Best Yoga Bag Reviews 2017

People are now becoming health and environmental aware With such consciousness, people are getting more choosy with supplements and diet. People are now becoming more active and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is now becoming more and more popular not just for people ages 30 and above, but for the younger population as well. Yoga classes and gyms are growing like mushrooms everywhere. If you are one of the yoga enthusiasts, you should know by now that a reliable yoga bag plays an important role in your daily activities. Here are the best yoga bags in the market today:

Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack Bag

When it comes to all your yoga bag needs, Aurorae Yoga Multi-Purpose Crossbody Sling Back Pack Bag will be your best friend. It’s a versatile bag with a sling that holds your yoga mat easily. Your yoga accessories and gadget goes inside (very roomy for everything you need). It’s not only big and roomy but also durable and made of premium 100% polyester. It is wide, and the straps are adjustable to fit common yoga mats and so that you can carry all your staff conveniently and comfortably. It is not only designed for the purpose of Yoga alone. It is a versatile backpack that you could use for other activities such as going to school, camping, hiking, a trip to the beach and other similar activities.

The strap easily fits on either your left or right arm and is well secured by a tough strap. It keeps your phone within reach and safe as well because it has a phone pocket on the strap, just above your chest. There is also a small zippered pouch compartment in front of the bag for easy access of smaller items such as toiletries and other gadgets that you would like to separate from the rest of your stuff.

Large Yoga Mat Bag by Meru – The Original SMART YOGA BAG

If you want a more feminine, soft and breathable fabric for your yoga session, you will not go wrong with a big canvas bag that can neatly and nicely pack your yoga mat in place. It also has side pockets inside where you can put your yoga accessories, gadgets, water, and everything you might need in the gym. The features and feel of this yoga back match the features and durability of most products that are sold more than double the price. This is a great value for your money and you can get to the gym looking fashionable and chic with this elegant floral pattern.

This yoga bag is made exactly for the lovers of yoga. Yoga is a lifetime discipline and the manufacturers of this bag kept that in mind and they built a durable bag wth double stitched, reinforced lining and tough 100% cotton fabric that will wow you. Another thing that stands out about this product is that it operates with airflow mechanism. It is built with a cotton fabric that allows air to flow into and out of the bag so that it will not be able to trap moisture and odor.

Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags

A minimalist and basic approach will make you want to get yourself one of these yoga bags that are available in multiple color variants. This is perfect for beginners, students, and anyone who want to keep their yoga activities in a low profile when it comes to aesthetics. Talking about performance and durability, it is surprisingly reliable though it is one of the cheapest yoga bags in the market. It has the average length and size to accommodate the regular yoga mat. It also comes with a beautiful and soft cotton finish and durable supported linings and closures.

The secret to the popularity of this item is not just the affordable price, but also the basic and simple design that screams “less is more”. The bag is lightweight and easy to carry since all you have to put inside is the regular sized yoga mat and some gadgets on the outer pocket. The shoulder strap is also adjustable so even teens can wear them without any difficulty. It is a 100% cotton bag that you can easily toss in the washing machine and let dry. It is an essential item that protects your yoga mat and keep it clean and tidy.

Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bags

The design of this yoga bag has that very “Aztec” and “tribal” about it. It is very popular among younger generations going to the gym. If you want to add an air of youthfulness while making your trip to the yoga gym light and easy, Gaiam Top-Loading Yoga Mat Bags is perfect for you! It is a very nice combination of print and color in a 100% cotton fabric that will surely protect and keep your yoga mat and gadgets safe and tidy. It comes in three variants–black with chakra prints (Chakra), Cyan with Green Tree print (Harmony), and cream/off-white with yellow-green tribal dreamcatcher print ( Mosaic).

Unlike other yoga bags, this comes with adjustable strings so it can fit pretty much any size of yoga mats in the market and you can just adjust the tightness using the pull strings. It also has a zippered front pocket where you can keep your gadgets such as your phone and headset. It is a made of durable materials that will hold up to the workout gym environment, walking to gym and frequent commutes. Frequent machine washing is also not a problem. The shoulder strap is also adjustable for ease of carry.

Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag w/ 2 Cargo Pockets

Another affordable yoga bag that will not fall behind your expectations! Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag has the features that will make it a great daily yoga bag for your daily yoga activities. It is 100% cotton that is durable enough to remain efficient and reliable after frequent usage and washes. It features a zippered main compartment for your yoga mat and then on the outside, it has 2 compartment pockets for your gadgets and personal items. The simple zippered design and adjustable shoulder bags make it very convenient bag to use. It makes packing and unpacking your stuff easy and convenient.

Fit Spirit Tree of Life Exercise Yoga Mat Bag w/ 2 Cargo Pockets comes in multiple color variants– blue, purple, black, green and pink! It has an eco-friendly print in green. Maintenance is also very easy because it is machine washable. The fabric, lining, and zipper are also double stitched and secured with lining to keep it robust for repeated and frequent uses. If you are ging to the yoga gym and decided to do frequent visits without appearing over the top, this would leave a good impression–especially for beginners.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags

This bag resembles a more feminine tote bag. It’s not just about aesthetics, though. Just like your regular tote bag, it features a larger space so on top of just your yoga mat lying inside your main compartment, you can throw in a towel or two with it inside–there’s more room than what you could have ever imagined. It is made mostly of cotton except for the fact that it has nylon linings for the extra durability and support. The stitches are well-sewn in double stitched method. With such features, it is expected to last a long time even when used and washed frequently.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bags can carry regular yoga mats up to 28″. This yoga bag stands out from the crowd, not just because of it’s fashionable and roomy tote design, but because unlike most yoga bags, it has magnetic snaps as a closure instead of a zipper. If you do Yoga classes frequently, there are times that the zipper itself can cause hassles or delays because the zipper might catch into the fabric or you don’t have time to fully zip the bag. With the magnetic snaps, getting your yoga mat and packing it is made quick and easy.

Yoga[Addict]™ Large Yoga Mat Bag “Compact” With Pockets & Zipper

This affordable yoga mat is just perfect for commuters who frequently travel to their yoga classes. It is made of polyester so moist, dirt and other harsh environmental factors can’t get to your bag which is convenient if you have to travel to the gym. It can fit most yoga mats up to 28″. IPolyester is such a tough fabric so you wouldn’t even have to worry about the quality. Unlike cotton, it doesn’t catch dust and dirt easily so it requires very little maintenance. The bright colors are also very pleasing to the eyes!

Yoga[Addict]™ Large Yoga Mat Bag “Compact” With Pockets & Zipper comes in many color variants– purple, apple green, blue, dark brown, dark green, light gray, maroon, navy blue, orange, pink, red, sky blue, and yellow. Every color is chic and bright! If you worry that polyester is not a very breathable fabric, do not worry! YogaAddict added air ventilation in the bag to allow air and ventilation in your bag so that moisture can easily escape. This is a great way to minimize odor and allow fresh air to enter your bag. It also features two zippered pockets where you can store your phone and other personal belongings.

COMPACT YOGA MAT BAG / Stylish, Efficient & Lightweight

Being the last product on our list, Asutra Compact Yoga bag is definitely not the least of all the bags in our selection. It is the most compact yoga bag and very stylish too! It has all the features of a premium and larger yoga bag, except that it is smaller, more stylish and affordable! It’s the perfect bag for a Yogis who love to travel light in the most fashionable way! It looks very stunning and the quality is on par with other yoga bags that are marketed at double and even triple the price.

This bag comes in dark gray and light gray variation. It has a lot of compartment and space–which is very surprisingly ironic with its compact size! that is because the yoga mat doesn’t go inside the main compartment so you can place towels, spare clothes and other items you want that can fit the bag! It has a separate strap on top to keep the yoga mat in place! This way, your mat is exposed to the air completely which prevents nasty odors! This mat strap, just like the shoulder strap, is adjustable so you can carry any size of yoga mat you have!


There are different types of yoga bags available for each unique Yogis out there. Keep in mind about this individuality and you will find the right bag for you. For starters and beginners, the classic elongated yoga bag with an adjustable shoulder strap is the most common bag of choice since they don’t want to spend too much on an activity that they are still trying to figure out. For these type of bags, cotton is generally more popular since it is breathable and allows ventilation and fresh air to enter the bag. Polyester with air vent is also recommended for people who tend to travel around under harsh environments so dust, pollution, and dirt, don’t get attached to the bag as well. This is the type of people who don’t have time to frequently wash their bags.

As you learn to love and learn Yoga a little more, you will realize that you can already perform it in various places where you can easily keep your self-awareness and environmental awareness at its optimum levels. This may mean that you have t travel to places near nature and doing so, might require you to bring more items with you, on top of your regular Yoga gym stuff. When this happens, you might require a bigger bag that can accommodate more item. A bigger bag doesn’t always mean more space for all your stuff. There is a product listed here which is compact but still have enough room like a larger yoga bag counterpart.

These are the major considerations that you might want to ponder on before choosing your bag. Other consideration includes the color variation and the price. If you are deeply aware of yourself, you’ll know which bag to choose!

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