Best Wine Glasses Reviews 2017

Any oenophile knows that one of the most aggravating experiences can be when you break a wine glass. Not only is there the immediate tragedy of losing a glass of precious wine, but once the arduous clean up process has been completed, you’re saddled with a new challenge: the need purchase new wine glasses. What a chore! Who wants to sift through dozens of reviews in order to parse the wide variety of prices for wine glasses and determine which will be the best option?

In the past, you might have had to rely on word of mouth or the advice of your sommelier friend in order to decide. But who wants to resort to that? Thanks to our hand and helpful reviews, you’ll be able to determine which wine glass will be best for you, both in terms of quality and price. Cheers!

Royal RYL-4PCWN Stemless Wine Glass, 15-Ounce, Pack of 4

Best Wine Glasses

One of the most popular wine glass designs these days are the stemless wine glasses. Although they resemble a more traditional wine glass, they do not have a stem, so they look like just the bulb. There are a variety of reasons this style of glass has become popular! First, they are all-purpose, and very easy to use every day. The stemless design means even when you are entertaining you don’t have to worry about a glass being knocked over and creating a mess you have to clean up (and a vacancy in your cabinet you must refill). Speaking of cabinets, this is the best wine glass for storing, because it doesn’t take up as much space as a traditional glass! With an ergonomic design, built with a durable material that’s capable of standing up to any dishwasher, these stemless wine glasses might just be the best value available.

Beautiful Hand Painted Large Wine Glasses – Set of 2

Best Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for a more high-quality wine glass, consider these beautiful hand painted glasses by Antoni Barcelona. Featuring the classic wine glass shape, these incredibly unique glasses make amazing gifts for any holiday or occasion. Because they are hand painted, each glass is entirely unique – there won’t be any other one like it, in the whole world! These beautiful hand-painted glasses make incredible personalized gifts for the oenophile in your life. If you’re buying a wine glass, and you want the best one available, look into this pair of breathtaking, one of a kind glasses.

Govino Wine Glass Flexible Shatterproof Recyclable, Set of 4

Best Wine Glasses

The Govino wine glasses are just the type of glasses that you’ll be interested in if you’re looking for high-quality glasses at an inexpensive price. These new glasses are made of an ultra-thin, flexible BPA-free polymer means these glasses will be incredibly durable, and last for a long time. There’s a lot of variety available here, since you can purchase these glasses in packages of a variety of sizes: you can get either four, eight, or twelve glasses at a time. In addition, these glasses come in two sizes – either twelve ounces or sixteen ounces – so you have a whole lot of options available for you. Made with a patented design that includes an ergonomically designed thumb indentation, these “go anywhere” wine glasses are idea for those who often host parties but don’t want their guests to struggle with their wine glasses or make a mess. This great value is just what you’re looking for in a new wine glass! Please be advised that these glasses are hand washed only.

Bormioli Rocco Restaurant Red Wine Glass, Set of 4

Best Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for a more traditional wine glass, then the Bormioli Rocco Restaurant Red Wine Glass set has you covered. This set comes with four glasses, so you’ll be ready to serve your entire family with your new wine glasses. Plus, these glasses are made in Italy, so you know they must be legit! In addition, these glasses are actually made of glass – a superior design that includes only lead-free glass, thus preserving both your delicious wine and your state of mind. With an 18-ounce capacity, these glasses are sure to be the inexpensive solution you’re looking for. And they might just be the most professional looking glasses you’ll be able to find! As if all this wasn’t enough, these glasses are dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your dirty glasses the morning after you enjoy a few bottles of wine. Don’t hesitate; these new wine glasses are just what you’ve been thirsty for!

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Best Wine Glasses

While there is a cavalcade of different single-serving wine glasses available, sometimes you might find yourself in need of a glass that goes that extra mile. For this discriminating wine enthusiast, the BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass will be right up your alley. This function glass is shaped like a wineglass, but with a bulb at the top. In terms of size, it holds a full 750 ML – the size of a full bottle of wine. That’s right, you simply open your bottle of wine and pour the entire thing into this single-serving glass. No need to pretend you’re going to share any more, just fill her up and enjoy your evening, afternoon, or morning! Standing approximately eleven and a half inches tall, no one will miss your awesome glass. Featuring a fun slogan on the side, you’ve finally found a wine glass that fits your needs! Unable to finish your glass of wine? Simply use a standard cork or wine stopper to save the rest of your glass for later. Bottoms up!

What to Look For

When you’re looking for a new wine glass, there are several considerations you’ll want to look over.

First, you want to determine what material the glass is made out of. This is important for several reasons. For one, it will tell you whether or not the glasses will be breakable. This may not be a consideration for some, but for many others, finding a glass that will hold together even if you drop it is an important part of selecting a wine glass. Next, you might have a preference for the more durable nature of plastic, or the more elegant nature of glass. It’s up to you to decide which best suits you! Finally, the material can often determine whether or not you can put your new wine glasses through the dishwasher, a consideration that may be of paramount importance to some.

The second consideration is style. How your wine glass looks says a lot about what you’re drinking. You need to decide what type of wine glass you want to have in your home: an easier to use stemless glass, or a more traditional shape? The decision is up to you, but whichever way you decide, you should be sure and investigate the wide variety of reviews offered above to determine which new wine glass is perfect for you!

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