Best Wine Stoppers Reviews 2017

How disappointing is it to wake up the morning after enjoying half a bottle of wine, only to find that the remaining wine in the bottle has gone bad? Do you know the best way to preserve a bottle of wine? If you’re having a hard time preserving your wine long enough for you to enjoy it, it may be time to purchase a wine stopper. But which wine stopper is superior? What is the best value?

Never fear, because our wine connoisseurs have determined what the best wine stoppers are, and at the best value, too! Whether you’re enjoying a vintage bottle from the cellars of Paris, or a fresh new flavor from Napa Valley, these wine stoppers are just what you need to ensure your wine stays fresh, beautiful, and drinkable.

Here are the five best wine stoppers available, in terms of quality and value!

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump with 2 x Vaccum Bottle Stoppers

Best Wine Stoppers

This wine stopper isn’t just a great value; it’s also the winner of several awards, used in over eighty countries throughout the galaxy! This extremely durable appliance is sure to survive even the more bacchanal celebrations. This excellent wine stopper creates a vacuum, which nature may abhor, but hey, it’s fantastic for preserving wine. Because by creating a vacuum, the Vacu Vin Wine Save Pump ensures that your delicious wine is protected from oxidation, a process which is the culprit responsible for the degradation of wine. Featuring one wine saver pump, and two reusable vacuum bottle stoppers, this product is available in a variety of colors to match your kitchen or wine cellar, including black, white, and stylish stainless steel. Please note that this product is suitable for all wise, except sparkling varieties.

Rabbit Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers

Best Wine Stoppers

If you’re looking for the best value when it comes to wine stoppers, look no further! The colorful and playful Rabbit Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers is the right product for you! These attractive toppers are designed to fit all bottle sizes and varieties. They’re made of rubber and stainless steel, so not only do they look good, they are durable and are built to last. Plus, you can easily toss them in the dishwasher when you need them clean! If you’re looking for a new wine stopper, these stoppers are super easy to use, and can be placed in the bottle and removed by even the most remedial of wine enthusiast! By providing an airtight seal, these wine stoppers will keep your wine fresh and ready to enjoy.

Happy Man Novelty Bottle Stopper

Best Wine Stoppers

Are you looking for a cheap wine stopper, but still want to have fun while you’re enjoying your bottle of wine? Don’t blink, because the Happy Man Novelty Bottle Stopper has something that’s come up just for you! Featuring an hilarious novelty design, the Happy Man Bottle Stopper is sure to make the good time flow alongside the vino. Featuring rubber O-rings, for the bottle’s pleasure, this excellent wine stopper creates an airtight seal to keep your wine fresh even after the laughter has faded. Plus, this wine stopper is cheaper than some of the more serious options.

With This Ring Chrome Diamond-Ring Bottle Stopper

Best Wine Stoppers

For those who would like some levity along with their wine stopper, but want something a bit more subtle, the With This Ring Chrome Diamond-Ring Bottle Stopper has you covered. First, this wine stopper is less expensive than many other bottle stoppers. The attractive packaging opens from the top, to fully simulate the proposal experience. And this bottle stopper will be a great apology if you previously purchased a novelty bottle stopper that no one else thought was funny.

FastOVacuum Wine Preserver Pump – Wine Save with 2 Stoppers

Best Wine Stoppers

This particular option is for those wine aficionados who will not be satisfied with a standard-issue wine stopper. For those individuals, there is the FastOVacuum Wine Preserver Pump. This top of the line wine stopper might just be the best value for a wine stopper there is! Made of sturdy and stylish stainless steal, this stopper will survive for several lifetimes! Featuring a special vacuum function, unlike any other wine stopper, this excellent device will keep your wine free from oxidation and bacteria for a whole fourteen days – that’s a whole fortnight! Can you really afford to walk away from a value like this?

What to Look For

When you’re enjoying wine, air serves a very important purpose. First of all, it “opens up,” wine, releasing the full scale of the beverage’s flavor and character. By moving the wine around in your glass, it allows little bits of air to get in among the wine molecules, and this produces a richer, more complete taste. It’s essential to enjoying a glass of wine! This is why you use devices that aerate your wine, such as a decanter – it releases the flavor of the beverage.

However, too much air can be a bad thing. While the wine will taste delicious when it first touches the air, air will cause the wine to quickly deteriorate. Soon the wine’s body, fruitiness, and aroma will be but a distant memory as oxidation sets in.

Oxidation is a word that describes the process of oxygen invading your wine, just as the huns wanted to invade China back in the day. The exposure to oxygen causes a chain reaction inside your wine! First, the oxidation causes hydrogen peroxide to form. This will then cause the creation of acetaldehyde. Both of these are pretty gross tasting, and you don’t really want to drink. However, once the wine has been exposed to air, the oxidation process begins, and these things start forming in your wine.

Luckily, there’s a way to prevent oxygenation! Just as the huns were prevented from invading China by the Great Wall of China, you can prevent too many oxygen particles from entering your wine by building a “great wall” that air molecules can’t cross. This “great wall,” when it comes to wine bottles, is the wine stopper.

With that in mind, it should be obvious what you need out of a wine stopper: you simply need to keep the particles of air out. So when you’re searching for the best wine stopper, bear in mind that you’re looking for the stopper that can keep the most air out, whether it’s a conventional cork or a fancy vacuum seal. Cheers!

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