Top Rated Women’s Raincoats Reviews 2017

If you are someone who thought you do not need to wear raincoats, think again. These amazing raincoats for women that we will discuss in this post, will make you ditch your umbrellas at once. You will fall for these stylish raincoats that make you look great even during the heavy rains.

In this post, we will talk extensively about the different types of raincoats, the top women’s raincoats, and their features. We will also see what some of the things are that you must consider before buying a good women’s raincoat. So, let’s get started right away!

Charles River Women’s New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket

Charles River Apparel Women's New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket, 236 Aqua/Reflective, Medium

One of the most leading raincoats brands, Charles River Apparel, brings to you this color collection of top raincoats that you could ever lay your hands on. These raincoats for women are made from 100% polyurethane which makes them completely waterproof and windproof. The front-zip jacket comes with a breathable mesh lining making it comfortable for you to wear them during the rains.

Also, the bungee-cord hood, hand pockets, and the adjustable hook-and-loop wrist straps indicate that this affordable women’s raincoat was designed keeping in mind all your requirements. They come in about 13 different colors and look absolutely stylish.

Columbia Women’s Plus-Size Arcadia Jacket

Columbia Women's Big Arcadia II Jacket Plus, Black, 2X

Columbia’s plus-size raincoats are one of the best raincoats for women that come in over 18 bright and distinct colors. The shell of these raincoats is made from Nylon whereas the lining is made from Polyester. The mesh lining makes sure you feel comfortable wearing these raincoats. They can be washed in the machine.

The zipper closure and the hood not only make it convenient for you to use them but they also make these raincoats look attractive. Some raincoats have contrasting colored side panels. These women’s raincoats cost more than a few, but they offer you great quality.

Meaneor Women’s Rain Jacket


Meanor brings to you these super stylish and absolutely cheap raincoats for women that you simply won’t be able to resist. They come in some amazing prints and colors such as polka dots and leopard prints, making them stand apart from most other raincoats available on the market. You could choose from among over 8 different patterns.

They have a front zip and a hood. If you want to buy a women’s raincoat that looks great and gives you complete protection from the rains, this is one of the best raincoats deal you’d ever come across.

Rain Slicks Women’s Classic Raincoat

RAIN SLICKS Women's Classic Look Raincoat Hooded Plaid Lined Waterproof Jacket 1X Plus Navy

These classic raincoats for women are brought to you by Rain Slicks. These raincoats not only protect you from the rains but they also keep you warm on the cold rainy days. They are made from 100% PVC and have a pure cotton lining on the inside. The lining ensures that you are comfortable every time you wear these raincoats.

These waterproof and windproof raincoats have large pockets and Raglan sleeves. They come with a 2-way zipper on the front and adjustable drawstrings. This raincoat has everything you’d ever want in a women’s raincoat. Get one for you now!

Women’s/Ladies Showerproof Jacket/Coat

Womens/Ladies Hooded Patterned Showerproof Packaway Parka Jacket/Coat (Large) (Black/White Polka Dots)

These are new raincoats for women that have been most recently launched on the market. They are made of Polyester and a PU coating. They come in three different tiny feminine printed patterns such as polka dots, leaves, and flowers. They became quite popular among its users soon after it was released on the market and is on its way to becoming one of the top raincoats.

They come with adjustable drawstring hood and waist. These inexpensive raincoats for women have roll up sleeves with tab. This raincoat can be easily packed away in the pouch that comes with it.

What are Raincoats?

Raincoats are the jackets that you wear over your dress to prevent water from making your clothes wet when it rains. They come in handy especially when you are out shopping for vegetables in the market or walking on the street. Umbrellas could be difficult to carry around when there are too many people walking on the street or if you have bags with you.

Raincoats also give you better protection against the rains than the umbrellas and plus, you do not have to hold them through. Just put it on and leave it. They will do their work of keeping you dry. And, they do not overturn on you like the umbrellas when it’s raining heavily with heavy winds.

Whether it is drizzling or pouring cats and dogs, raincoats give you the freedom of doing your work without bothering about closing and opening the umbrellas time and again. The only problem with raincoats is that you cannot share them with another person, the way you share an umbrella. But, that’s something we can live with, right?

In the previous section, we saw some of the top women’s raincoats present on the market. We also saw their features such as what they’re made of, what designs and patterns they come in, and lots of other things. You now have a fair idea about the different quality in a good raincoat. In the next section, we will take you through the things you must consider before buying raincoats for women.

What to Look For

When buying raincoats, especially for women, the first thing you must consider is the length of the raincoats. While most raincoats we saw in the above section were of the waist length, some of them are quite long and reach up to the ankles. Depending on the length you prefer, you could choose the raincoat you want.

The next factor, although not very important, is the design of the raincoats. The primary function of a raincoat is to protect you from the rains, but some raincoats manage to do much more than that. They not only provide you protection from the rains, but also look very attractive.

If you are someone who wants your raincoat to look really good on you, chose the raincoat that has a nice pattern and design. Women’s raincoats come in hundreds of different designs and patterns, ranging from plain solid colors to printed patterns. Also, you do not get to choose between many raincoats because you usually own only one or two of them. That’s why it is a good thing to like what you’re wearing.

The next factor is how comfortable you would be in your raincoats. Things such as hood, zipper on the front, and pockets make it convenient for you to use the raincoats. The material used to make them also play a significant role in ensuring how effectively the raincoat keeps you dry.

Some raincoats have a lining on the inside, which makes you feel soft and comfortable when wearing them. The breathable mesh lining inside also helps in keeping you warm from the cold weather accompanying the rains.

Now, we come to the last factor in this discussion, which is the price. The price range of women’s raincoats is quite wide depending on various qualities such as the brand, quality, design, etc. However, you can always land yourself some amazing deals by glancing through all the different women’s raincoats for sales list.

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  1. I love rain jackets! I think that they are so cute. I had a red one when I was little and it just completes the rainy day feel. I love how functional they are and now they are flattering and cute too!

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