Best Wine Racks Reviews 2017

Wine has literally been around since the beginning of time. Even back in Biblical times, wine is major religious and social aspect.

Today, many people enjoy wine as a hobby. Wine tours and wineries are both popular. The ambitious of us even attempt making our own wine. Whether you are using it for cooking or social drinking, wine is an important part of our society.

Maybe you’ve been out on a nice wine tour and come home with a few bottles to enjoy in the comfort of your own house. So now where do you store them? Sure you could shove them into a cabinet for the future, but wine can be a beautiful decorating aspect. So why hide it? Let everyone see your collection! And what better way than through a wine rack?

Below you will find a few wine racks to proudly show off your love of wine.

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack (Holds 6 Bottles)

Here is a fun tip about wall mounted wine rack holders: they double as towel holders! Our first one is no different! It will hold six wine or champagne bottles in your collection. Even better about this one, it hangs horizontally. Horizontally keeps the cork moist. Keeping the cork moist keeps the wine lasting longer than any other method. Each bottle will have its own individual slot, so no need to worry about stocking. Better yet-you can add racks above or below for more space! This means you can increase your wine collection!

Sorbus Wine Rack Butterfly-Stores 8 Bottles of Wine-Sleek and Chic Looking-No Assembly Required

Maybe you don’t have the wall space to mount a rack. Or maybe you’re just not prepared to risk that it might slip and (gasp) break your collection! Or maybe you’re just one of those people who wants quick access to your wine collection. Well, this rack may be the one for you. It sits neatly on any counter or tabletop. All of your wine bottles (it holds up to eight) will slip neatly into each slot. If you’re not a handy person, don’t worry. This is a no assembly-required piece.

Sorbus Bamboo Wine Rack-Holds 12 Bottles of Your Favorite Wine-Sleek and Chic Looking Wine Rack

This piece is bigger and a different shape than our previous wine rack. Also a table or counter top standing holder, this one will hold up to twelve bottles of wine. We just keep increasing the amount that you can hold in your collection. While this one has a dark finish, it is made of the sturdy bamboo material. It is super lightweight. Also set up horizontally, this one will keep your wine much fresher this way! Don’t be scared-this one does require some assembly. But it comes with instructions, so anyone should be able to take on this one!

Oceanstar 18-Bottle Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack

Here is another bamboo wine rack, but this one is a different style than our previous one. Built a little longer, it can now hold eighteen bottles of wine. It is still keeping them horizontal for freshness safety. But this one has a lighter coloring to it. This will fit perfectly if you’re not looking for anything too dark. This one does have assembly as well, but with this quality you’ll find it to be totally worth it. Better yet, buy yourself two and stack them or put them next to each other. Presto-you’ve just doubled your wine storage!

Seville Classics 40-Bottle Birchwood Wine Rack

Here it is…the mother of all wine racks! This one will hold a whopping forty wine bottles! If you don’t have a large collection, this one will inspire you to get one! And if you already have a large collection, this one will hold it all. If you have the space, you can settle this one onto a counter, but it might be best for the floor. Beautiful in a light colored Birchwood, you could paint it to make your décor. Given its size, it will need to be assembled, but it won’t take you long.

What to Look For

So now that you’ve seen a couple of different types of wine racks, what exactly should you look for in one?

Well, exactly how much of a wine drinker are you? Do you regularly buy-and drink-wine? Or are you one of those people who like to have the occasional glass? If you aren’t much of a wine drinker, maybe you don’t need a big rack. But if you do think that you will keep a few bottles in the house, maybe one of the wall mounts is for you. If you don’t use it for wine, you can always use it for a towel rack! Everyone has a use for those!

Secondly, what type of material would you like to see in it? Some wood finishes are stronger than others. Is bamboo something that you are open to considering? Or maybe you don’t want a wood finish. There are lots of nice metal frames available.

Where are you going to put this wine rack? Are you ok with mounting on the wall, or do you have the counter space to set it out for display? If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘well, I’ll just put it on the floor’…be careful with that! You don’t want to be tripping over it if you don’t have the space to store it safely.

If you are planning on drinking your bottles of wine and not actually using them for a decorating piece, you’ll want to be able to access them. Remember that before you mount them onto the wall. You don’t want to put them too high, or in an awkward place where it will be too much trouble to get a bottle when you want one.

Wine is a great hobby that many people enjoy partaking in. Whether you are new to the hobby or just getting into it, you are joining an amazing journey. For those of us that don’t have the room for a wine cellar, get the next best thing in a wine rack! Enjoy finding the perfect one to display your collect! Hopefully you will find each glass enjoyable, and admiring your beautiful collection even more!

Advantages of Owning A Wine Rack

What are some advantages of owning a wine rack? Well for one, wine takes up some serious space. So if you are going to stock up, you had best be prepared to give up a cabinet to it-or dedicate one entirely to it. But better yet-you could get yourself a wine rack. Wine racks will hold a variety of bottles while keeping them out of your cabinets and neatly on the wall. Or maybe you drink a good bit of your wine, so you would like your rack to sit on the counter with easy access!

Either way-a wine rack is the perfect solution to your collection!

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