Best Women’s Work Boots Reviews 2017

Workboots are known all over the history to provide us ample protection as we work in hazard-prone work environments. Ladies, we don’t settle for any work boot. It used to look lie an old bulky shoe with steel toes. I mean, ladies, that was so long ago. Innovation with the style and design have been worked on over the years to provide the best work boots for the delicate taste of a modern fashionable woman. This is the reason why we gathered a list of the best work shoes that would wow anyone! Check them out, ladies!

Women’s DailyShoes Lace-Up Ankle Padded Collar Work Combat Ladies Booties

Women's DailyShoes Lace-Up Ankle Padded Collar Work Combat Hard Toe Booties Quilted Black Black, 7.5

Speechless. That was the initial reaction when we came in touch with this fantastic and amazing work boot for ladies! Just one look at the design itself can make you squirm like finding the true love of your life! A true shoe-addict can relate to the feeling of finding your perfect shoes among the vast number of other shoes out in the market. I say, that these shoes look stunningly gorgeous for a work boot, so the manufacturers call it the “work and play” boots. We couldn’t agree more. It comes with many product design and colors that you’d fall in love with!

If not for that very comfortable insole and reinforced toe guard, it is very easy to mistake these pair of boots as fashion boots. You can choose from plain to quilted designs in multiple feminine colors. The insoles are not the only one that is very comfortable with this work boot. It features cushioned padding on is colors and comes of the heels to prevent chaffing and friction from your feet to the shoes. The laces and stitching is also superior quality and offers a very feminine touch to a reliable and robust work boot

SafetyGirl Steel Toe Waterproof Womens Work Boots – Light Pink

What other color screams femininity than the color pink? For a durable and trustworthy work boot, this is an awesome pair for a budget price yet still a good value for your money. These boots are 100% waterproof so you could wear them under any weather condition without worrying about water getting into your feet. Keeping your feet warm and dry is the basic function of any footwear after all. for work boots, this makes a very fashionable statement. Add the rubber sole, protective steel toe, and you are ready to conquer the world!

This SafetyGirl boot is what all your trendy lady workers need. It’s stylish and gives a comfortable fit and very affordable too! It serves as its purpose as a reliable and protective work boot but given the price, you only get what you paid for. For the insoles to be more comfortable, you can insert silicone or padded insoles and you are ready to go! Always be mindful that these boots can be used in moderate workload. (Given the color and the price that is already expected). However, if you are able to DIY your padded insoles, then that won’t be a problem at all.

Forever Broadway-5 Platform Boots

Forever Broadway-5 Combat Boots, Camel Pu, 10

With the beautiful design, these boots are often marketed as work boots and hiking boots. However, one look closer and you’ll find out that it’s more of a fashion boot. It made it to our list of best work boots though because of its popularity, beautiful design, and affordability. Most people who don’t have a budget for the steel toe shoes settle for this one since it makes a good hiking shoe. It is also great for work! With such a low price, you can easily waterproof them to add an extra layer of protection.

You will be surprised that with you get a reliable hiking/work boot with a very affordable price. Most consumers report how comfortable the collar is and they unexpectedly found a great buy fro,, a low-priced pair of shoes. It is also unexpectedly tough and robust since many consumers reported that these pairs last for years even when used daily. It’s said to be great for tons of walking and hiking. For added comfort, replacing the insoles is another option, but not replacing the, is still comfortable. Make a fashionable statement at work with this pretty shoes!

Maelstrom Women’s TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper

Maelstrom Women's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper, Black, 7 M US

This fashionable work boot is a steal given the aesthetics and durable design and features. The boot is made of a combination of leather and fabric with a rubber sole. This work boot is specifically designed with the delicate feet of a woman in mind. Manufacturers see to it that they give the most comfortable feeling and support to the woman’s feet. The leather can be polished so that it looks very professional and sleek. Hiking outdoors or working under the sun has never been this comfortable and fashionable! All thanks to Maelstrom Women’s TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper!

It features a moisture-wicking mechanism that prevents sweat and moisture from your feet. It’s also a breathable fabric so any sweat can easiy escape through the fabric. It has a built-in soft and padded insole that keeps your feet comfortable ad protected all day after long hours, It has a molded mid-sole with padded collar and tongue–it gives the most comfortable walking, running, hiking, and working experience than most of your ordinary work boot. It is also lightweight to keep you going. Though the toe area is not made of steel, it is designed to have more protection.

Caterpillar Women’s Carlie Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Women's Carlie Steel Toe Boot,Chocolate,7 M US

When it comes to reliable and premium quality work boots. Caterpillar is the brand that you can never go wrong with. This pair of shoes is made of leather which gives the deluxe and premium feel and appearance. It gives a great protection in hazard-prone environments by its rounded steel-toe mold. The toe are is roomy so your toes aren’t compressed and is heating against the steel bar. It also is shock proof with electrical hazard protection materials which keep you safe from electric shocks up to 600 volts. It is a work boot that prioritizes protection and comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.

As expected from the most reliable brand of work boots for both men and women, the Carlie class steel-toe work boot from Caterpillar holds up to the name of a robust and efficient work boot that everybody loves. What other boots could offer protection from shock, trauma, water, and electric current while giving you a fashionable statement like these boots can? Only these shoes provide a comfortable fit that keeps you going and leave your feet feeling comfortable even after long hours of strenuous activities in the field. You can actually wear them every day without any worries in mind!

Forever Women’s Broadway-3 Combat Hiking Boots

Forever Broadway-3 Women's Combat Lace Up Padded Cuff Martin Boot 7 Eyes Waterproof Slip-Resistant Hiking Outdoor Work Shoes Ankle Short Boot

If you are living on a very tight budget, you can rely on these boots to save the day. It may lack a steel toe end and other features rhat makes other premium work boots more expensive and luxurious, but it is not that far behind when it comes to giving you a comfortable fit and aesthetics. The padded collar gives support to your feet like no other since the padding is made extra thick and it also serves to prevent debris and other dust particles from getting inside your work boots.

It makes a comfortable pair of fashionable shoes you can wear for long hours every day without feeling pain or having a blister on your feet. You can enjoy working long hours of operations without worrying about calluses and damages that hard labor and strenuous activities can bring to your feet. Some may doubt the ability of these shoes to last for months and years. For extra comfort, it is recommended to add cushion insoles. That is a quick and fast remedy and it instantly transforms to the most comfortable budget work boots you have ever imagined. It’s also fashionable and waterproof so it’s worth the bargain!

KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility Women's Detroit Mid Work Boot, Gargoyle/Capri Breeze, 9.5 M US

Nothing beats the premium quality of KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot. This work boot resembles a high cut rubber shoes. You could easily mistake it for one, if not there is a protective steel-toe feature. The design of the body is made of cushioned soft fabric that would give your feet maximum comfort and perfect fit. Prepare to feel amazingly comfortable with these work boots that you might end up in the mood of continuous walking or standing around for a long time without feeling yur feet sore.

It is fully waterproof, shockproof and weatherproof while wrapping your feet in a protective soft fabric. It’s also true to its size which make it provide the best fit for your feet. We could not stress enough how comfortable these safety work boots are. Working women deserve only the best treatment for their feet because they have a lot of stuff running at work and at home Having a sore feet is not an excuse for them to stop their daily work routines. These boots is a great help all busy working women to function to their optimum level in great amount of comfort.

Caterpillar Women’s Echo WP Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Women's Echo WP Steel Toe Work Boot, Frost Grey, 8 M US

One of the most beautiful and fashionable work boot from the number one brand of safety shoes–Caterpillar. If you’re a shoe shopaholic, you will agree how this work boot is just breath-taking! There is nothing but positive thoughts and feedback about this shoe and it is difficult to find faults in such a remarkable work boot. If there is a work boot that you may not want to remove from your feet 24/7, hen this is the one! This is that one shoe that has a very comfortable insole and padded collar. It is waterproof and shockproof and has a protective steel-toe covering.

Your feet can never get damp or wet with this waterproof boots and you will never easily slip or trip with the rubberized sole. The steel-toe will add an extra layer of protection to your toes while the collar, tongue, and insoles get your feet comfortable. This is a premium type of shoes that will get you through the ups and downs of walking, hiking, and climbing. If you have a reliable shoe like this one, expect that you can go anywhere in the world.


You might have figured out by now that all the work boots listed in this article are not within the same price range. These are the best and most popular shoes so anyone from anywhere with any budget is taken into good consideration. Before going too thrifty on your shoes, remember that your comfort and convenience has its price, so if you are the type of person that can’t afford such comforts in life, there are other ways that would help you out in this world without settling with flimsy and cheap boots.

On the list, you saw several listings of affordable shoes that don’t compromise quality. One good tip in waterproofing your work boot or any other shoes is candle waxing. You might have read it anywhere on the internet, but it is just simply rubbing some thin film of glycerin or heated candle wax all over your shoes to keep it waterproof. That way, you will ensure the safeness and dryness of your shoes in such a very tight budget. If you are having problems with the insoles, you can purchase or make your personalized insoles to make your feet more comfortable. One good tip just in case you get caught in the middle of nowhere and the insoles of your shoes got remove, is to replace it with a sanitary pad to keep your feet feeling comfortable. The cottony soft and sterile pad will give cushion to your feet and absorb moisture like no other shoe insoles can. These tips or DIY remedies can get you through any “shoe situation” easily when you are on a very tight budget. Otherwise, feel free to browse our listing for the premium brands that will leave you with no regrets.

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