee Naturals Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse

f you’re a nature-loving person, you’ll surely fall in love with the Bee Naturals Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse has been made out of environment-friendly and mouth-friendly chemicals that provides ultimate teeth whitening effect with regular use. Since it has no harsh chemicals but gentle ingredients, its formulation initiates teeth whitening in a gentle way that is also a step closer towards perfect oral health care. To be more specific, harmful chemicals such as alcohol, artificial sweeteners, coloring or preservatives are not present with the Bee Naturals Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse’s formulation for a guilt-free pearly-white smile.

The Bee Naturals Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse is also easy to swish and is easy to be regularly and properly used. Everyday, be sure to swish one in the morning and one before you go to bed for maximum whitening effect that will leave your breath as fresh as a daisy. This whitening mouthwash is also Leaping Bunny certified which means that it has not been used for animal testing. To make sure it’s true, it has the bunny logo on its label.

Captivate the people around you by flaunting a pearly-white smile, refreshing minty breath and pink gums with the Bee Naturals Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse. Be confidently beautiful with visibly whiter teeth with this nature-friendly and oral health friendly whitening mouthwash.

Lucky Teeth Organic Mouth Wash

The Lucky Teeth Organic Mouth Wash is every mouth-sensitive person’s friend to achieve a whiter smile. It has amazing formulation that will not cause any irritation and oral diseases in the future. Some of its ingredients are nature’s gift such as water, organic oregano oil, organic tea tree oil and organic peppermint oil. Food grade peroxide has also been infused with the gentle agents that has been included with just the right amount of it to ensure the oral health will not be compromised.

Also, its formulation is also popular as the perfect antibacterial combination that can prevent gum disease and can alleviate pain and irritation brought by inflammation and bleeding. Its tasty hint of mint flavor is so refreshing but will still provide you the right amount of support to neutralize the oral bacteria residing in our mouths.

Harmful chemicals such as alcohol, sugar, fluoride, glycerin and gluten which are famous agents that has been used with some of the excellent whitening mouthwash are not included to the formulation. You can be ensured that your teeth will not be sensitive after a long time and that you will have a pleasant calming breath all throughout the day.

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash, Sparkling Fresh Mint, 16 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 6)

From one of the most forward brand with regards to oral health care, the Colgate Optic White Mouthwash has the right level of hydrogen peroxide to effectively make the teeth whiter. To be exact, it has 2% hydrogen peroxide concentration that is sure to remove the stains from the surface of the teeth and gums. Furthermore, it has an alcohol-free formulation that is great if you hate the stingy feeling that you get by using the normal mouthwash that has alcohol ingredients. It has also been infused with polyphosphates that will serve as every tooth’s shield against future stains.

Boost your confidence with pearly-white teeth and a fresh breath with its sparkling fresh mint flavor that stay longer. Oral germs and bacteria are also eliminated after use resulting a fresher breath.

The Colgate Optic White Mouthwash also has a dynamic foaming action which can penetrate even through the tight gaps between the teeth the toothbrush can’t reach. This makes the teeth white entirely from even the narrowest corner. This whitening mouthwash has also been carefully formulated so that tooth enamel won’t fall out of your teeth for healthier oral care.

Lavoris Whitening Rinse Mouthwash

Unlike other whitening mouthwash that are not child-friendly, the Lavoris Whitening Rinse Mouthwash can be used by your whole family to achieve a uniform pearly white teeth. It has incorporated Xylitol, a newly-combination for an effective teeth whitening, into its formulation which will transform the strength of your teeth. The xylitol also serves as an anticavity fluoride to avoid tartar and stain to the surface of the teeth and gym.

Trusted by dentists since the 1960s, the Lavoris Whitening Rinse Mouthwash also has the ability to remove bacterial compounds and germs out of the mouth after use. If oral bacteria and tartar and stains started to settle on your teeth’s surfaces the Lavoris Whitening Rinse Mouthwash will solve if efficiently.

The Lavoris Whitening Rinse Mouthwash also has an all-natural ingredients that also has a low alcohol concentration. To be exact, the whole formulation of this whitening mouthwash is made with only 4% alcohol that has a significant difference from the other countries who put 12% to 25% of alcohol into their mouthwash.

What to Look For

Basically, whitening mouthwash is popular since it can be a convenient choice to whiten the teeth. But before whitening mouthwash, the regular mouthwash was introduced first. Its great to know that the best whitening mouthwash in our list still retained the formulation from the usual mouthwash to be multipurpose that does not only whitens the teeth but can also provide a good oral health in general. But how does an excellent whitening mouthwash do that?

First, a whitening mouthwash uses one efficient agent that can be found from your dentist’s office to do a prophylaxis. This agent is called hydrogen peroxide which is famous for its efficiency when it comes to whitening or bleaching. However, extreme exposure to hydrogen peroxide might leave a risk to our health. Since you might be using your whitening mouthwash a couple of times a day, the brands made sure that the right level of hydrogen peroxide has been put to the whitening mouthwash formulation. Don’t panic if you realized that hydrogen peroxide is missing in the ingredient list of your whitening mouthwash and instead you find the carbamide peroxide. This other agent transforms into hydrogen peroxide with the use of the right amount of water.

Some of the best whitening mouthwash also combined sodium fluoride to their formulation. This chemical is great in providing protection to avoid surface stains and to also strengthen the teeth by avoiding bacterial build up. If you see that sodium fluoride has been incorporated with the ingredients of your whitening mouthwash, you are sure to also get a fresh breath so talking closely with someone will no longer be a red alert.

Lastly, be sure to read the instructions that the label provides with regards to how much time you need to retain the whitening mouthwash solution within your mouth so as to maximize its whitening, protecting, strengthening and breath-freshening effect.


Unlike whitening strips and whitening oral gels, whitening mouthwash can quickly and efficiently deliver your desired teeth whiteness. In fact, the two former modes of teeth whitening can take up to two hours to see the effect and may not be good for a longer time. Also, using an excellent whitening mouthwash is a lot more convenient than setting up a schedule to your dentist’s office. Not only that, using a whitening mouthwash as an alternative to get your desired pearly white shade on your smile is a lot more cheaper since it might cost you bigtime if you’re going to see your dentist. But of course, if medical attention arises that concerns your oral health, it’s better to call your dentist first.

Whitening strips and whitening gels have been proven to require a great amount of effort and time for its application. In addition, you need to do the dreadful process day after day to keep your smile shiny white. But with whitening mouthwash, all you have to do is to measure a generous amount of its solution, gargle for a few seconds and spit. Imagine how much energy and time you can save by using a whitening mouthwash. Even if you decide to have an oral prophylaxis from your dentist, be sure to grab a whitening mouthwash since they also protect the teeth from having any surface stain since you only get to have that procedure twice a year, ideally.

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