Best Wire Cutters Reviews 2017

The best wire cutters are used for cutting and stripping wires for use in wiring jobs in anything that uses electricity. There are many design considerations like what type of wire cutter will be used. There are many designs with different features that determine how effective it will do the job!

Hakko CHP-170 Micro Soft Wire Cutter

Hakko CHP-170 Micro Soft Wire Cutter is the one cutter you will need! This option incorporates many features that make it perform the assigned task with ease. It has a dolphin style grip that has curved fore edges for comfort while using it. The surface is parkerized that prevents glare and it’s corrosion resistant too. The angles are designed to be 21-degree cutting surfaces that can cut terminal wires, and a stand-off measuring 1.5 mm when it has cut the wire. In the tool are precision ground holes and other surfaces which provide smooth movement. To make opening and closing precise, springs will the tool in open jaws, which can minimize hand fatigue. If you need to cut wire with its 8-mm jaw, gauges of 16 copper or soft wire can be cut.

To make the tool sturdy, it uses carbon steel that’s heat treated in the frame. This tool can be used for any use, in the house or workshop where it is needed! If you’re a DIY guy or an electrician, then it’ll come in handy for stripping or cutting wire. Most the time, wire cutting needs to be precise or they make contact with any metal. And this results in an accident!

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter, 2078309

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter is the one versatile that will be in the toolbox. What’s in store for you, when the package is opened? Do you need a multi-tool that excels in stripping wires? Then this is the option for you! You’ll love what the features can do for you. What you’ll notice is a cutting edge hardened by induction, to keep it sharp all the time. The wires it can cut and strip is up to 10-22 AWG, which is very useful for most cutting jobs. Instead of the usual form factor, it has a nose for pliers, that’ll assist in looping and pulling on the wires. If extra bolt cutting is needed, it can cut bolts and leaves the threading intact. Perhaps, terminals need some work done? Crimping is included with its many functions.

Overall, this finely crafted tool has many other functions that will be useful, and you don’t have to bring another tool to do the job! The features included in the design of this option is very handy if something needs doing, Worst, case you have to buy another tool if something wouldn’t work! Just think how good a tool that it can be and try it!

TEKTON 3386 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter

TEKTON 3386 8-Inch heavy-duty Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter is what you need for any task! Everyone needs a specialized tool for a specific job. This is what you need to get it right and finish it without much fuss. You’ll love what the features can do for you, because of the compound mechanism that minimizes force crushes down with force. You hold onto grips that are non-slip rubber and reinforced rolled bars will not bend or break! It’ll cut anything from chains, bolts, rods that are threaded, and anything metal. Now, the tool is meant for heavy-duty use because of hardened alloy jaws that will crush most metals with a cutting power to boot!

If you need this superlative option that will be above the rest of other tools, don’t hesitate because of this just what’s needed to cut wires to bolts! Imagine wasting time on doing the job with the wrong tool? It would be very troublesome, but with this, you can just do it. Everything that will improve cutting ability is in this tool! Thinking about it won’t get the job done, you need this tool for that very specific purpose. For a quality tool and precision one, this is to beat!

Klein Tools 11055 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper and Cutter

Klein Tools 11055 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper and Cutter is value for money. If you need a combo tool that will be handy for two jobs when in the field or just at home. For many homeowners, there are times that repairs will have to done without any professional help. This is what it is about and why having it, in the house would be better, than using a knife or using anything makeshift to fix wires or cut them.

When the package is opened, you’ll find out how the features enhance tool usage. They are shear-type blades that are made for precision cutting of solid or stranded copper, and the marking is distinct on both sides. To reach into cramped spaces which is hard, the handles are curved to do this. Doing tasks like wire loops, with a bending coil spring for fast opening when needed, and there is also stripping holes in the tool. A serrated nose to enable bending, shaping, and pulling of wire when working with it. A set of screw shearing holes to work on screw heads if it needs to be done. Having this tool will enable anyone to work with wires with ease.

Neiko 01924A Ultimate Self-Adjusting Wire and Cable Stripper

Neiko 01924A Ultimate Self-Adjusting Wire and Cable Stripper is the best self-adjusting wire stripper. If you want a tool that takes the guesswork out of the task, this will be the option for you. This is loaded with a feature that will make others look antique. To start things off, it has a mechanism that will adjust when clamped on, it’ll work on cables and wires that are 10-24 AWG. The outer covering of wires is cleanly stripped by specially designed teeth with a single stroke. A small thumb wheel that will precisely adjust the tension in the jaws and space that’ll be clean stripping of small wire easily.

The stoppers are adjustable to allow a certain length of wire to be used, at a time from ¼ to a ¾ core. The wire that is 10-24 AWG are cut by high frequency and heated blades for utmost precision. The standard built-in crimper which is indispensable for most electrical jobs and repairs that involve terminals. Plus, the design is spring loaded and handles that are both flat sided, that provide comfort and leverage to the user. This is the perfect tool for any pro or handyman who needs to get the job done perfectly all the time!

IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Wire Stripper and Cutter, 5-Inch (2078305)

IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP- Stripper and Cutter is the tool you’ll need to be precise all the time. No tools are created equal but this option will be the one, that is perfect for wire stripping and cutting that is very expertly done. Why does this product, among most option shine the most? Not to make something too much out of this goo tool, and it comes with the features that are excellent!

This is a multi-tasking marvel that is portable and big in what it does! This is a wire stripper and cutter all in one package that comes with selectable adjustment, to clamp onto 10-20 AWG to strip without applying too much pressure. Got sweaty hands? The grips are textured to give a better grip on it. The jaws are engineered to bite and hold adequately with just the right size, unless otherwise. Other extra is an easy to spot Blue handle and is pre-sharpened too.

This is the tool for anyone who is serious about getting wires stripped and cut with utmost precision, and it’ll ensure that electrical work on the house or sites will have no problem. It’s all because of this little tool that ensures, everything will be done expertly and correctly!

Klein Tools 1011 Wire Stripper Cutter Solid and Stranded Wire Blue 6 1/8 Inches

Klein Tools 1011 Wire Stripper Cutter Solid and Stranded Wire Blue 6 1/8 Inches is when the package is opened, you’ll find out how the features enhance tool usage. For some people getting a tool for the job, means getting an option that does the job, and not too many bells and whistles is what they want. If that is the preference, this is perfect for that no frills person, who wants the exact tool for the right job. But, despite the simplicity of use, the point is getting the job done!

To be visible at all times, and there’ll be no mistaking when taking a quick glance to get it. The handle is color blue, so the tool will be seen, even when covered by a sea of orange handles tools. A convenient length of 6 1/8” inches that’s neither too small nor big. The mechanism involves a spring-load to allow for self-opening, which makes it easier and faster to do stripping and its very light to carry about.

As you see, this is a bare basic tool that’ no frill, yet it does the task superbly just like other fancier products than this option. If this is what you want? Then get it now, and get the results his excellent tool will give you!

Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT

Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter THERMOCUT is the high tech way of cutting hard materials. Looking at this product that is very different from the sea of options! If Darth Vader needed a replacement for his light saber then this it! Instead of physical effort like traditional wire cutter, it uses heated wires to cut through the material it can burn through. This kind of device is suited for architects, designers, and most creative professions that will use this to make things.

The unique features of this cutter is having a cutting wire heated till 360-F, that’ll cut like a knife through butter cleanly! A lockable feed bar which comes with a double function fence that secures the material while cutting. Printed guides like a grid and protractor that makes placement precise. Creative professions benefit by having more ways, to produce designs that are innovative! The area for cutting is big enough for most cutting tasks and adjustments can be made on some of the parts. This will make sure, no mistake in measuring and placement of any material on the table top. Included is a warning indicator that the cutting wire is hot!

This is one wire cutter that will interest both pros and anyone willing to this out for any construction or creative purpose. Among all product, this options offers high-tech and will make Darth Smile at the same time!


To conclude this guide on how to get “The Best Wire Cutters”, we make a rundown of all the info on what is what, which is which and the type of cutter should be considered. There are manual types that don’t have springs and automatic ones that open with a spring in them. You can also choose from wire stripper and cutters that are self-adjusting for easy and precise cutting.Also available are wire stripper and cutters that also have thermal options that will make it easier cutting through different wire gauges no matter how thick or think the materials are. All you have to do is way in your options and consider all these available product options from the simple affordable wire stripper/ cutters, the all-in-one stripper/ cutters and the high-tech thermal cutters will definitely help you in choosing the perfect wire cutter for all your needs.Now, that we’ve gone through all this information and getting to the last legs of this review. What needs to be resolved is whether any option is up to point! Simply put, is it the right one for us? Whatever the answer, just click and get it. Next will be a primo wire cutter that’s your choice!

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