Best Wrist Straps Reviews 2017

Sometimes, we have to perform certain activities in a day which puts undue pressure on our wrists. We don’t realize this until our wrists start paining. We must take care of our wrists and prevent any possible damage.

One way of doing this is by wearing wrist straps. They provide the much-needed protection and support to our wrists. In this post, we will first discuss some of the top wrist straps out there alongside their features and characters. We will then walk you through the factors you must look for when buying a wrist strap for yourself.

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Lifting Wrist Straps by Rip Toned

See instant results when you use these fantastic wrist straps by Rip Toned, one of the trusted wrist strap brands. These straps improve your grip and wrist strength enabling you to lift more weights. The cotton padded straps make sure you have the right support when you’re pushing yourself to the limit during workouts or dealing with an injury.

Ideal for use by either gender, these top wrist straps come in a pack of set for you and your partner. Now, strengthen your grip and lift more weights with these fully adjustable and affordable wrist straps.

Wrist Wraps by Nordic Lifting

Nordic Lifting provides you with complete wrist protection with these high-quality wrist wraps. Avoid serious injury during workouts and improve your hand and wrist strengths with the highly durable wrist straps. They are perfect for crossfit training, weight lifting, powerlifting, etc. and come in one size which comfortably fits men and women alike.

Each pack consists of two pairs, which makes it 4 straps in all. They come with a one-year replaceable guarantee which means you do not have to think twice before buying. Glance through various wrist straps for sale to get a good price for this product.

Mueller Fitted Wrist

Mueller Fitted Right Wrist, Black, Small/medium

This product by Mueller is one of the best are one of the best wrist straps you could lay your hands on. It is designed to provide you relief from pain and swelling. It gives you the strength and support to perform all your daily activities with ease by combating the pain caused by injuries.

Despite being one of the best, these are also inexpensive wrist straps that you won’t regret buying. The adjustable velcro straps and the lightweight fabric make sure it fits your wrists comfortably like a glove, even if you have slender wrist and hands.

Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support

If you are looking for a great wrist strap deal, you should not miss checking out this exclusive night wrist support by Futuro. This adjustable wrist strap is made of lightweight breathable fabric ensuring the highest level of comfort and fitting.

A good wrist strap must fit you really well if it has to provide you with the necessary support and this product does that job superbly well. The special fabric used to make this strap is moisture wicking and keeps sweat and odor in check. Gives you rest you need at night so you’re ready for the next day.


WristWidget Black

These wrist straps by WristWidget have been clinically proven to relief pain caused due to injuries, TFCC, and other accidents. Being one of the best ways to treat TFCC pain, this wrist strap gives you a strong grip allowing you to lift weights. This wrist strap costs more than others but the immediate results and pain-relief justify the price.

Even when you are not suffering from any pain, this product can provide you with the grp and support you’d require when playing games such as tennis, golf, etc. It has also proven to be highly beneficial for weight-lifters and carpenters.

Ipow Adjustable Weight Lifting Training Wrist Straps Support Braces

Ipow brings to you this high-quality but extremely cheap wrist straps for men as well as women. Each pack containing one set of straps, makes this a product that delivers high on value. Made from elastic polyester, makes sure these new wrist straps fit your wrists perfectly without being too tight or too loose. The size can be adjusted to suit different needs such as crossfit training, weight lifting, pushups, and other activities that can strain your wrists. You can use the optional thumb loop if you want. It comes 4 cool shades and one-year warranty.

What are Wrist Straps?

In the beginning of this post, we mentioned some tasks tire our wrists completely. Some of these tasks include working out, lifting something heavy, cycling, and even day to day activities such as cooking and writing. Some of us who play games and sports such as weight-lifting, tennis, badminton, cricket, throw ball, might also end up straining our wrists.

Also, if you are suffering from a wrist injury or you experience pain caused due to TFCC, you need to give special attention to your wrists. Wrist straps can help you with each one of these problems, and more. Whether you are a sportsperson, a home maker, carpenter, or a patient trying to recover from wrist injuries, a wrist strap is a must for each one of you.

They take care of your wrists and ensure further damage is avoided at all costs. Now that you know who can use these straps, we will see some of the factors you must consider when looking for a good wrist straps.

What to Look For

When buying a wrist strap, first understand whether the strap in question will give your wrists the support they need. This will depend on various sub-factors such as how well the strap fits your wrist, what material is used to make it, what adjustments they come with, for example, do they have velcro, do they provide a firm grip, and so on.

Find answers to the above questions and you will have a fair idea about whether this is the right wrist strap for you.

The second factor you must consider is how comfortable you would be wearing the wrist band. Ultimately, you should be able to perform all your day-to-day tasks wearing them, so any form of difficulty in using it would stop you getting the support you need. Also, find out whether your wrist strap is washable and if the fabric used is lightweight.

Next, you must look for proven evidence of the fact that the wrist strap is capable of relieving your pain and swelling. It should also be able to protect you from future wrist injuries. Some wrist straps are clinically validated, if you manage to get one that is backed by doctors, then nothing like it. Other factors such as moisture wicking capability and keeping sweat at bay are added bonuses, and we could easily manage without them.

Now, we come to the last but not the least important factor, which is the price. Wrist straps have a wide variation in prices, and some of them come as a single piece, some come as a set, while some come in pairs of 2 or more. Take this into consideration when comparing the prices.

You now have all the information you need to get wrist straps for you and your family members. After all, prevention is better than cure, right?

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