Best Women’s Sweatpants Reviews 2017

Be it your normal lazy day or a visit to the gym, sweatpants are just a comfortable item to wear! It is a must have garment for any women of all sizes and shapes! During a lazy weekend, sweatpants give you comfort as you move around the house or just watch movies all day without needing to wear restrictive items. It is also a reliable garment for working out since it is made of cotton that gives superior comfort and great sweat-absorbing properties. We have searched for the best women’s sweatpants in the market so you can get yours now!

Champion Women’s Jersey Pant

Champion Women's Jersey Pant, Granite Heather, Large

Having sweatpants made of 100% cotton promises nothing but comfort and relaxation. Sweatpants are a really athletic type of garment so they are specifically designed and tailored to resist ripping, tugging and frequent friction and movement.This is machine washable and built to last after repeated usage and repeated washing and tumble drying. The adjustable drawcord makes the perfect fit around your waistline so it doesn’t come loose when you are doing big movements and other activities. The fabric is soft and cool which allows air to enter and sweat to evaporate.

For reliable cotton sweatpants, this makes an exemptional wear! It is not too thin yet lightweight material which can make you move with ease and comfort. No other sweatpants out beats the lightness of this fabric. It helps you relax and comfortable during your workout, walks or even lounging around the house. It is the go-to sweatpants that you would love to wear every day. Seriously, if you keep wondering what to wear on a daily basis, the thought of being in this soft and cotton sweatpants will get rid of that problem on you! You’ll wear it every day and this could also replace your pajamas!

Champion Women’s Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant

Champion Women's Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant, Granite Heather, Medium

If you want a thicker fleece to feel for sweatpants, then Champion is a step ahead because they also have one for you! These sweatpants are thicker, meaning they give more cushion and support to your legs and bottom. It is also soft and comfortable which allow big movements for your workouts and daily routine. It also features and pen bottom hem which makes it convenient and easy for you to get on and off of his clothing. The wide waistband hugs your waist comfortably and snugly with the drawstring cord.

As expected from Champion the materials used superbly fleece. It means that the exterior is knitted and durable fabric while the interior is super cottony soft and breathable. This is a heavyweight sweatpant that most people would prefer since it doesn’t seem flowy and easily wrinkled. The waistline not being garterized have its purpose of not rolling down just like most of the garterized sweatpants do. Just remember that the material used can shrink on yur first exposure to a tumble dryer. Unless you promise not to tumble dry it ever, you can opt for a longer or bigger size than what yo usually wear.

Hanes Women’s Middle Rise Sweatpant

Hanes Women's Middle Rise Sweatpant, Ebony, X-Large

What more do you expect from Hanes? Nothing but high quality and comfort! This is the perfect sweatpants that are comfortable and thick without needing to be overly bulky. It has a wide waistband which is not garterized for the reason that Hanes doesn’t want to leave marks around your waist and the broad and wide waist will prevent it from rolling over like other sweatpants do! This look decent enough hat you can actually wear outside while jogging, walking the dog or even out in the groceries. No need to worry about jumping or bumping into someone you know.

The price of this high-quality sweatpants is unbeatable. It is built to last after repeated usage and washing and still turns out to be perfectly decent for your day to day activities. It’s still as fresh and as crisp as ever! That being said, you might think that you are going to pay a lot of dollars to get such premium quality of a sweatpant, but think again! The price of this item is unbeatable when it comes to practicality. You should have one for yourself and be wowed at how Hanes make their products so amazing.

Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant

Champion Women's Jersey Pocket Pant, Black, Large

When it comes to sportswear, Champion is the authority. This is the reason why this is the third product from Champion who made it to our top list. Nothing can compare to the quality and comfort you get from their products, anyway! Of all the things listed in here, i=this is honestly one of my personal favorites. It’s just that, these jogger pants are amazing and it fits perfectly in the waist area and the bottom of the pants are tight against your legs, so there is no way that dusts or soil gets in. This is no-mess pants so you can go out and run as far as you can without worrying about the bottom end of your pants getting soiled or what not.

It is 100% cotton! Yes, it is entirely made of the softest and most sweat-absorbing fabric in the world! You might think that this type of material is also prone to shrinking after machine washing and tumble drying, but the way it is tailored at the bottom end makes it no way susceptible to any shrinking. The best sweatpants ever with everything you need such as side pockets! You can go out with these pants, and pull off the jogger style!

HDE Women’s Color Block Fold Over Waist Yoga Pants Flare Leg Workout Leggings

HDE Foldover Athletic Yoga Pants Gym Workout Leggings (Light Gray, Medium)

For the women who love Yoga and comfort, HDE Women’s Color Block Fold Over Waist Yoga Pants Flare Leg Workout Leggings is the best innovative sweatpants ever invented. It is not thick at all! It is actually a thin cotton which gives you lightweight support and drapes your body like a soft blanket without restricting any movement at all! It is 95% cotton so it is very soft and comfortable in a very stylish and sexy cut! The remaining 5% of the material is Spandex, to make sure that the fabric fits and hugs your body right, especially in the waist area.

It offers a high waist fit so you don’t exactly have to worry about it falling down or rolling over. The waistband is also made extra wide than regular sweatpants for that same purpose. The size is perfect for everyone and waistband stretches so that it fits comfortably to all women of all sizes and shapes! It is extremely soft and comfortable to imagine so you’d better get one for you right now so you can tell the difference of having a soft and cottony sweatpants that you can conveniently use at home or during workouts.

Hanes Women’s EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant

Hanes Women's EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant, Deep Red, Large

When it comes to reliable workout sweatpants, Fleece is the way to go! Hanes knows that. They have been in the industry of basic garments way too long for them not to now all the details of what the consumers really like. As such, this is another item from Hanes which made it to our top list. Instead of going with the normal gray and black fleece sweatpants, Hanes decided to go bolder with this product so it comes with colorful and bright (almost overpowering) colors. If you are the one who demands attention for their sense of style, it is your time to shine with Hanes!

Hanes Women’s EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpant comes in the variation of a very strong deep red, light steel gray, cute and subtle pale pink and cool and refreshing Carolina blue color variation. They all look stunningly great with knitted and durable exterior and cottony soft interior kind of sweatpants. This sweatpant is a charm! You would love wearing all of the color variations! It is durable and lasts long after repeated use and washing. This makes a reliable and affordable sweatpants of all seasons.

Just My Size Women’s Plus-Size Fleece Sweatpant

Just My Size Women's Plus-Size Fleece Sweatpant, Ebony, 3XL Petite

Having a hard time finding the right plus size sweatpants made especially to embrace and hug your exact body size? Worry no more! Just My Size Women’s Plus-Size Fleece Sweatpant is the right sweatpants for you. They are specifically made to tailor fit the body measurements of plus-sized women so that their pretty curves are well complemented. You deserve a cotton-Fleece sweatpants like no other and this pair of sweatpants is just that! No wonder why it made it to our top list.

Just My Size Women’s Plus-Size Fleece Sweatpant gives that feminity a flattering look without it being too awkwardly thick and bulky. If you have been in search for a perfect plus-sized sweatpants for long, you know what I’m talking about. There’s just too many sweatpants out here that just embrace certain figures the wrong way. I mean, it gives an unsightly appearance such as “camel toes” and the like. This sweatpant make you look a little slimmer and hugs you perfectly in all the right curves in all the right places. This is also has a cord-free wide waistband that prevents it from rolling over. Don’t worry, it is still adjustable through its inner elastics.

Champion Women’s Fleece Open Bottom Pant

Champion Women's Fleece Open Bottom Pant, Oxford Heather/Oatmeal Heather, Large

Being the last on the list, this sweatpant is no way least than the other sweatpants listed here. Being a product from a brand like Champion actually, tells it all. This is a comfortable sweatpant with pockets that you could wear outside your home without worrying to be seen by most of the people you know. It has a stylish lining on the sides which gives it a sporty chic look. It’s made of super soft fleece fabrication. It has ribbed cuffs and waistband which are very wide so it doesn’t roll over. It is easily adjusted through its drawstrings as well.

The fleece fabrication of this sweatpant is made of really soft materials plus other premium quality materials so that shrinkage is prevented or at least minimize. This means that this type of sweatpant don’t shrink and remain as nice and fresh as ever even after repeated washing and tumble-drying. Having pockets make sit a very good pants to wear outside so you can easily store your food and keys with you without having any troubles. This is highly loved and recommended by many sports enthusiasts, so you better get one for yourself, too!


Whether you are a home buddy, sports enthusiast, yoga enthusiast or just an average woman, you need a comfortable outfit that you can wear during your lazy days and sweatpants, just like sweatshirts, are your best bet to make you feel comfortable and cozy, yet perfectly looking stylish and pretty. So what would a perfect sweatpant for you be? Before going into deeper research among the items listed in this article, it is highly recommended for you to know first that some materials like polyester and cotton are very soft and water absorbent, so if you are trying to machine wash them or tumble dry, the entire outfit could shrink. That being said, make sure that if sweatpants read cotton on it, be very careful in washing and avoid tumble-drying it so that you maintain the length. Other materials used on sweatpants(especially with a closed garterized bottom-ends), prevents that from happening.

Now that you are already aware of the necessary considerations, Another thing that you should put in mind is the purpose of the product If you are into yoga or just want something soft and comfortable to wear inside the house during lazy weekends, then having a cottony-soft sweatpant is the best for you. Going fleece is recommended if you are the type who workout a lot and do a lot of strenuous activities. You might also consider thinking about having pockets. For people who have their gadgets with them a lot, they find having a sweatpant with no pocket very weird and frustrating So, if you are that type of person, make sure that you get a sweatpant with side pockets with it to avoid stressing out. The last consideration is the price. How much are you going to spend for your comfort is the end question.

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