Best Wig Caps Reviews 2017

There are very specific times when you might have to wear a wig – maybe you’re an actor, or someone who had just lost your natural hair due to a disease or an illness, or maybe wearing one’s a part of your job, hobby or a personal preference. No matter what those reasons are, you must be acquainted with a handy little tool called a wig cap.

If you’re looking for best new wig caps, here are some of the most popular wig caps for sale in the market.

Unisex Stocking Wig Cap Snood Mesh

Unisex Stocking Wig Cap Snood Mesh Netural Nude Beige(12 Pack)

An affordable wig cap deal, this one-size fits all product is soft, comfortable and light to wear. Plus, it’s stretchable so you don’t have to worry if your head will fit.

This cheap wig cap set will suit nicely to those with thick mane, but chose to wear wigs.

Open-End Mesh Net Wig Cap Liner

3 Pack Open end Black Mesh Net Wig Cap Liner

The top wig cap on this list, this cheap wig cap set’s stretchable and breathable so you won’t have to worry about any potential discomfort. The open-end design means you can put this around your neck and over your head to catch more hair.

Definitely, a good wig cap to buy.

Mesh Dome Style Wig Cap

Mesh Dome Style Wig Cap

This wig cap is the most expensive of the bunch due to its cost, but it’s also the thickest as the breathable mesh is inspired by the Japanese swim cap. This wig cap brand is more recommended for those creating their own wigs rather than those just wanting to catch their hair in a net.

The purchase includes a U-part wig to make wig-making easy for you.

Dream Deluxe Multi Use Weaving Cap

Dream Deluxe Multi Use Weaving Cap Black #0157 - 6 pack

An affordable wig cap set that’s specifically designed for weaving hair. The cap itself is very sturdy and simply suitable in making wigs. It has adjustable straps to fit any head..

A great bargain given the price.

MapofBeauty One Size Nylon Wig Cap

MapofBeauty 2 Pieces One Size Nylon Wig Cap (Skin Color)

This one-size-fits-all nylon wig cap’s a no-frills product that does the job right. With a thick band to hold the wig in place, you might want to consider buying this product instead of the more expensive ones.

What are Wig Caps?

Wig caps are helpful little tools for protecting your natural hair or scalp by placing it directly over your head before fitting in your wig. A good wig cap must be able to keep the natural hair as flat as humanly possible without breaking. They’re also most likely flesh, nude or nylon-colored to make it look more natural when put over the head.

Wigs are often worn as personal preference, specially if you have to deal with unmanageable hair every single day before going to work or going out. It provides convenience and can save a lot of time.Wearing wigs dates as far as ancient Egyptian civilization, though it’s quite unknown if the history of wig caps’s as long as wigs.

The wearing of wig caps’s thoroughly up to the wearer as wigs can still be worn directly to the head, though it’s recommended to wear one to protect your scalp and prevent irritation or further hair loss and damage.

What to Look For

There are many reasons for wearing wigs. One of the major reasons is due to hair loss brought about by a medical illness or disease. This means people who underwent chemotherapy and those suffering from alopecia.

Wearing wig caps will help prevent itchiness from wearing wigs as well as provide a comfortable protection for your already sensitive scalp. For these customers, a meshed, breathable wig cap is recommended to prevent your scalp from being cooked by the warm air trapped between the wig cap and the wig itself.

Another reason for wearing a wig is as a disguise or costume. Mostly actors and cosplayers (those who dressed up in their favorite cartoon, anime, superhero, or comic/fictional character) often fall into this description. They’ve a natural, usually thick, hair that needed to be hidden underneath their chosen wig.

These customers will need a wig cap that will effectively flatten their own hairs without damaging the hair and scalp, thus leading to major hair loss. They would also need a wig cap that can hide all of their hair, since it’s kinda awkward to have your natural hair poking underneath your wig.

Flattening their natural hair’s a very important aspect of wig cap-wearing as nobody wants to hide their bulky natural hair underneath a wig. They might as well wear a shirt that says, yes, they’re wearing a wig (Donald Trump, anyone?).

Of course, setting your natural hair into a ball and hoping nobody will notice it with a wig cap on, is just too much to ask for. If you have a rather long natural hair, you’ve to slightly dampen it and set it into a low ponytail.

Afterwards, secure each end of your ponytail with a Kirby grip to create a crown. Thicker hair means multiple ponytails, but never use rubber bands or bobbles as it will lead to hair damage. You can then wear your wig without worrying if any of your natural hair is showing.

Both clienteles, those who wear wigs because they’ve to and those who wear it because they wanted to, require wig caps that can securely hold their wigs in place. Hair clips on wig caps can be used to keep the wig in place.

Nobody wants the humiliation of adjusting their wigs in public, though it’s not advisable to wear wig caps that are too tight or one size too small. Most wig caps are stretchable without losing their elasticity after a few days of usage.

Also, both need to avoid wig caps that are made of cotton or nylon as these can effectively absorb the moisture of your natural hair and scalp and may lead to damaged scalp and hair.

Wig caps are also sometimes used in creating new wigs. Different cap constructions often lead to different methods of attaching the hair onto the caps. There are four different types of wig caps that are suitable for wig-making: (1) 100% tied, (2) monofilament, (3) lace front, and (4) basic cap.

The 100% tied makes for the most natural-feeling wigs as every hair strand is hand-tied and thus, has the most natural hair flow. The monofilament, on the other hand, creates the illusion that you’re wearing your real hair and has the most versatile hair styling range.

The most popular wig cap for wig creators, the lace front offers the illusion of a natural-looking hairline, which can be handy as this can be worn on a day-to-day basis. It also allows the hair to be styled away from the face.

Lastly, the basic cap offers the cheapest price and most well-ventilated (due to open wefting) out of all the wig caps though a little more stressful to use since you need to pre-tease the hair at the roots to give it more volume, thus looked more natural.

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